No Butts About It

I’ve discovered three kids working from home to eliminate the world of cigarette butt litter.

I SO love what their doing, and believe in their cause that I’ve been helping out a little in terms of business coaching and web design.

If you believe our planet would be a lovlier place without people throwing their butts on the ground, and you would like to help EDUCATE the public in a nice way – go to their site now to see how you can take part.

You can get bumper stickers, a cool t-shirt, and they will even send you a colour poster which you can copy and put up around your town and office.

I hope you’ll take part.

And – please tell your friends!


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7 Responses to “No Butts About It”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    I’d like to donate some time to writing newletters, press releases or what have you. I can be reached at

    I think this is great idea and I’m not suprised at all that it is kid driven!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I would be very interested in writing for the newsletter, and should have time to help after the middle of August.

    You can reach me via email to:

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Trisha.

    I’m impressed with your site/campaign and happy to see kids rising up to protect our environment and increasing awareness among smokers.

    I’m an elementary school teacher with a previous writing and editing career. To learn more about me, see

    I would be happy to help. I can be reached at


  4. Shel Horowitz, author, Principled Profit Says:

    I will donate up to two hours of writing time, as long as I can squeeze it in on my own schedule. I am a professional publicity/marketing copywriter, and an anti-smoking activist since age three.

    Shel Horowitz – copywriter, marketing consultant, author, speaker
    Affordable, ethical, effective marketing materials and strategies
    “Ethical, cooperative businesses t h r i v e and p r o s p e r”

    Sign the Business Ethics Pledge – Help Change the World / * 413-586-2388
    Books: Grassroots Marketing, Principled Profit, others

  5. Wendy Buckingham Says:

    I’m an ex journalist and still writer and author with press release and newsletter experience.
    I am also passionate about ridding the world not only of the scourge of cigaratte butts and indeed addictive cigarette smoking.
    Let me know how I can help and I can also give you access to a media directory.

  6. Linda Bourassa Says:

    This is most timely that I have come across this information today. This is day 3 of my own stop smoking campaign. Just another reminder why I want to be smoke free – so I do not pollute the air that others breathe. That is my way of helping to save this mother earth and my own health as well.

    I would love to write an article or two to help you in your campaign namely because I believe in your cause. As a writer and educator I would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

    Smoke free and loving it,
    Linda Bourassa
    British Columbia, Canada

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I found it interesting that you contacted me within hours of me offering to volunteer my services yet you did not respond to my e-mail with questions about your business. Are you using volunteers to do your work?

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