Inspire yourself – do yourself this favour

I just watched the movie ‘Kinsey’.

In a nut shell – a scientist’s fight sexual repression in society.

I was very, very moved by the film – in particular by how he felt at one stage as though he wasn’t accomplishing anything – but then met a woman whose life he changed. In fact I found myself sobbing at this point.

It definitely inspired me to help people – to look where I can make an impact. In fact today I’ve sourced a relationship and sexuality coach, and have asked Trisha to set up an online forum where readers of my ‘Truth About Women’ and ‘How to Pleasure a Woman’ ebooks can ask questions and receive support. This will be a free resource. And at some stage I may open it to the public so non-customers can also get their questions answered. What a wonderful thing!

If you’ve seen the movie, I hope you’ll add your Comment on what the movie means to you. If you haven’t seen it – rent it out and come back and post your comment!


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