My one room production house

When I got back to Melbourne after a year away, it was SO fun to finally meet the man producing all the SolutionBox products. And it’s quite a coincidence my assistant chose a production house 5 minutes bike ride from my house!

We’ve talked by phone a lot over the past year – lots of emails. Lots of him holding my hand through the process of going from a company with only one CD, to a company with 16 CD’s, 6 CD Roms, 2 DVD’s, and a published Manual. (And we may end up self publishing ‘The Truth About Women’ if there is enough demand).

And Ashley not only handles production of all the products, as you can see in the pics he also stores them, and ships them out around the world as the orders come in.

Later, south of Sydney – I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting up with my new assistant Trisha and her family – Will and Athena (what a gorgeous little girl!)

Having a virtual business is fun. And – it’s great to actually meet the people on my team as I travel around the world.

(Note: If you’re thinking you would love to have this kind of business, I recommend our free eCourse ‘How to Get 95% of Your Clients From The Internet’)


David Wood

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