Journalist looking for Case Studies

Dear Aussie coaches,

Thought you might like this opportunity for a bit of press….


This in from journalist Ceri David…

“The feature we’re working on is called ‘My New Year’s Resolution Changed My Life’, for which we need to find case studies. I wondered if you might have had any clients who have made some dramatic, positive changes to their life. We’re thinking of women who may have decided to stop being a regular employee and launched their own successful business, or who decided to quit the rat race and move to the countryside. Anything along those lines. We’d be looking for women who fit into the New Woman readership, so they’d need to be roughly between
24 and 35, and photogenic enough to appear in the magazine!

Is there anyone you can think of who might be keen to tell their story?
If so, it would be great if they could get in touch with Lisa Bjorksten at New Woman:


David Wood PPC

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