Inside Peek at Running My Online Business (12 min video)

In this 12 minute video I’m going to show you a simple layout/system that helps me:

1) keep track of the dozens of projects I have going
2) stay motivated
3) focus on what’s important
4) stay sane (when I want to create EVERYTHING, and YESTERDAY)

You might also be curious about what I do each day. As an online business selling 8 products in 50 countries, and distributing free information to over 60,000 people in 90 countries, SolutionBox is a little unusual. I’m now taking you inside so you can see the projects on my plate right now, and how this online business is run:

(Note: It’s not a multi-million dollar production, but it gets the point across)

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plan pic

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I’m throwing this open to questions. Anything you would like to know about this simple project management process I use, or what we’re up to here at SolutionBox – here’s your chance to ask it on the blog, and I WILL respond to all questions (on topic) asked before July 31:

Ask Question

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25 Responses to “Inside Peek at Running My Online Business (12 min video)”

  1. Frank Butterfield Says:

    As a project manager, I have to say YES to releasing this! The biggest problem that most people have when organizing themselves is that they don’t have a model. You are giving a very good, REALISTIC model. The viewer can then take the model and shape it for themselves. I think and feel that this is something that many coaches in particular could use. Great stuff David!

    Frank Butterfield
    Life & Work Coach
    Project Manager Coach
    Austin, TX

  2. jafeth Says:

    Dear David,
    my english is bad, but Your video is very good. I think i could like
    to see videos like this more than a usual newsletter.
    I am an italian man, living in germany.
    I found you with google. I believe it´s a power in you. every time i
    see your homepage, read something from you, see a video, EVERY time i
    am such inspired.
    I am a artist and motivator, but i still not have so much money
    that i can buy something from you :-) but i swore myelf, when i have
    the money, your products are the first thing i will buy :-)
    that´s what i wrote on the back side of my paper :-)

    SO, i go now get my 50 new clients and then i make the first million,
    than i come back to you.
    I just wanted to say THANKS, you´re great!


  3. Lori Says:

    I thought your video was great! Organization and me…lots of little pieces of paper. Your idea of a “Scrappy” paper will help me tremendously. What I liked most, was how you broke down you ideas and listed them in order and not over whelmed yourself. I am looking forward to seeing more videos. Thank you David!

  4. Abundant Marcelle Says:

    As a freelance translator, writer and proofreader, I find your video most instructive! I love the way you separate primary projects from secondary ones. I usually write down what I want to focus on daily, but I’ve got so many new ideas per day, that I often feel overwhelmed and frustrated by NOT writing them down for later on ;o)

    I also love the tone of your video…Very natural yet professional!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I am a Steven Covey freak, so I recommend his tools for time and project management. I suggest you look at his four quadrants which are similar to your color coated and front and back page. He would also tell you not to manage your affiliates, but lead them. You manage things, not people. Finally, the quality of the video was poor throughout. Even you noticed some flashing.

  6. David Wood Says:

    Great comments, thanks guys.

    Based on this we’re going to release it today as a newsletter. Much appreciated.

    Now it’s open to questions…

  7. Cindy Says:

    I moved to Hawaii (Love it!)from a thriving business in Northern California where I was booked a year in advance and now after a long year of recovering from propane posining… I would love a way to work with my old client’s through the web. Who would be the best and most resonably priced to get to help me create and run a custom web site?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    David, For what you could be doing, this video looked amaturish. The idea is good, but I would use a PowerPoint type presentation for the content of what is on the paper you are holding. I like the idea of the presentation, think it should be polished more before presenting it to public.



  9. David Wood Says:

    Cindy: I wish I had a good resource for you. Stay tuned – this is something I’ll be asking the R&D team about later on.

    Anon: Good point on powerpoint. Thanks.


  10. Adele Says:

    Hi David

    Thanks for your various short videos, they’ve each been very useful.

    My question is how you keep track of your 15 websites. I’m about to set up several sites and I want to be able to test various approaches with each. Is there any software or web service that helps you keep track of site iterations & their associated stats?

  11. Elaine Collins UK Says:

    Hi David !
    As a Personal & Business Development Coach one of the first things I encourage clients to achieve is the regular use of the ‘Task List’ or a “To Do List”. As Frank commented, the majority of people have difficulty in organising themselves effectively. Your example provides an EXCELLENT MODEL David and I will be using it! Many thanks!

    Elaine Collins
    Winchester UK

  12. Lilly Says:

    No question just comments
    Hi David-
    When you said “I have trouble focusing”– That got my attention, one because YOU MUST BE ABLE TO FOCUS WELL TO CREATE such a neat business and all the great products and websites, and all your doings that are really great stuff.
    And even if you don’t focus well,
    lie and start saying that you focus better and better and soon you will! Really.

    You are a fun neat voice to listen to and I enjoy all the info you share.
    The question about what makes people buy is an interesting one.
    But it’s from a powerless standpoint. Its trying to figure out what motivates others to get them to do stuff or act a certain way. Perhaps, how could I attract more money? How can I feel richer? If you leave what others do out, and focus on feeling how rich you already are, and how fast youre getting rich and how you love what you do and how you have so much and life is so great and there’s so much abundance and it can grow and grow unlimited and what fun there is to be had with the money for life joy, etc… boy will it come somehow. It may not come thru your website or even coaching, but it will come.

    Anyway, that’s my focus.
    I enjoyed your organization video, but its, you somehow, you are relaxing and personable with a neat accent. You’re upbeat and positive and that comes across more than anything. You are easy going and lighthearted and smile and share your process.

    The organization ideas are nice too, but its nice to see a success and be told you can too. Its more, I guess, your being an example that teaches.

    Well thank you-

  13. Anonymous Says:

    To be frank, I found myself falling asleep during this “Inside Peek at Running My Online Business.” There was no useable information which I find surprising as it is because of how you have built your site that I have purchased from you and taken your recommendations.
    When you state that you want to share an inside peek at running your online business, people are looking for the real meat and potatoes of what you do… step by step. I do not mean to offend, however, this and the video of you encouraging people to spend the first part of the day writing three pages down every morning were not believable or even realistic. I tried. My hands ached from the writing. I believe in writing/typing down your thoughts, goals and reveiwing them often. I believe in many writing projects/therapies. But c’mon… three hand written pages in the first hours of one’s morning? I did just that and I can write fast and my mind is filled with many things yet I feel I wasted valuable productive time. I wonder if you are begining to lose sight of what made you popular. Another thing I found disturbing was your $1,000 fee plus flight expenses. I would not feel that I was getting anyone worth much if they only charged me $1,000 to speak at my company.
    Most people equate the value of something with it’s price.
    I listen to how timid everyone seems to be in relating their testimonials regarding asking for money. I am not timid at all about asking and justifying my price. I have found that when I have lowered the price on any product or service I have sold… it still usually sits there… unwanted… valueless. Once I increase the price… the perceived value increases as well. I fear you may be becoming too new age sounding and may lose credibilty with time. I was attracted to you because of where you were listed and by the professional look of your site. You have steered me in some good directions and I thank you for it. Please consider taking some market tests/surveys from anonymous people on each presentation, service or product you offer prior to placing it where it has the potential to do permanent harm. I was recommending you in the begining which was just a few weeks ago. I am frankly backing off now for fear that my own credibility might be in jeopardy.
    I learned long ago to never put anything out to the public before doing due diligence in testing the market on each and every service or product and how it was presented. I hope you will view this as a constructive email and consider the market testing suggestion. If nothing else… test the market by asking if people feel you should test the market on everything you offer before just throwing it out there.
    Test everything you write.
    Honestly… I found no value whatsoever in this 12 minute video.
    There was nothing presented there that I did not already know and had learned in a far more convincing way that stuck with me over the years. It is important that everything we do comes across polished. People always respond to us by the way we look and the way we present ourselves. It is important to stay in top form at all times. Yes, we are all only human. But someone who has reached the level of success that is perceived should never let his guard down with amateurish presentations and sloppy work.
    Please… for your sake… seriously consider what I am sharing with you from my own past mistakes. It is written; “A wise man learns form the mistakes of others. A fool makes his own.” Please David… Learn from my mistakes and be in top form at all times. I noticed after writing this that there were other thoughts similar to mine. Other people were kind or blind. I would much rather have the ugly truth than a beautiful lie… wouldn’t you?
    Thank you for all you have done so far.
    Kindest Regards,
    James Seaborn
    Wholistic Life and Design Coach
    Owner of Gasp! Design Coaching
    Cedar Rapids, IA

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hello David, I have been receiving your newsletter for sometime now and I found the video very helpful. My problem, like you, is having so many things I want to do crowding the things I need to do. The system you demonstrated could be very helpful to me, however my problem now is distinguishing between want to do and need to do. My goal is to start an online life coaching practice within the next 4-6 months, where do I begin?
    (New coach on the block)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoyed the video and would prefer video as a newsletter format. I was particularly interested in your international book-keeping and would like to hear more about this and the nuts and bolts of running your business on an international basis.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I tried to see your video but it wouldn’t let me–please advise
    Teri Cameron

  17. David Wood Says:

    Great question Adele. The software I use (see has a feature called Adtracker. This not only tracks your leads and sales from different sources (e.g. ads), but will SPLIT TEST different sales pages for you, so you can see which version is best.

    (And thank you Lilly for the reflection ;-) )

    (Thanks for the feedback James. I did test this one before sending out.)

    Brenda, I would get the CoachStart Manual to start with. After a few months move up to the Internet Clients program at

    Hi Teri – I’d say just download the audio (or make sure you can watch streaming windows media files – can provide support on that)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hi David, without even watching your video, I can say that I am unlikely to have the time or the inclination to watch a video instead of reading a newsletter. I like reading; on a page for choice! I would find it difficult to dip into a video in the way I can with your newsletter. But don’t let that stop you! Roz

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Dear David.
    This is Behrang
    First I was impressed by so many projects you have. Under pressure for doing more? The concept of organizing the goals and pathways is also great. an accompanying written material would be great. I personally like to have some written material to read again and again. your material is specially inspiring. I like to read it more than once.

  20. Lesa Says:

    David, great video and again your reiterating how important it is to be personal and close up with the people you reach all over the world plus how crucial this is to be an effective coach.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I loved the video. It did what you said up front – “it’s not a professional video but it gets the point across”. I don’t understand those that can’t read the packet!

    Also I think powerpoint is a bit overrated in this circumstance. The important piece is the structure and not what is written on the paper.

    My question is how do you select what is priority? And how did this video get into your priority list?

  22. Jeanne Says:

    I love your uncomplicated, honest style! The flashes of light gave the video the realness it needed to convince me you are who you say you are. Keep using this natural style because the package works by speaking truth to the viewer.

    Jeanne von Stein
    budding Lifecoach
    Coastal North Carolina

  23. Jeanne Says:

    I disagree with Lilli – don’t start to lie about your ability to FOCUS. Most incredible people share that problem and know truth when they hear it. Your honesty is your signature, don’t mess with it! Don’t go power point either since no home office entrepreneurs have an IBM conference room or movie production studio at home. It won’t speak truth. Serious shortage of truth in the world, thanks for filling the gap.

    Jeanne (again)
    North Carolina

  24. David Wood Says:

    I once made a list and rated all project out of 10 based on a) ease of completion, b) revenue potential and c) how much completion/satisfaction energy I would feel at having it finished. Then added up the scores – it’s useful.

    Mostly I just pick the ones where I can picture the results and it would feel good to have it done.

    Great question! Like so many other things, it wasn’t physically on my list. But part of who I am is a trainer – someone to share his insights with the world. It feels so natural and right for me to create an article or video or checklist or audio when the inspiration comes. I don’t mess around with that creative stuff when the energy comes – I do it straight away. Otherwise the impulse my fade.

    A woman told me last night how she has NEVER had bad sex in her life and why, and I wanted to interview her there and then so people could learn from it ;-)


  25. Anonymous Says:

    Hello David M. congratulations for sharing your scrappy piece of personal work organization. I love it! Within the blog community, I believe you can be totally yourself and what comes across is a straightforward kind and generous simply sharing his thoughts on how he runs his business with focus and priorities.

    Granted, it is far from perfect as others have pointed out but I personally believe that protection is highly over rated. If anything, a has convinced me that my aim has been perfect even in doing my to do list is somewhat exaggerated, anal maybe.

    Thank you for sharing just the way you are.

    Cooperatively yours,
    J. Y. Lord

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