Create # 43:Join David in Bed (the ‘Wake Up Video’)


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FEATURE: Join David in Bed (the ‘Wake Up Video’)

When I say join me in bed – I mean it.

I’m going to go out on a limb here.

I’m actually going to bring you into my bedroom and show you the first 8 minutes of my day.

Why? Because I’ve discovered a simple process that is responsible for a lot of my creativity. For my clarity. For my direction. And for my motivation.

I’m about to show you, video frame by video frame, a process I use that’s largely responsible for my business success.

It’s pretty quick – and I got my whole business vision for SolutionBox out of it. Interested?

You’ll be thinking….”I don’t want to see it, yet I cannot look away!”

Yeah – I know. Me waking up is not a pretty sight I warn you – but c’lick here to watch the 8 minute video and discover this life changing process:

The Wake Up Video

It can help you:
- get motivated to do things you’ve been putting off
- generate a whole to-do list from the subconscious mind, not the conscious
- be incredibly creative.

The Wake Up Video

* * *
Have you used this process? If so – post your experience on the blog.

Going to use it? Post your commitment here.


The Personal Touch

I’m still enjoying meeting wonderful people. Particularly the gorgeous women of NY, PA, and hmmm…Ohio. There’s a lot to be said for monogamy, and…anyone who doesn’t enjoy the dating experience, while on their way to committed bliss, is missing out! My life is now so packed with fun things, people and events, I have no hope of fitting in everything I want to. I believe this is called abundance. And of course…it took time and effort to create.

Been to some fun camps and events, and it continues with a 3 week Germany trip ( ) coming up, which will include a Sonja, Goetz and Max visit (my German family).

Burning Man ( ) is still on the cards for end August.

My beautiful, smart, fun, charming, aware brother Andrew collected my old video camera mini-tapes (from the last 10 years) onto a DVD, so I could see some of them for the first time ever. My goodness, what an amazing trip down memory lane – seeing past partners, past events; it was incredibly moving. So now I commit to buying a digital camera and filming bursts regularly (including a 5 minute interview on the status of my life every 5 years). It may not be interesting tomorrow, but in 5-10 years….

Happy Birthday Leanne (one of my closest friends on the planet and once my wife), Rob and Graeme.

And I had a July 4 party last night in my home – not something you want to do every day (well that would be silly wouldn’t it) but a lot of fun. The lady carrying a manikin doesn’t know it yet, but our paths are meant to cross ;-)


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14 Responses to “Create # 43:Join David in Bed (the ‘Wake Up Video’)”

  1. PharmaJobCoach Says:

    Great, useful ideas David! My husband and I have always started our mornings with an “attitude of gratitude”….going over in our heads exactly what we’re thankful for. This has helped us start our day in a positive way. Your strategies will be a great addition to our morning routine! Also, your method of delivery was much more entertaining than reading!!! Great idea…it made me want to watch it because I was so intrigued!

  2. Lesa Says:

    I’ll committ to doing it for 14 days. A great idea and habit we hear about all the time but most don’t. Okay I’m ready. I’ve been grinding out the habit of being in front of my computer to write the book that’s been waiting for too long now and it will be good to have this habit go along with it. Thanks for your willingness to be transparent as you are to reach so many around the world.

  3. Chris Bowles Says:

    I’ve been using this for several years – got it from Julia Cameron’s excellent book “The Artist’s Way”. I don’t do it consistently but I do find it really helps when I’m feeling creatively blocked or have a problem to resolve. I’ve got a number of writing projects and ideas from it, and it also led to my decision to take a 2 year diploma in humanistic psychology – so it works!

  4. Alice H. Cash Says:

    Hey, great idea David. I’m not sure I can start without my steaming, hot coffee, but I may try. How about getting up and writing for three minutes, then going back to bed? I will give it a try though.


  5. HMBT Says:

    I have been starting my day every day for the last 13 years in this way, being at first (in my lines of career paths) a full time garden designer I found that I was at my peak of creativity in the first moments of my day, and began journaling, which has now turned into blogging, daily in the morning.
    It has allowed me to create a life where I have always been able to be successful in whatever set of circumstances I find myself in. If I needed a new innovative garden design to land this client, what is it about myself that they want to buy…talent has very little to do with success in the professional world, it is the ability to focus that wins the race, in the long-term life race.

    So, I could not view the video, but I do appreciate all the tools you and your newsletter, and this blog space has given in such a short time to the FLOW of the launch of my Mate’s and I’s mentoring business. I am no start up or first timer, I have coaching people for 23 years now, it’s just now that society has a label in order to sell our personal set of skills as Mentors and teachers…. and cheerleaders…for what is best about being a human being alive and aware.
    Well, I just want to say thanks personally, you have helped me gain focus, and at least a client a day, when I started asking the right questions, all my answers are now Flooding in, I thank you for that.

  6. Nancy Tierney Says:

    Ah! Thank you for reminding me of this process!
    I used to do morning pages religiously, but now, not
    so much. I found myself complaining a lot and that I didn’t like starting my day that way.

    But I like the suggestion by one of your readers to start with gratitude.

  7. Wendolyn Says:

    Hi David,

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your emails and coaching tips for several months now but this is the first time I’ve written to you to say ‘thanks’. So … THANKS so much for everything!

    As for the Morning Pages, I plan to start doing this tomorrow (since I’m already well into my day today … lol). I’ll let you know how it goes. Incidentally, I have Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ also and recall reading the section on Morning Pages. Thanks for reminding me … I plan to take another peruse on my next reading break and see what else grabs me!

    All the best,
    Wendolyn B
    Hudson, NH

    P.S. Your use of the Morning Video was a great teaching tool and allows the viewer to gain a very practical perspective on how to go about the process. Bravo!

  8. Margidorr Says:

    Enjoyed your fresh approach to sharing what works for you.
    Why morning and not before bed?
    I am usually the most creative at night and have had my more productive moments before falling asleep. I will give your suggestion a shot and see how it affects my productivity and ability to be more focused. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Very Nice. besides you look cute waking up in the morning.

    I will practice this and hopefully I’ll look as good as you while doing it.

  10. David Wood Says:

    Appreciate your comments all – thank you.


  11. Diana Says:

    David: You are amazing, it’s a great idea, I will start taking notes today. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks
    Diana Rosen
    My Next Amazing Life

  12. Sundra Says:

    Sounds like a great idea, David. Although I’m sure it works best in the morning before fully awakening, this is a good method of clearing the brain and any cobwebs in it during any time of day as well.
    So, I noticed that you wake up alone in the morning…does that mean you’re still single? :D

  13. Sandra Says:

    Enjoyed the video! Have tried this for 14 days and will continue the process. Fascinating. Brings out all sorts of subconscious issues as well! Great for helping to focus on key tasks for the day and stimulating ideas. A really useful tool. Thanks!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    How do I contact you about a correction to your webstie? I see no other way but this…
    I’m at

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