MM #63: 16 corporate clients in 24 hours

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“I’ve been “writing” mental notes of gratitude for days – and I wanted to finally email a big “thank you”. I laughed, felt supported, and learned so much I could use the next day. I realize now we actually do people a dis-service if we do not reach out to let them know what we are capable of as coaches.” – Vikki Spencer, M. Ed. US

“Although very competent in coaching skills, I really needed a clear path from ‘hello’ to ‘getting a client’… The speech broke it down so clearly, and gave me a structure to use. It is making a big difference in helping me build my practice. And – the free bonus recording of you explaining a trial session in detail was also excellent. After listening, I sat down and called twenty people on the telephone! Thanks David.” – Beverly McGuire, UK

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2. FEATURE: 16 corporate clients in 24 hours

Flaven Clayton from Hawaii is a new life coach. And when she said she booked 16 sessions at once, all paid for by a corporation, I had to ask how she did it. So I interviewed Flaven to get the scoop; let’s find out how she did it!

Booking 16 sessions at once

“I’ve been putting myself out there!” says Flaven. She let’s people know what she is up to and invites others to join her.

In this particular instance she had been talking with a friend who is a real estate agent and invited her for a coaching session.

Tip: Coach as many people as possible. They become referral engines for you.

Her friend was so thrilled with the session that she asked her to do a demonstration at a real estate meeting that was coming up.

Tip: Ask your friends and colleagues if they are interested in introducing coaching at work. Offer to do a free demo for their boss.

The owner of the real estate company was so impressed he signed up the agents and paid for the sessions – all 16 of them!

16 sessions just because she chatted with a friend and invited her to a session. Is your brain ticking?

Start with people

Flaven has been a coach for just a few months. She doesn’t even have a web site up yet! But, she has paying clients.

Too often new coaches spend months developing web sites and brochures, instead of actively reaching out for clients.

Flaven says she gets most of her clients by word of mouth. She gets out into the community and lets people know what she is doing.

Tip: Offer people a session, and let them know it will be inspiring, and fun.

Get emotions out of the way

It’s not always so simple though, is it? Flaven offers this message to other coaches trying to expand their practice – get your emotions out of the way. It’s OK to have them, just get them out of the way. Focus on following the next step. Then the next step. Then the next step.

Don’t let the big picture loom over you and halt your progress. Paint the big picture, then set it aside and do the next step.

What’s your next step?

If you are unsure about how to invite friends or acquaintances to sessions, check out: First Fifty Clients

Action: Put Yourself Out There

1. Ask yourself if you have been actively inviting potential clients to sessions or if you have been relying on passive measures.

2. How are you going to put yourself out there? What’s your next step. Post at the blog for accountability.



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5 Responses to “MM #63: 16 corporate clients in 24 hours”

  1. Barbara Bellissimo Says:

    Great, great advice! I am planning a cross-country move in six weeks, and I’ve committed to myself and my business that I will get out from behind my computer more.

    My clients are women wanting to throw off others’ expectations, create their own and use their powers to transform their world. Over the last few months, I’ve been researching where these women hang out in Silicon Valley (where I’ll be living), and using direct mail and email to let them know about me and my services. When my move is complete, I plan to show up…in person!

    Congrats to Flaven on her success!

    Barbara Bellissimo

  2. SuccessCoachLaura Says:

    What we are doing to put ourselves out there, is a group of us from our coaching school are doing a 30 clients in 30 days challenge. We post everyday and make ourselves accountable. There was a group that did this earlier and had terrific success. So now it is our turn! :)

    Create Success!

    Laura Johnson
    Success Creation

  3. anamcara Says:

    “get out from behind your computer” Wise words. It’s so hard to do. Do I need to cach myself? Let me see what I can do. Can do!

  4. bluecoach Says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the reminder :-)
    Did just follow up with one of my friends with whom I am planning to do a coaching project here in Helsinki. Guess what… he will coordinate the meeting for next week and get back to me.
    Thanks again for the impulse.

    Sunny regards

    André Briegert,Helsinki/Finland

  5. tclong Says:

    Just jumped into the Solution Box. So, Hello! I’m a licensed counselor in Northwest Arkansas and I’ve been in parttime private practice for 5 years as well as working full-time in campus ministry as the director of music and spirituality. At the beginning of July, I resigned from my ministry position and started working for an adolescent residential facility.

    On more than one occasion, people have mentioned coaching to me. So, I’ve decided it’s time to seriously look into it.

    Looking forward to reading more tidbits of info from this site and hearing your stories! I’m excited about this change and I’m ready to “create success!” (thanks, Laura)

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