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Summary: Coaches work over mainly the phone, often from home, and help people set better goals, and achieve them faster. With solid business and marketing skills, coaching can make six figure incomes.


What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a process of helping people get clear on what they REALLY want, and set better goals for themselves.  Coaches then help them design strategies to go get it. Common goals are finding a partner, improving your relationship, increasing your salary, choosing a new career direction, starting a new business, building a business.

How is it different from therapy?

Therapy tends to process deep feelings, and focus on the past and present.  Coaching focuses on the present and the future, and is very action based. 

Is this a credible profession?

It is now.  There is now an international body setting standards for the industry.  The International Coach Academy training is fully aligned with these standards.

Why is the Profession Growing so Quickly?

Firstly, coaches make a BIG impact on people's lives, and can earn 6 figure incomes doing it. Secondly, working via phone allows them to work from home, the office, or even the beach!

How Does One Become a Coach?

Like any other profession - with training and experience. lists viable coaching programs around the world.

What are some of the most unusual goals you've worked on, or clients you've worked with?

I helped a woman in the New Zealand Army with her goal of deciding a new career direction, which was to become a fashion editor in Ireland!

What would you say is the most common reason someone hires you for personal coaching?

What types of people can be helped by a Life Coach?

What makes you successful as a Life Coach?

Where can people get more information on this career?


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