"Now that's what I call coaching! More please... Straight after the call I ran down the university corridor and did a running leap up to the ceiling - which I haven't done since I came to Brisbane. I think I caused a bit of stir among some passing postgrads. But see? That's me. I can't believe I have completely handled my project stuff in just a couple of weeks. Thank you David."

Alison Wentworth - University Researcher

"Actually, this 'fully self expressed concept' is a great one for me to achieve my personal goals....My action for last week was to chat to the director at work about my interest in and pursuit of coaching. Do you remember my fear was he wouldn't be supportive and that he would see himself, as opposed to me in 'that kind of role'....well I was completely wrong. He said it sounds terrific and even suggested ways it might fit around my current work commitments. So, I'm very pleased!"

Lisa McDonald
Youth Ministry Consultant




Dear David,
I went back to my room at lunch and had a good cry! I've had my 'who' and 'what' for some time, but I have been soooooooo stuck on 'the how'! Your generosity has given me MORE THAN HOPE. It
has released me to live my purpose. Need I say more about you? You are magnificent!

Nancy Polli


"I was making over $200,000 a year as a Director of a company - and had achieved most of my career goals. But I was working way to hard, and wasn't sure what I wanted anymore. Yet - letting go and starting something new felt VERY uncomfortable. After all, I'd gotten very used to being a Director, and very used to the salary! And - I didn't really know where to start.

David helped me to first find out what really 'lit me up'. And then - gently and consistently - to let go of my old world, to stop striving so much, and to create an exciting new career from scratch! It's hard to believe I'm now doing market research for my very own interior design business - and I'm loving it!

I thoroughly recommend David's career coaching to anyone ready for a new direction, but not sure either what that new direction is, or how to make it happen. Just go for it!"



"Dear David,
What an amazingly productive session it was this afternoon! This is an email bringing bucket loads of gratitude. I can't thank you enough for the insight you showed toward prioritising my ideas and projects. The "Values" stuff was so helpful. More than that - you took an enormously creative leap on my behalf & saw what I couldn't. You have put it all into context and given me a huge gift. I feel great relief. This will go down as one of life's Pivotal Days - never to be forgotten. I have so much energy and enthusiasm".

Paula Scott - Teacher


"I am very thankful that I have you in my life. It was through working with you that I turned my life around and have been living my life by my dreams and goals, from a place of strength instead of fear! You helped me tremendously and for that I am forever thankful!"

Cynthia Owens


"In the last weeks you have had much valuable input into my life. I have learned so much from you and feel like you have inspired me to develop into who I was created to be. I thank God for your amazing talent in touching the lives of those around you."

Ellen Van Poppel
Mother & Medical Student

"Every day I go through an internal 'thank you' process for your coaching. I was initially interested in coaching as a tool to provide some direction in my life. Admittedly, once I had signed up for sessions - I wanted to back right out! I had convinced myself that I didn't need help and I was just experiencing a moment of weakness. After all, I'm intuitive and successful and believed I could fix anything - so why should I pay a stranger to help me?

When I expressed these doubts to you, the first thing you noted was how I had put up an immediate barrier. From that point on, we worked through the issues I had around fear of failure and change.

So what else did I get out of coaching? I'm proud of my newly discovered ability to 'think bigger' and set great goals that are tailor-made to my lifestyle and values. I celebrate successes and don't take things for granted. I recognise that my unique reactions to things are okay - as long as I understand how this impacts on my decision making and progress in life in general. I now put all of my ideas into action and remove the clutter in my life! The most fantastic thing about coaching is learning techniques to tap into the endless possibilities you can create for yourself. Great things can really happen.

Personally, I'm moving in with my partner in two weeks; I'm much closer to reaching those exciting financial goals; I received a great pay increase and promotion; and I'm starting up new hobbies and interests which will hopefully lead to a successful career change! Having a coach is like listening to the little voice in the back of your mind that has been given a much stronger voice. I appreciate every minute of your time and commitment to helping me make a difference to my life."

Caitlin Scully
HR Consultant United Energy
Melbourne VIC

"I've made some pretty big changes! I'm now following a new career path, and I've started to do what I really want in my life. The clarity gained from our sessions has helped me decide to end my relationship and create a space for something new. And, I'm feeling MUCH more confident and centered. How do you put a value on that? Having a wise person to assist me with practical strategies and keep me focused has made all the difference. I highly recommend David to anyone ready to make some big changes."

Kate Casey Melbourne

"Before contacting David I was lacking direction & belief in myself and was struggling to work out what my wife wanted from me. I also wasn't clear on what I wanted from my career. After perusing many life coaches over twelve months, I finally chose David Wood and committed to a three month plan.

After only two months I found myself in a "Winning Zone". Three months after starting, I now have clear direction in my professional life, friends are noticing changes in me, and life at home is better than ever. My life has turned completely around and I would recommend David to anyone. As he says: "Terry, you are now walking on water."

Terry Stormon
Public Speaker

"My life has changed dramatically since coaching with you - doing an MBA, new job as general manager of a health services company. Single and happily so!"

Jill Weekes
General Manager

"Do you feel frustrated with your life, thinking that you should be doing something else if you only knew what? That was how I was feeling - a boat without a rudder - going around in circles, not knowing what to grab on to and what not. I needed a direction in life but I never could work out what direction. So I decided I needed a coach, someone who could give impartial advice and who had the knowledge and skills to guide me. And David has helped me to do this.

I thought it would take six months. It took one. With the help of David, I was able to identify my values and create vision and mission statements. This gave me the focus that I craved and helped to develop my goals and objectives for the next few years. It's only a start but it's a terrific start."

Janet Fletcher

"Well.... I got it! It was really late on Sunday evening and I was talking to someone during the meal break and she explained to me what "being" was (that was the bit I just really wasn't taking in). So I'm there and suddenly a whole new world of things I can achieve by being this way has opened up for me.

I have spoken to Roy and acknowledged him for paying the mortgage and supporting the kids (he was speechless to say the least!), I thanked my mum for her support and told her I loved her (we never do that stuff). I'm seeing Roy's parents tomorrow and I am going to do the same with them. There is a long way to go but things are just so different already and the next 10 weeks will help me put my training into use. You were "wrong" about one thing though, I need you more now than I ever did before! My brain is too tired to figure out what to do about that one right now, I just needed to "say" it."

Diane Corriette
United Kingdom

"I was looking for a new job. After six months, and five interviews, I hired David as my coach. Our professional relationship allowed me to lay it all out on the table, and be honest with myself. We set time frames, and got clear on what I really wanted: to market something I believed in, in a specific location, and with a 30-40% pay increase. By just the third call, and after plenty of directed action, I got it! The job's mine, and I can't wait to get started. It still amazes me the difference it makes having someone help you put the steps in place. The goal you set doesn't loom so large when someone believes you can do it."

Nell Kell
National Marketing Manager
Results Life Coaching
Sydney, Australia

Business Coaching

"In only one month of coaching with David I have achieved what I was hoping to get from three months. I can't wait to see what else I accomplish with his support. Coaching has enabled me to gain clarity in my business planning that is already translating into massive progress. Anyone serious about success, whatever your definition, needs a coach. Anyone serious about coaching needs a good one. David is your man.

I have tried coaches before and struggled to find quality. Either they were too rigid and were trying to put me into a personality category or they lacked any real order and clarity for how to generate results. David was the perfect balance.

Thanks Dave, the results in my business have already paid for the coaching."

Pete Sheahan
Professional Speaker



“In early 2000 I was an executive with a major insurance company. I asked David if he would discuss a business idea with me over coffee, and ended up hiring him as my business coach.

After only two years and some great coaching, I flew to London and sold my creation to an international consulting company.

Thanks for the support Dave!”

Simon Hedley


"I have had the sincere pleasure of working with David for the past four months. In that time his coaching has made a significant impact on me, both in my personal as well as my professional life. He has shown me extremely effective strategies for enhancing communication and organizational skills. As a general manager for a brokerage firm these strategies have provided me with tremendous insight when dealing with staff and clientele. David's enthusiasm combined with his direct/concise approach to problem solving makes him a valuable commodity in the field of business coaching. It is without reservation that I would recommend him for any business that is seeking to enhance it's team."

M. Grant Bond, LL.B
General Manager, Action Business Leasing Inc.


"Dear David,
I couldn't wait for Thursday to thank you for last week's coaching session on a number of counts. 1) For encouraging me to "THINK BIG", bigger than I normally would 2) For giving me the kick in the backside I needed to take action re: contacting potential clients. I now have three who have said YES. (I have still got four people to contact but am now more motivated to do so). 3) For supporting me with regard to my relationship. In following through on what we had agreed to last Thursday, we have had a breakthrough in our relationship. Thanks!"

Kerri-Anne Fielding
Brisbane, Australia

"I have taken more action towards the achievement of my goals in the last week with a coach, than I have in the last 6 months without a coach."

Luke McDonald

"I found the coaching sessions very valuable. I was in a period where I was reviewing the work I do and whether it was in alignment with who I am as well as what I value in life. I had decided to give Networking Marketing a go because I wanted a business and to eventually earn residual income and had read that this was the best way to go about it.

However, I could not bring myself to talk about it to anyone I knew - mostly fear of rejection - though if I had really believed in the value of the products or opportunity I was promoting this would not have happened. The Company involved really had no support structure and training in place at that time.

Anyway, initially I asked David to help me in this area - and I was finally able to send off letters to prospective clients and make follow up phone calls - not people I knew - and in doing so I realised that I really did not like what I was doing. What was really useful during this process was the support and accountability from David - working on your own leaves you without this structure.

At this point David challenged my reasons for continuing when I was clearly so unhappy and from this we came to the point of looking at the things that make me happy or that I enjoy - life coaching encompasses all these areas. David's style is excellent - positive but not over the top with enthusiasm."

Stephanie Champion
Websites Designed with Distinction

"David Wood - why has it taken me so long to talk to someone like you! Through my sessions with David I have been able to turn my thoughts into reality. His insight and direction is so valuable - and you cannot help catching his enthusiasm for life. My recommendation - talk to David and see the benefits that life coaching can bring!"

Brisbane, Australia

"David thank you for coaching me!After a few weeks of working with you I was pleased to learn that you were not only my business coach but you were able to coach my development as an individual as well. In fact the most valuable thing I have learned from your coaching was a personal issue - you helped me realise how great it is to be me - to be the person I am with out any changes. Your sense of caring about what was important to me came across so strongly, and even though we never met, I always felt that you were 'on my side'. I think life is about continual learning and development and you have helped me find the path I would like to follow... Thank you for your care, support, and coaching."

Jennifer Blakeway
Marketing Specialist
Adelaide, Australia

"The two month's of coaching by you were invaluable - for a trainer/business mentor they allowed me to quickly focus and put structures in place tailored to my expertise and enabled me to create a niche market!"

Carmel Timmins
Principal Coach


Building Your Own Coaching Business

To view testimonials of coaches I have worked with, click here.



Thank you so much for your good work in getting me to push a bit harder for my dad to come along to the wedding. He gave me away on the day, and I think he was actually very proud in his own way. Toward the end of the week I actually felt I had gotten to know who he was and vice versa. I feel I owe a lot of this experience to you, and I don't think you can put a price on what I feel I have achieved over the last 2 weeks with him. I'm really proud of myself for making an issue of setting things straight between him and myself."

Jacqui Grant, Personal Trainer


"Hi David
For months my ex-husband has been pressing my buttons. I kept getting furious with him, and when I tried to get space he would keep pushing me. Well - after our last session, I have spoken to him and he was amazed and genuinely taken aback at my specific requests and my taking responsibility for my anger. He complimented me on my insight and promised to respect my need for space if I requested it. I'm really quite surprised, and wanted to write and thank you."

Rebecca Hopper, Corporate Trainer


I've asked two boys out so far - one for coffee and ended up with dinner and one for a ride on his Harley!! Thanks for the getting me over the hurdle on this one."

Margaret Gill

"Thanks to your coaching, I gave lots of encouragement and opportunities for him to win. Today we had the more formal (powerful) discussion regarding my needs, my specific requests and possible consequences. We both handled it very well and it moved us forward to a new level in our relationship. I have encouraged him to 'call it' if I disappoint him on any agreements, and setup clear agreements around coming him off the dole, a certain dollar figure of income and two others...he agreed and felt a greater clarity, as I do, about expectations between us. I feel we have set up strong agreements that can be monitored. I feel GREAT."


To have held my boyfriend as a secret for 2 years from my family was the hardest thing to do. Always having to make some excuse each time out of fear of not meeting their expectations. Communicating this to my family was the best thing that I have done. It felt so good to let out my secret. It felt like I was free again. I realised that I could let go of that fear and just communicate openly with my family and let go of expections that I have made for myself. IT FELT GREAT! Thanks David.

Sydney, Australi


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