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Life Coach Training

What is that we hear you say? You want to be certified as a life coach? Getting training can be easy and painless. Getting certified can also end up being the best thing you ever do for yourself. It is not necessarily easier if you already have training in a related field.

As professionals, a consultant, a speaker, therapists, a counselor, a trainer, a fitness trainer, or a financial planner, you may already have training that inspires your life coaching. However, just because you have this training certification from another school or program doesn’t mean you don’t need continuing education in life coaching to get a certification.

Many people who are accredited in another field do not want to go through life coach training to get a certification. If this applies to you, and you are not keen on 2 years of further study, you'll probably love the Coachville/IAC route to getting certified. At this school they don't even look at any coach training credits you have - they simply examine your skills and see how they can modify for the better your skillset. That is where prior coach training comes in handy on the route to life coaching. Learn more about the practice of The CoachVille Institute and courses offered click here:

The ICF is the one and only certifying body for life coach training. They say whether or not a school’s program is up to par. The ICF does not recognize any non-specific coach training. And even specific training must be 'aligned' with the ICF regulations. Hence, this may not be the best course for a certification if you're already highly skilled and against training from scratch. To read more on or to contact the ICF click here:

How long does training take to get a certification?

If you go the Coachville route to certification, you may be able to go through training and get your certification quite quickly. To get certified quickly you would already need to be a pretty good coach from training and experience. If this is the case you may be able to cram the material quite quickly and pass the exam.

It is easier for natural coaches who have prior training in another field to get a certification this way. This is because at Coachville there is no requirement for number of hours, or credits, or number of client hours. Know one can be sure how long it takes to get a certification from Coachville. In the past there have been coaches who got their certification in 2 – 3 months.

If you go the ICF route to a certification, you would need to find an ICF accredited school. You’ll also need to clock up at least 250 paid hours before you can get a certification. Do all of that and 60 training hours of coach specific training before you can sit and take the certification exam. Count on taking at least 6-12 months of training. This will allow you to reach your first level of ICF training.

Either way, it's expected that after your training you'll be coaching and building your practice while you clock up your certification, unlike other industries where you train first, and enter professional practice at a later time. Enjoy your road to getting certified. Certification may well be a life changing event for you.

For a list of coaches living the dream, perhaps your dream, click here:


Life Coach Training



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