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Corporate Coaching

This page is written for directors, managers or staff who wish to bring coaching into their company.




Reasons to Introduce Corporate Coaching

  • Increase motivation: help staff create powerful reasons for achieving bigger goals at work
  • Create happier, more fulfilled employees - leading to improved productivity through reduced absenteeism
  • Increase staff retention.
  • Improve communication: coaching is based on straight, clear communication. And staff will often express concerns to a coach where they may not be as open with a manager with the power to fire them!
  • Demonstrate the company's commitment to being employer of choice.
  • Demonstrate the company is progressive and innovative in remuneration.


Coaching is not like many other professions; people don't get to slide.

In the first session I make my expectations clear: the client is on time for every call, and does what they say they will before the next session (or calls me to re-negotiate). If they don't take the coaching seriously, and make it a priority in their life, the coaching will be terminated. There's nothing wrong with not taking it seriously, and I don't get militant about it. However, accountability is often key to making changes.

I conduct a mutual interview with prospective clients to ensure we are a fit for each other.


How It Works

Session are weekly, one on one, and strictly confidential.

One to three specific goals are set in the first session - to be achieved in a specific time frame. The employee is normally coached for three months, with an option to continue if all parties agree. The company may leave the goals unrestricted, or it is quite common to require one personal goal and one business-related goal be set.

Sample business-related goals might be: develop coaching skills, increase sales by X%; build strong network within the company; develop relationship with 10 new prospects; reorganize company's internal communications; create a strong sense of teamwork; develop strong career plan; how to enroll and inspire people in ideas.

Sample personal goals might be: reduce weight by 20 pounds; look, dress and feel great; increase circle of friends and attend at least one party per week; find a relationship; make partner ecstatic!

The coach and client "meet" for a 25 minute virtual coaching session via telephone - no traveling required. Additional coaching support is provided via e-mail at no additional charge. Face to face sessions are usually not required (I haven't met most of my clients!), but are possible in Sydney and New York. For other cities, I suggest the first round of coaching be face to face, followed by telephone sessions, or we do 100% via phone.


Cost Sharing With Employees

Coaching works best when the employee has an investment in the coaching producing results. While most companies are happy to pay for three months of coaching, I suggest that as a minimum, the employee write a check for $50 per month. They must VALUE the coaching for both the employee and the company to benefit. If the company is wanting to minimize costs, it is possible to increase each month the percentage the employee is paying as they realize the benefit of coaching. E.g. $50, $100, $150, increasing to 50-75%.


Getting Started at the Right Pace

Most companies are not used to coaching. Therefore, most managers or CEO's wanting to introduce or experiment with coaching wish to do so gradually, obtaining buy-in from key people, and then the rest of the company.

If you are interested in bringing coaching into your company, I suggest you:

1) Experience a coaching session yourself first - so you can get a feel for it and make sure you're hiring a quality service that will have an impact on your firm. This can be done via telephone or face to face (Sydney and New York), and may be requested by emailing me at or calling me on (02) 9420 2660 (Australia), or 1866 COACH-00 (USA). See my Invitation below.

2) Choose a pilot group of 3-10 employees to receive coaching. Ideally they will be senior people within the firm (critical if the results are to spread throughout the company, and to get buy-in further down), and will volunteer for coaching. Once you have clear results and buy-in from this group, coaching may be extended to other groups.

3) You might also like to have me come in and do a one hour group coaching session for staff - either business hours or lunch time. (Response to this has been excellent.) You can then select the pilot group based on the feedback received.


Credibility and Testimonials

Corporate Coaching is now achieving great results in several Fortune 50 companies, and is making it's way to Australia and the UK. You can view the recent article in Fortune Magazine by clicking here, or Time Magazine by clicking here. (Press the Back button on your browser to return here). If you want to send this article to a colleague, you may download a Word file (.doc) by "right clicking" here.

You may view corporate testimonials from McCann-Erickson and the MRPIII Association here.

Corporate Coaching Fees

Click here for individual and group coaching fees.


The most practical way for us to go forward is usually a phone conversation. If we both feel I can help your firm, we can set up a coaching session for you or another staff member (or schedule a lunch time group coaching session), and discuss a possible pilot group suitable for coaching.

You may reach me on 07 5499 7455 (Australia).

Further Information

You may view my biography by clicking here. Testimonials from individuals achieving personal goals may be viewed here.

A fax of further testimonials from Corporate Coaching clients and Keynote speeches may be requested by e-mailing:




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