MM #61: How to increase your sales rate by 207%

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2. FEATURE: How to increase your sales rate by 207% – Part 1

Sales copy is simply what prospects read – and hopefully what turns them into customers.

Too many coaches put up their web site, write their copy and nothing happens. We’ve written many articles on getting traffic to your web site, but what if people are visiting your site and you still aren’t getting clients or customers? It could be your web copy.

We interviewed Andy O’Bryan, a master copywriter who specializes in writing for coaches to find out how you can improve your web copy.

1. How important is the copy in selling your services or product on the web?
It’s critical. You can be the best coach in the world, but if your copy doesn’t express that to your website visitors then it doesn’t matter. The most talented people aren’t necessarily the ones who make the most money online. It’s the people with the best copy-and the best traffic generation methods–who bring in the most clients.

You should spend just as much time crafting your web copy as you do with any other aspect of your business. If you don’t have the time to devote to this, then you should hire an expert to do it for you.

2. What is the biggest mistake you see that coaches make with their web site copy?
Coaches have too much that they want to convey to potential clients about themselves and what they offer. As a result, in their effort to try and say everything on their minds, they confuse their website visitors.

Confusion is never a good thing when it comes to finding new clients on the Internet. This confusion results in the visitors clicking away to a competitor. You only have a few seconds to grab the visitor’s attention, and only a few seconds more to hold it.

To fix this you need to focus your website on your marquis service and sell that. Concentrate all of your efforts on the one singular thing that you do best and that has the most powerful benefit to your potential clients.

Another big mistake is not capturing your site visitor’s email address. Use a special report, ebook or ezine to persuade them to give you their information, then you will be able to pursue the sale after they leave. People usually don’t buy on the first visit to your site, so this is very important.

3. Where is the best place to put your bio?
You should frame your bio into the text of your web copy. What you’ve done, your experience, your education history, your credentials, your qualifications, etc. should all be presented to the reader in the context of making a sale. How does your experience help the potential client? What do you bring to the party that they can’t get from anyone else?

So a bio doesn’t have to be a 2-3 paragraph summary. Instead it should be sprinkled strategically into your site, using specially crafted sales copy with the ultimate goal of bringing in new clients.

4. What does conversion rate mean?
Your website’s conversion rate is how you measure your success online. To arrive at your conversion rate you take your sales in a given time period (one day, one week, or one month) and divide that number into your number of unique visitors to your site in that same period. If you don’t know how to find the unique visitors to your site, check with your webmaster or hosting company. They will tell you how to access this information.

For instance, let’s say in one week you make 20 sales of an ebook you wrote. If the number of unique visits to the website that sells the ebook is 1,000 during that same week, then you have a conversion rate of 2%.

If you have a conversion rate of 2% or higher then you’re doing pretty well. If it’s less than 1% then you need to rethink how you are presenting your services. The most likely culprit is your web copy.

5. Why do we need to know our conversion rate?
A knowledge of your conversion rate is crucial to successful online marketing. Without a constant grasp of it you won’t know if what you’re doing is working or not.

If you made the 20 sales we mention above but you had no idea how much traffic you had coming to your site, then you won’t know whether this 20 sales is an achievement or something to be improved. You could have had 10,000 visits to your site in that week, which would make your conversion rate .2%, which is terrible.

Without a working knowledge of how to arrive at your conversion rate, and the utilization of that knowledge on a regular basis, you could be lulled into a false sense of security about your sales figures, which could be devastating to your business.

In part II, we will find what makes great sales copy and learn the answer to the question, “Do we need to write for search engines?”

Free Critique

Andy has kindly offered a free critique to all MentorMonthly subscribers, for a limited time only. Jump in now before he changes his mind!Just email Andy at ajobryan @ (without the spaces) and he’ll tell you what you can do to your site to get better sales immediately.

Action: Revamp Your Web Copy

1. Take at least one idea from above and rewrite some of your web copy. Let us know your changes at the blog.

2. Get Andy’s f.ree report, “10 Ways Your Website is Leaving Gobs of Money On the Table”. This report will pinpoint some of the trouble areas on your website and tell you how to fix them quickly and easily.

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4 Responses to “MM #61: How to increase your sales rate by 207%”

  1. bluecoach Says:

    Dear David,

    I just relaunched my website and I can already see the next step to improve my web presence in order to generate sales. :-)

    Thanks for the impulse

    André Briegert, Helsinki/Finland

  2. HMBT Says:

    I took the idea of removing the links except to buy, and the beat of the writing was re-done, removed extra graphics, and I created assesments for people to sort themselves, and it has worked… in immediate 3 new prospects in 3 days. I think that’s pretty good. Also Reducing what I offer and the sprinkling of my bio in the copy of what I ‘do’ for my clients…seems to be working, I’ll give it a week and see what happens.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I recommend you change your mailing lists to “opt in” instead of “opt out”. I believe I downloaded a document from your website over a year ago. Today, I got this newsletter claiming that I had just subscribed to recieve it. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and having to waste time unsubscribing from it (and hoping that wasn’t a ruse to harvest my email address as valid, to be sold to spammers) turns me off to considering using any of your products or services in the future.

  4. kmyers Says:

    I changed how we use the “bio” info for our new recruiting site using the info from this article (sprinkling it in).

    I’ll be interested to see the results after we test the launch. However, we’re still testing different copy ideas for the initial landing page. Here’s one example that collects as much info as possible about the prospect:

    Goji Business Opportunity

    I’ve been copywriting for awhile in the Network Marketing niche, but it’s always nice to compare our industry with other similar industries out there. Thanks for the tips.

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