Create #42: Introducing My Mentor

1. Announcements/Offers

My Mentor – Life changing seminars
Paul Lowe is an original. His unique view of the world and its future encourages us beyond what we normally think of as possible or impossible. From a perspective rooted in his own diverse experience, he addresses our everyday issues – relationships, money, health, sexuality, parenting, career, communication – with wisdom, compassion and, perhaps most importantly, humour. An encounter with Paul is always provocative, meaningful and entertaining. And for many people, it’s a life-changing experience. His seminars and workshops are a rare opportunity to gain an insight into the work that he does – and possibly open the door to changing your life. Plus – the guy is fun!

Meet Paul Lowe this summer in London, Berlin, Vienna:

(If you make it to Berlin July 18 – you’ll see me there! David)

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2. FEATURE: Introducing my Mentor

Where do I go for coaching?

One of the biggest influences on my life has been Paul Lowe.

He’s pretty bright, very loving, and lots of fun.

I’m happy to bring you one of his articles, so you can get some Paul flavor.

If it really calls to you, you can join me in Germany at one of the groups in July. (See the ad above)

* * *

Our own individual world

“We each live in our own individual world. It may not look like it, but 6 billion people live in 6 billion separate realities.

The way we see and experience the world is determined by how we grew up, the attitudes, opinions, beliefs and limitations we were given. In other words, by the conditioning we received to our minds and emotions.

Distorted view

This conditioning effects the way in which we see things. It is as though we are looking out of a window with curved glass — everything appears distorted. This distortion is created by our conditioning.

We think that which we see is the way things are, but it is not so. We are actually seeing through the distortion of our conditioned mind and this puts a spin on to our whole life and how we perceive ourselves. It is a huge handicap and certainly prevents us from reaching our maximum potential.

Disconnect from fixed opinions

When we begin to disconnect from our mind and its fixed opinions an unexplainable mystery happens — life gets easier and better and better. Everything starts to click into place. Anger and judgment dissipate, a feeling of freedom descends and a gentle peace starts to permeate our whole being.


With that phenomenon comes another phase that keeps us moving and growing. We begin to recognise that life presents us with what we need to evolve into our greatest potential as a human being.

To take advantage of this possibility be more adventurous, experiment, take a few risks. More aliveness happens in unpredictable situations. You only have one short life, and this is it. Live it to the full — and don’t take it too seriously. Have fun!

With love… Paul

* * *
Thanks Paul!

Best Regards,


P.S. If you have any comments on this newsletter, we’d love you to share them here on the blog .

P.P.S. If this speaks to you and you want to take it further – you can join the great global community of people who have formed around Paul. I’ll be at the Berlin event myself July 18:

3. The Personal Touch

I’m thrilled to be back in New York!

Sure – travel is exotic and fun. But I really need to balance that with my safe, secure cave. It’s WONDERFUL to be back in my NY apartment. I’m seeing friends, enjoying Central Park, bought an acoustic guitar to brush up on the songs I used to play as a one man band, and I’m having fun dating.

I plan to be in Germany in July/Aug for the Paul Lowe group, then it could be another Young Entrepreneur’s conference (Chicago), Burning Man (Nevada), and Harbin Hot Springs (California). (I know I can’t do all that – I’ll burn out – but I’ll do some of it)

Business wise, things are good. We look to launch four products this year (one will be a re-launch) and the word just keeps spreading. Feeling an urge to do more teleclasses; to have more contact with the growing community getting these newsletters (i.e. you!). And I’m working with one of my most delightful clients ever – she’s quite a lady, quite a coach, quite a being – hi Joelle ;-)


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12 Responses to “Create #42: Introducing My Mentor”

  1. Dr James Dodson Says:

    That is a great ideal.To remove the distortations. Created since the instant of birth with many layers. It is very true that we are conditioned by every event in our life, no matter how small or insignificant.

    If I could view the world the way it is, rather the way I think it is, how much would this change my perceptions ? How do I communicate ? Would I be considered mentally ill ?

    If I look at a water fall and see 10,000 drops of water. Can I tell anyone this. Or, now, I know that all of those stories told to me are not true. I can now see that there is no evidence.

    Where can I get the wisdom to sustain myself.
    Dr. Jim

  2. Dr. Kiyoshi Nagata Says:

    Hi, Gang of David Wood Around the World!

    I’m a Japanese coach, and for that matter, pretty new to this wonderful world of David Wood’s–from the Japanese point of view.

    Is there any other Japanese coach or foreign expat (as well as
    coach) living (better to say, enjoying) a hectic life in Tokyo?

    If any, let’s connect and form a sort of “informal D.W. club” here
    in Tokyo, all consisiting of D.W.
    fans–guys and gals–high-context and high-touch, gameful coaches.

    How does that grab you, folks?

    FYI:Next Monday, here in the center of Tokyo, right in the headquarters of one of the best known int’l banks, we’re holding a regular “cross-cultural/national” coaching gabfest. About 30 int’l coaches,ICF-affiliated or not,
    will get together, wine and dine, as well as compare notes coaching way!

    Attention, Mr.Wood: Any particular message you want me to convey to them on your behalf?

    Or, on top of that, is anybody you
    know of visiting Tokyo? If so, I’d be personally delighted to host a welcoming buzz session in Tokyo over a Starbucks coffee. Just in case, I might be able to
    grab that guy running next Monday’s
    coaching session to get acquainted

    Anyway, all are open–thanks to David Wood’s initiatives around the world. I can’t see you all
    in Berlin, but why not come to
    Tokyo, someone? Any time, and get connected in a typical Japanese way.

    Looking forward to reading D.W.’s
    “Create a Life You Love” Newsletters–always,

    Kiyoshi Nagata, MBA/PhD,CMC,CCC
    Success Coach & Member-Coach, ICF,
    PS: Am also doing regular column
    writings, in Japanese based on the
    Harvard B-School websites.

  3. David Wood Says:

    Kiyoshi – Love your enthusiasm! If members of our community want a way to connect locally I would help facilitate it. But the ICF and CV already have chapters.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks, Mr. Wood!

    I see the situation, but kindly
    take my suggestion as a standing
    invite to you and to anyone of
    your buddy coaches.

    BTW, can’t copy this column. Why

    Member-Coach, ICF, Japan

  5. David Wood Says:

    You should be able to copy and paste. You can republish with attribution.

    BTW – nice post Dr. Jim


  6. bluecoach Says:

    Hi There,

    This reality thing is always a interesting one, isn´t it? :-)

    Let´s assume that we have created our own realties simply through our conditioning and we are becoming aware of this fact. Wouldn´t it be great now to take on responsibility for our individual realities and maybe design them in a way how we would like to experience them?
    Paul already gave us some valuable input that might help us in this process. I would like to throw in another thought.
    If we consider that we were born into a context of language and that we use language to express what we think, feel or what we perceive, than I assume that we can use language also in a empowering way to create possibilities which reflect our realities.
    What do you think…?
    Let´s use the fundamental power of the word to create what we really want to see in our realties.

    Sunny regards from Helsinki

    André Briegert

  7. David Wood Says:


    Someone said ‘language is the house of being’. courses create new terms to help us create new realities. I’m a big fan of the Landmark Forum.

  8. Jenny Des Says:

    It is interesting this question of ‘beyond Mind’, as beyond mind is beyond words and symbols. These words and symbols are what gives meaning to our world. The meaning we give comes from our conditioning, our past. So every meaning we give to anything with the mind is from our past.
    The word/is the label which is the meaning we give to our perceptions. Without this label what remains is the pure essence of what is.
    This is the expanded consciousness, what is known as the Quantum Field of Infinite love, potentiality and possibilities.
    With no past conditioning which is our limitations, all that remains is what I call the Quantum Gap – The Q’GAP.
    A truly awesome experience!!

  9. bluecoach Says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I really like your comment…it seems that we always “end up” or realize that we are living NOW in each and every moment…or however we want to label this experience. It´s really great to see how the existential approach comes to the surface from different corners.

    best regards

    Andre Briegert, Helsinki/Finland

  10. Psgerodoc Says:

    I am new to this blog and the world of blogging. However I am truly attracted to sharing meaningful thoughts on interesting subjects. I am a Gerontologist in Palm Springs California and a student of many philosophies. I am looking forward to contributing to your thoghts. Respectfully…Mark

  11. Brian Fradet Says:

    To Kiyoshi from Tokyo–

    I am a NYC doctor/coach/businessman and travel to Tokyo every few months. Please give me your contact info so that we can chat at Starbucks or whatever, perhaps mastermind. Sincerely, Brian–

  12. Brian Fradet Says:

    To Kiyoshi from Tokyo–

    I am a NYC doctor/coach/businessman and travel to Tokyo every few months. Please give me your contact info so that we can chat at Starbucks or whatever, perhaps mastermind. Sincerely, Brian–

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