MM #55: How to Travel and Make Money at the Same Time

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2. FEATURE: How to Travel and Make Money at the Same Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way keep getting paid while traveling?

How about getting paid FOR traveling!?

You’re on the road, out of pocket, out of the country, out of sight – do you have to be out of income?

We all want to travel the world – but how do you do it and finance it while you travel?

My good friend Christian seems to float from country to country – for years now. I figured it was time I grilled him (and my R&D team) for answers, so I can pass them along to you.

Go from passive, sunburned tourist to getting involved. From postcard buyer to postcard seller. You have skills and ideas that can sell internationally, right there around the home.

DISCLAIMER: As always, I take no responsibilty for your actions. These are ideas only. Whatever path you choose, investigate the risks and get professional advice before taking action.

Category 1) Don’t Work

This first group of ideas below can take significant effort to set up. But once it’s done – you can be set for life! I’m talking about passive income – money that doesn’t mind that you’re on a walkabout (That’s Aussie talk for – well – walking about.)

Ideas like:

  • eBooks and eCourses
  • downloadable sessions/seminars
  • a drop-ship Internet company
  • store up savings, invest well,
    and then pay yourself the interest
  • be kept by a rich man or woman

But people had ideas of other ways to travel and not really work:

  • be a courier, delivering something of value to your destination (like documents or a car!)
  • be a companion for the elderly or disabled, or for a child or woman traveling alone. Or even accompany a pet on a flight!
  • write a book as you travel; make money from it down the track

Category 2) Work

Perhaps you’re not in a position to succeed with the Don’t Do Work option. This is where the fertile minds of the SolutionBox bloggers really came into their own.

Get accredited in the travel industry, and then using those credentials to gain benefits and incentives for specific resorts and hotels.

Blogger Paul K has friends that do a music tour – not rock stars, just ordinary guys who play an instrument, but go on the road.

Kim Knight and others suggested teaching English as a Second Language, noting that there is significant demand for it worldwide, and it’s generally not required to speak the local language.

And the work doesn’t need to be for cash – offering to work as barter could quickly get you a ride, a meal, a room, etc.

Important: Always check what you propose with an immigration lawyer (or at least your destination countries immigration web site) before working in another country!

Ideas include working as a:

  • coach or consult! I’ve gone to many cities
    and been able to keep my coaching practice going – all you need is an internet cafe and a good calling card
  • run teleclasses on any topic you like
  • internet marketer
  • nanny or aupair
  • camp counselor (you can often get a cultural exchange visa. e.g. search for ‘Camp America’. I did this myself!)
  • photographer
  • sound or lighting technician with a traveling show
  • ski or snowboard instructor (I’ve done this too! Didn’t get paid, but a free season pass)
  • work on a ship – cook, deckhand, activities coordinator
  • work at a resort (I’ve done this too!)
  • butler/personal assistant
  • translator
  • be a guide
  • athletic trainer
  • motivational speaker
  • be a spruiker (i.e. the people speaking on the microphone about perfume in department
  • flight attendant
  • busker (honey b. well asks “what is busk?” – Webster says it’s “a person who entertains especially by playing music on the street”). Can you juggle?
  • anything on a cruise line
  • teaching – music, yoga
  • writer – get paid to write articles for travel or health magazines, or local English language newspapers
  • become an online gambler. e.g. poker. You could study gambling until you truly understand the risks and strategies.

Many jobs require no specific planning or training, and will be readily available in many locations:

  • wait staff, kitchen
    help, bartender – especially in high season
  • dog-walking
  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • fruit or produce picker
  • massaging
  • source unique local product, and ship it back to sell at Western prices. Think eBay!

Make it happen

By looking at ways to make money while traveling, you’re also looking at new ways to experience a place.

Instead of coming home with just souvenirs and photographs, you could also come home with a deeper understanding of where you’ve been, and – with extra money in the bank!

Again, it is especially important before working in another country, to make sure that you check the legalities of what you can or can’t do work-wise and what, if any, visa requirements you need. Doing the legal research before you go may save you time, money, and possibly deportation!

Action Stations

Would you love to travel, but finances keeping you stuck at home?

1) Where would you love to go?

2) What are your TWO favourite methods listed here?

3) Post your answers at the blog.

Have fun, and make money!



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14 Responses to “MM #55: How to Travel and Make Money at the Same Time”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    1. Coach
    2. Photographer

  2. Deni Says:

    I would love to go to Portugal (where my grandfather was from), and I’d also like to go to Japan and Italy.

    I am a personal fitness professional, so obviously, doing that takes no extra effort or knowledge for me at all.

    Writing articles, coaching and doing workshops are on my list of profesional things I can do. Obviously, any and all of these work together quite well.

    Guess I need to get busy, huh?

  3. Anonymous Says:


    I would travel and be an entertainer. I’ve been a circus freak all my like (a.k.a. juggler, magician, etc). I’ve been seriously thinking about pursuing it as a career. A cruis ship would be great.

  4. Matt Says:

    I have written ebooks about various forms of work in Japan and other places.

    I’m not sure how many more I’ll need, but I plan to keep adding ebooks in until I can chase the sun.

    I’ve always found there are so many more opportunities for resourceful people away from home.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I want to caution people about doing “massage without training”. Most states require liscensing and certification to be legal and to have sufficient insurance. This can be a choice that can inflict injury. Make sure a message therapist knows what they are doing. This is serious stuff which you can be held accountable.You must have extensive knowledge of anatomy or you could hurt someone.

  6. Terri Cooper Says:

    I seriously want to travel but not lose my clients when I am away! If anyone knows of software or similar whereby I can coach online with visual and interactive methods I would be so happy to hear about this. I am a coach working with sales people in the real estate industry. Thankyou in anticipation of your help!! Terri

  7. Anonymous Says:

    My Husband and I currently live and work in the United Arab Emirates. With an average of 45 days of vacation/national holiday, a tax free income, and housing, car, utility, furniture and round trip ticket allowance as a standard part of most employment contracts; its a great way to make and save money, travel and live in a facinating part of the world!

    Try it I highly recommend it!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Backpack around the world for 3 months
    1.Teach Pilates

  9. Tati Says:

    I’d prefer to be a coach or consultant to get paid while traveling. I have been doing this, as a psychologist (consultant), but not as a coach. They paid me to travel to Aceh (for Tsunami recovery), Makassar, Banjarmasin… different provinces where I live in Indonesia. I haven’t had a chance yet to travel overseas as a coach, eventhough I was paid to go to Malaysia and Singapore as consultant. I’m expecting the opportunity to get paid abroad as a coach, as I know the opportunity is alyways there when you determine to get it!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    another job that you can do and get all the travel expenses paid for: IT Trainer. I have been to Spain, Portugal, Germany, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. I have travelled all around the UK as well.
    The customers I visit pay for the expenses and I get to stay in nice hotels and try good restaurants.
    To be an IT Trainer, you will need a training qualification; the TAP certification from the IITT is one of the most sought after by potential employers. Get your company to pay for the courses and the world is your oyster!
    Good luck!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i want to be a professional traveller

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve travelled all over the world teaching ESL and hypnotherapy and reiki workshops.

  13. Lea Says:

    Interesting ideas – my favourite is the coach/consultant because that’s what my husband & I do already…and travel the world whilst we do it!

    We’re from the UK but so far this year, we’ve been to Panama, Buenos Aires, Toronto & we’re now in Grenada.

    I tell you this not to boast but to say “Go for it! It can be done and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner”.

    If anyone is interested in reading our blog of how we’ve done it, you can read it at or to find out more about what I actually do whilst I travel, you can read my blog which is

  14. tere Says:

    i want to travel for free.

    interested in coaching & be a motivational speaker

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