Discover Your Top Three Goals for 2006

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2. FEATURE: Discover Your Top Three Goals For 2006!

Want to discover/clarify your top three goals?

Would you like to help your clients and colleagues set powerful goals for 2006?

In about 5 minutes? (OK, sometimes 10).

And free of charge?

Get your personalised, customised, Free Goals Report.

Now – it won’t achieve the goals for you (smile), but it’s a quick simple exercise that will move you forward.

And – you have the option of receiving a complimentary review of your goals report through email or phone, by a coach. For those of you looking to get your coaching business going, this is a great opportunity since the coach happens to be Jerry Deutsch: current president of the National Health Association, and a mentor coach for coaches building their businesses.

I’ll say it again – he’ll review your goals report, free of charge.


1) To clarify your top 3 goals in the next 10 minutes visit:

2) OPTIONAL: Check the box to request a complimentary review, and have a cyber or phone chat with Jerry.

3) Once you know your top 3 goals, show us your determination to reach them, by posting them to the
blog for the world to see.

4) I invite you to forward this link to friends and colleagues as a gift for 2006.



P.S. Looking for More Clients?

Want to Host this Quiz/Report on Your Site?

How would you like to be the coach listed on the goals report above?

i.e. Where it says ‘SolutionBox’ at the page above, would you like it to say your name, your company, and your logo?

Instead of web visitors passing you by, wouldn’t you prefer to engage them with a valuable, interactive quiz?

And when the report is filled in, would you like to get a copy, with an invitation to email or call a potential client?

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And it doesn’t cost a thing! (I know – I’m wonderful, I’m amazing, it’s too much – no, stop it, really…..)

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4 Responses to “Discover Your Top Three Goals for 2006”

  1. Alison Southampton UK Says:

    I hereby make my commitment to achieve the following goals in 6 months time:

    Get a steady stream of clients for my new Reiki practice.
    Get full bookings on all my self-development courses in 2006.
    Re-vamp my wardrobe.

    Thank you for this neat focusing tool.

  2. FibromyalgiaSuccessStories Says:

    my goals
    (1) have 8 paying clients by June 1(paying min. $150 mo.)
    (2)pay my rent and payroll early by Apr.1
    (3) make enough residual income so we can move to saratoga, ny without money/job worries by sept. 8

  3. Karianne Mikalsen Says:

    Karianne Mikalsen, businesscoaching,
    focus in reaching goals.

    get more an d more clients for my firm. Thank you for your newsletters.

    All the best from Karianne, leader

  4. quadiaweastash Says:

    tcrktekwsugrdlhawell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

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