MM #51: How Far Did You Come in 2005?

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2. FEATURE: How Far Did You Come in 2005?

Before you go on to conquer the world in 2006, don’t you think it’s important to celebrate how far you have come this year.

Look back.

What have you accomplished?

What are you proud of?

And so importantly – what are you grateful for? (Because gratitude not only feels good – it generates growth.)

I’ll start. Below I’ll share what I’m proud to have accomplished this year, and what I’m grateful for.

But don’t read it passively. Oh no.

At the bottom I’m going to ask you to write YOUR Celebratory for 2005.

As you read mine, ideas will spark for what you can celebrate this year. Then I’ll ask you to go straight to the blog and post for the world to see.

* * *

Health & Lifestyle

  • Completed an 8 day fast, and trialed raw food for 3 months.
  • I’m thrilled that I’m sleeping well.
  • My body is lean and fit, and I’m almost never sick
  • Travelled around the world 1.5 times (been 15 months now)
  • Created a lovely home/nest in New York


  • Made some wonderful new, close friends (Dawn, Jena, Flaven, Todd, Nathan, Liyana, Reid, Kate, Ginger – to name a few)
  • Am well supported by my old friends (Jon, Carin, Liz, Bron, Leanne, Bernie, Sonja, Rob, Andrew, Mum & Dad – to name a few)
  • Risked all by proposing, and getting a no! Kept my heart open when it would have been easier to close
  • Started, and brought to an end, a wonderful relationship, with Abina
  • Established very promising business relationships (Jack Canfield, Michael Port, Andrea Lee, Bill Harris, Suzanne Falter-Barnes, Nathan Patmor, Marcia Wieder, Terri Levine, Travis Greenlee, Maria Andrieu – and many of these relationships go beyond business into friendship)

Finance & Business & Career

  • Launched three new physical products; one e-product
  • Exhibited at our first trade show
  • Increased combined subscribers from 25,654 to 47,017
  • Increased revenue by 162% over previous year
  • Gave away 10 times more than I ever have
  • Learned 105 things that don’t work

* * *
Action – now it’s time for YOU

Don’t just read my Celebratory, make this valuable for you.

Post your Celebratory where we can all acknowledge you, here.

Whether you spend 1 minute or 1 day on it doesn’t matter.

Just post it.

Remember, where there is gratitude and appreciation, there is growth. It’s critical to chew and swallow what you’ve received this year, before asking for more.

If you find yourself judging your achievements – good! This is an opportunity to look deeper at what you can be grateful for. AND – to light the fire in your belly to really make 2006 count.

Go ahead – post your Celebratory now.

50,000 people receive my newsletters. And about 10,000 people open a given one. If only 10% of you post your Celebratory on the blog right now, we’ll have 1,000 pieces of wonderful acknowledgment, celebration and gratitude.

Will yours be one of them?

Your Friends

I really want to read what my friends are celebrating this year. So I’m going to forward this invitation to them (no, for some strange reason they are not all subscribed already) and ask them all to post as well.

If you really want to start a gratitude movement, I invite you to do the same.(Hint: be sure and tell them to add their name to the post, so you can find it on the blog!)

Love and gratitude,


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117 Responses to “MM #51: How Far Did You Come in 2005?”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    1. Setting the date and location for my wedding! Growing that relationship and savoring every day (and night!! =)

    2. Growing my photography business at a rate that allows me to keep my sanity, and arranging to take part in my first bridal faire.

    3. Starting the kids on music lessons.

  2. Christina Says:

    I was delighted to read your newsletter. I am one of your subscribers who reads devotedly, yet has never taken the time to comment.

    I thought it appropriate to read about “Gratitude” in your newsletter as I just finished sealing and mailing copies of a book titled “Gratitude” to some very special coaches whom have made my world a better place just by being near.

    I am celebrating my 1st year as a career coach, and I am thankful for the wonderful coaches and mentors who encouraged and supported me and for my clients who are celebrating their own successes!

    I am celebrating my Grandmother who passed away the day after Thanksgiving. Her presence will be sorely missed, but the love she gave and the passion with which she lived her life will be with us forever.

    I am celebrating my family and appreciating every moment I get to spend with them.

    I have a lot to celebrate and appreciate the opportunity to share here!


  3. Anonymous Says:


    My new life in Northwest Arkansas.

    My awesome new friends.

    My husband of almost 21 years and my three children.

    My new church family.

    My new home with all the beautiful trees and mountains.

    Starting a new business and learning how to be creative with Photoshop.

    My daughters gift for music, my son’s love for nature, and my youngest sons love for art.

    My list could go on and on. I also the most wonderful parents and brothers.

  4. sharon Says:

    I’ve come from a painful place to a more loving and accepting envoirment from within.
    I have completed a 21 day fresh juice fast.
    enrolled in a counselling and an NLP course.
    attended an Anthony robbins seminar where I had walked on hot burning coals.
    became to know my greatness

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I am grateful for health
    Peace of the Heavenly Father and my children.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I wish to express my gratitude to Jack Canfield for his book, Brian Tracy for his tapes, Mark Victor Hansen for his newsletter, Marcia Wieder and Cheryl Richardson for all the beauty they have placed in my journey.

    I celebrate my Synagogue and all the people involved to make it a home for myself and my family.I celebrate all Jewish Websites which come regularly to my inbox, and the incredible possibility of placing many prayers at the Western Wall.

    I celebrate the love for my kids, the support from my children, few joys related to aged friends who are feeling better.

    I celebrate God, my beloved God, who is with me at all occasions, inspiring and comforting me. I celebrate one year of doing meditation and visualization on a regular basis, in addition to having discovered wonderful books.

    I celebrate my faithful doctors, especially my orthopedist who sent me to a fitness class, which I am enjoying! I have, for the past six years searched for a healthy lifetyle, through resources, books, nutrition, rest and exercise, but this fitness at my Club has had a wonderful effect in my whole wellbeing.

    I celebrate the possibility of sending help to tsunami, in December 2004, and New Orleans victims.

    I celebrate resilience regarding job search and the resources I am relying upon. Thank you. Célia

  7. BobC Says:

    Celebrating… finding out about David, and hope to have more information about you in the upcoming year. So far you seem like a light in the sky, I may want to navigate by.

    God bless and keep soaring,

  8. Mark Says:

    I’ve had a difficult year this year both personally and business-wise.

    I’ve increased my self-awareness dramatically and not always liked what I learned! But I’m making big changes in my family relationships, which has meant owning up and a lot of patience.

    I’ve gained huge insight into how and where I want to take my Personal Change Business. As a reslt of the increased self awareness I have a clear vision of what I’m capable of and how I am going to help people change their lives. I have some hugely ambitious projects, but now have the self esteem and confidence to make them happen.

    2005 has been really challenging financially and personally, but 2006 is going to be awesome!

  9. Carol Says:

    This year I have “released” 120 lbs. to the Univerise!
    I can walk farther than my mailbox now!
    I am risking in interpersonal relationships! I told a “crush” that I am interested in him. He told me that he’s been watching me “shrink” and is interested also. So…I’ve been flirting…alot!
    I have been taking risks about work also. Telling my supervisors what it is I want and where I intent to be by the end of 2006.

    Ah the power of intention!

  10. Moon Watcher Says:

    I have posted mine in my blog.

    Thanks! Check out too.. I came across it today and it is about grattitude too. Spread the grattitude!

  11. Wendy-Ann Says:

    1. Completed and graduated with a post graduate diploma of pcychology at University of Wollongong.
    2. Commenced Inspirations Coaching & Development life coaching business.
    3. Held first life coaching workshop.
    4. Cleared a lot of emotional baggage – relating to intimate partners.
    5. Ran 5 fun runs of various lengths: i. 5km; ii. 11km; iii. 14km; iv. 10km.
    6. Continued to develop a very open and honest relationship with teenage daughter.
    7. Created business website (still developing and always will be)
    8. Read inspiring books such as Richard Branson autobiography
    9. Set-up group coaching to commence Feb 2006.
    10. Applied and successfully attained a supervisor for my psychologist internship.
    11. Applied and successfully attained a placement in post graduate certificate course at University, required for psychologist registration.
    12. Have not received any speeding fines since Feb 05 :-)
    13. Developed new friendships in both business and personal life with some cross over.
    14. Cleared lots of clutter in various rooms of our home.
    15. Got over my fear of rats.

    Thankyou for your newsletters – their regularity and content have helped keep me focused and motivated through-out a very challenging and busy year.


  12. Kathryn Says:

    1. doubled my Real Estate business
    2. assisted my friends
    3. Starting and growing my successful Real Estate Mentor program
    4. helped many wonderful people with their real estate
    5. Developed a better relationship with my teen age son
    6. Met some very interesting men in preparation for meeting my correct mate.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Today I am celebrating the joy of the Heavenly Father and the relationship that I am developing with him.

    I am celebrating my weaknesses and strengths and acknowleging my struggle and victories.

    Today I am grateful for all the beautiful people that cross my path on a daily basis.

    In 2005 life began again and again and again and in it all I began to live.

  14. mkithppn Says:

    Celebrating :


    A new life coaching website that’s
    informative and user friendly!

    My first radio interview in which i
    was so nervous in the beginning of
    the show.

    Press release on male factor infertility that’s led to a
    group coaching opportunity. excellent site for masterminding.

    pass it on!

  15. steve o'keefe Says:

    1.Embarking on my Life Coaching course and loving it.
    2.Making new friends with my Life Coaching and others.
    3.Planning to leave my current job and do L/C full time big step Ahhhhh!
    4.Grateful for you David and for your newsletter has been so helpful.
    5.I appreciate you David and your inspiration you are my role model as a L/C and hope our paths cross one day?
    6.Looking forward to 2006 and i am wanting to be a good, successful L/C with a lot of clients and lots of $$$$’s,travel over the world with my L/C, set up a website, have overseas clients, shoot for the sky.

    Stephen O’keefe
    Perth. West Australia. Australia

  16. Anonymous Says:

    1. took action and left the safety but stress of the corporate world
    2. travelled overseas and enjoyed the vibrancy of new spaces
    3. hung out my shingle as a trainer and coach
    4. inspirated and energised by always reading david woods emails
    5. celebrated ten years with my partner who still loves me!
    6. rebuilt two of my websites
    7. started my email marketing seriously
    8. touched a few lives and moved people to action

    I’m always grateful for being, doing and having. And don’t you just love a Sydney summer???

  17. steve o'keefe Says:

    1.Starting my Life Coaching course.
    2.Meeting new friends through this course.
    3.Enjoying the many Triads as the practice forum.
    4.Registering my business name and getting all my stationary done.
    5.Placing press release in newspaper.
    6.Getting my first paying client.
    7.Thankful for you david,your newsletter, inspiration and example.
    8.Thankful for my family,wife,children,6 grandchildren,my church and my God he is awesome.

    1.Go full on into getting my L/C up and running and successful.
    2.Making lots of money,travelling,having overseas clients,strong client base here.
    3.Leaving my present job and doing L/C full time Ahhhhh!
    4.Building a very successful L/C practice and hold seminars in New York etc.
    5.See my other dreams realised in 2006.

    Steve okeefe
    Solutions 4 Life

  18. Ruth Says:

    It’s been a big year for me! In 2005 I:

    1. Completed a doctorate in clinical psychology (end of a 7-year process!)

    2. Started a Life Coaching practice and am LOVING it (the website address below will be up in early 2006).

    3. Led my son’s school community in a successful fight to save its threatened charter.

    4. Let go of old identities and opened to expansive new ones.

    5. Continued to grow in all my relationships.

    I have tremendous gratitude to whoever/whatever has led me on my path, through thorny wastelands and rich forests to where I now find myself, in open meadows and warm sunlight.

    Thank you David for giving us a chance to express our celebrations to the world!

    Ruth Kalter, PsyD

  19. Melanie J Perry Says:

    2005 has been amazing – I am celebrating being blessed with the most amazing husband and my three great children.

    I am celebrating the miracles that others have said would never happen that I knew with prayer where unstoppable.

    I am celebrating the amazing coaching alliances that have impacted on my life forever – thanks particularly to Karen A and Jamie Mac – you are beautiful!

    I wish to celebrate all failures – there have been many – which have brought much self awareness and personal growth.

    My business alliances – Lee-Anne Scott and George Watts.

    My friends and church family – amazing powerful people who love life, each other and God.

    All of you for sharing so much of yourselves.

    Love and Blessings

  20. Anonymous Says:

    ipwegpxHave grown a lot again this year.
    Close to my intended weight.
    Working, with a web designer, on a new website.
    Have a terrific marketing guru who has helped me tremendously this year.
    Thanks to you David I have signed on with Terri Levine for an 8 month continuing education to further my life coaching career.
    Have found a Mastermind Group – after many years of looking and asking. Now they have asked me! 8-)
    Thankful for my wife of 45 years.
    Thankful for my daughter’s wedding this past November.
    Thankful for my son’s wedding – even if it had to go to Canada to be legal. (Too bad USA)
    Thankful for the wonderful support I get from my church family.
    Thankful that I am continuing to develop a non-judgemental attitude to accept all people where they are. (Need to work on accepting the very judgemental people who don’t want to accept anyone that disagrees with them.)
    2006 looks to be a tremendous, fantastic year.

    Al Bertke

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Toured China
    Received recognition as highest
    produceer at job with bonus
    Changed attitude about taking are
    of mother who has alzheimer’s,
    so it is not a big stress any
    Started home business in nutrition
    and non-toxic household products
    Still in-love

  22. David Wood Says:

    Christina – lovely to hear.

    Sharon – good for you!

    Celia – you follow some great teachers. Good luck in your search.

    Bobc – what a lovely thing to say.

    Mark – I know what you mean.

    Carol – flirting is one of my favourite things in life to do. Great to hear.

    Wendy-ann – you’re welcome; appreciate the acknowledgement. And Losing My Virginity is a great book; the only auto biog I’ve ever read.

    Kathryn – you’re son’s a lucky guy.

    Mkithppn/Curt – spread that wisdom across the airwaves.

    Steve – hey maybe I need a new protege. We could make your goals come true and film the journey.

    Ruth – my body sighed and relaxed reading that bit about ‘Let go of old identities and opened to expansive new ones.’

    Malanie – here’s to failures! We’ve all had some doosies.

    Al – great to see your name popping up everywhere. Can’t shake you :-) . You said: “Need to work on accepting the very judgemental people who don’t want to accept anyone that disagrees with them.” Now you wouldn’t be judging yourself for how you feel about them, would you? :-)

    Alright – it’s 9:45pm and I’m celebrating a West Wing episode on the big screen and a rum and coke!

  23. Peggie Arvidson-Dailey Says:

    Ok — celebrating while watching the history channel!

    1. fell in love again with my husband.
    2. made a commitment to deepen great friendships and make new ones — and did
    3. took a chance on a coaching practice and landed 4 clients
    4. decided to spend money and time and get certified as a hand analyst (just 40 hands short of completion!)
    5. Accepted all of me and unique and perfect (ok, most days); am hardly ever sick in 2005;
    6. took 5 vacations (as an entreprenuer)
    7. doubled my gross in the pet-care business (
    8. did it on my terms :)
    9. learned how to surrender (appropriately)
    10. mentored amazing people to fit their passion into their every day.

  24. Dr. Maria Moratto Says:

    In celebration…

    1. After over a year in a search of my true vocation, I finally opened my new business as an educator, spiritual and life-coach, called Prescription For Bliss.
    2. I put together my website, which makes me very proud indeed.
    3. I have learned about Internet marketing from experts who graciously taught me for free. I am diligently applying what I have learned.
    4. I lost 20 lbs.
    5. I discovered Tai Chi.
    6. I rescued two delightful kitties.
    7. I had a marvelous relationship with my son Alex, whom I adore.
    8. I started two blogs.
    9. In less than 2 months, I wrote 45 articles for Ezine Articles.
    10. I am publishing my own e-zine.
    11. I am learning about shopping carts, Web hosts and a myriad other things I never thought I would learn about.
    12. I am writing a book and another is on the way.
    13. I met great people through my teaching.
    14. I have become a better person.
    15. I am grateful for the chance of sharing my successes with you, great people, and perhaps starting a relationship with all of you.

    Thanks David!
    Maria Moratto, Ph.D.

  25. cremedelacreme Says:

    1. Starting three novels.

    2. Entering 2 writing competitions.

    3. Being employed by another Lifelong learning institute.

    4. Comppleting my BA degree (part time for 6 years)

    5. Supporting my teenage daughter and still being friends with her!

    6. Supporting my elderly (90) mum and thorougly enjoying her company.

    7. Starting to read through the works of Sir Walter Scott.

    8. Attending a Life Coaching weekend and finding that I already used most of the skills.

    9. Improving the look of my kitchen/sitting room by decorating and recovering furniture. (Cost virtually nothing as came across fabric and paint in my mum’s attic)

    10. Rediscovered the qualities and fun of one of my friends.

    11. Built a blog and a website.

  26. caluna Says:

    * started my own business after 27 years in corporate life
    * re-established friendships that had been worn down by my constant travelling & work
    * survived a week in hospital with a renewed appreciation of my new life
    * bought a house and started a major renovation project

  27. Samantha Walton Says:

    Firstly what a great idea – I may use it on my clients!

    1. Left 7 yr career to start own business for first time!
    2. Retrained as a coach!
    3. Had a fantastic year cemeting relationship with wonderful boyfriend.
    4. Paid off £4k of debt.
    5. Learnt HTML and started managing website and newsletters.
    6. Made a tangible positive impact on several people’s lives through coaching.
    7. Started working in partnership with someone who really cares about my career and abilities.
    8. Become very close to my best friend.
    9. Reduced the number of panic attacks I have had to only 3 this year from one every week in the past.
    10. Met numerous amazingly positive people – lots of them in the coaching world who have supported and encouraged me along the way!
    11. Probably the most important – let go of nervous control of the world around me and opened myself up to all the mazing opportunities i had been too scared to see before!

    Thank you David for a really good idea!


  28. Denis IRL Says:


    Met Will who has changed my way of thinking. Had a relationship with him which hopefully can now transform to a great friendship.
    Personality is more confident
    Challenged myself by continuing to expand my own new business
    Spiritually grew by developing my meditation and buddha awareness
    Utilised my Creative side!

    Worked hard at marketing my business
    Tried out teaching, both meditation and web design
    Built and sold web sites which I have never done before
    Had coaching clients which I’ve never had before
    Money is starting to go the right direction!

  29. Alison (Southampton) UK Says:

    I’ve recently moved (out of London, UK, to a coastal city) and have been spending time finding out what will work (self-employed) in this new area, and what won’t.

    I always need to ‘follow my heart’ and I’ve recently been coming to terms with letting go of my former passion (counselling/coaching for 10 years)and trying to find new areas.

    With the help of meditation and lots of self-development techniques that I’ve learnt and used over the years, I’ve found a new passion, Reiki healing. Alongside writing (I’ve had my 2nd self-help book published this year), running ‘Meditation for Self-Esteem’ classes and bits of freelance magazine work, I hope to be able to get sufficient interest in Reiki to make this a major part of my income.

    This year, I’ve learnt to let go of ideas that haven’t worked, to give problems over to the Universe, to be a bit more humble, to acknowledge feeling stuck and live with it.

    I have a fabulous relationship and home life – Gratitude is SO important! My daily affirmation is; ‘I love my life – bringing joy and fulfilment into everything I do’

    Take care

  30. Business Class Consulting Says:

    I am celebrating that early in the year I took a decision to end a five year very long-distance relationship (I am in Greece and he is in Canada) that was actually dragging for about a year due to a number of circumstances. He is a great man that offered me support and love and helped me through some very troubled times. I am celebrating that we were able to truly become good friends and continue to communicate.
    I am celebrating that 6 months later when I told my self that’s it with all these men that can’t handle it that I am dynamic and quite smart and I thought that I am just fine by my self, then Boom! I met a wonderful man, Pantelis, and we started a wonderful relationship. He is a very special and wonderful person and is offering me so much more than I ever expected to receive from a relationship and what I find refreshing and exciting is that he is not threatened by my personality.
    I am celebrating that this year I handled my relationship with my ex-husband (we have been divorced for 6 years) very well and even though he still doesn’t pay alimony for our 10-year old daughter, at least he is more consistent in trying to see her more often and develop a closer relationship with her.
    I am celebrating that after a 17 year career in top management positions I took the decision to resign and I am launching my own Business Consulting Company. Even though almost everybody thinks I am crazy to leave a steady salary and get into free enterprising, as the economy in Greece is quite slow, I believe that I have the potential to do well and that there is room for me in the market and I am willing to fight for it.
    I am celebrating that through this change of career I realized that a number of people that I knew from business or socially, proved to be really strong supporters and are offering me their advice and proposals of collaborating with them on business projects. I am celebrating that I was able to already get a few good contracts on interesting and fun projects that allow me to feel a bit more secure about my finances on this first year of getting into my own business.
    I am celebrating my parents who offer me and my daughter their love and support with no limits and are very special people.
    I am celebrating that I feel really good and positive and it really shows! I lost weight and everyone says that I glow!
    Julie from Thessaloniki, Greece

  31. Ghyslaine Says:

    What a lovely idea! I am celebrating looking after myself by leaving a draining job; my wonderful supportive husband who is helping me set up a website for my coaching cum training business. The people who started me on the coaching path – Carol G, Liz R, Julia R. Gaining a true friend – Sally. Renewing old contacts and making new ones (too many to list!). WEETU – a wonderful organisation who have encouraged and supported me in launching myself on the world.

  32. Tanya Says:


    1. One whole year of no smoking and the start of my return to full health!

    2. A new job in a supportive environment

    3. Converting to Buddhism

    4. Making fab new friends – Julie, Maggie, Richard, Joyce, Shampa

    5. Opened up new communications with my partner

    6. Adopted a more positive approach to life

    7. Put myself out there to teach creative writing

  33. Paul J Says:


    Quitting smoking

    Enjoying alot of time with my best friends

    Discovering what I do best at work and accepting what I dont

    Learning the Alexander Technique (no more back pain) Superb!

    Savouring more new music than ever before

    Best of all raising my ability on the guitar to an advanced level. I can now follow my dream of being a professional musician :)

    Special gratitude to, the napster company for allowing me to listen to alot of great stuff.
    Jamie Andreas at for being a guitar tuition genius and an inspirational coach.
    And John Lennon ,George Harrison r.i.p. ,Paul Mcartney, Stefan Grossman, John Renbourn, Eric Clapton, Don Ross,Sharon Isbin and Kaki King for enhancing my life in everyway and inspiring me, thanks guys.
    Paul James

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Establishing a new direction for mt business as I am seriously entering E commerce/delivery. This will enable me to be in many more places.
    Have delivered outstanding services to our clients as we have helped 52 business owners and 220 managers to grow their operations.
    Have directly Coached 8 business woners.
    Helped others to build more than 30 sales teams.
    Opened up one new major strategic client who is number one in their industry.
    Maintained relationships with several high school friends.
    Have been able to help my children and grandchildren.
    Focused on improving my health.

  35. mijak Says:

    1. I took 3 months off work, to spend the time with my children.

    2. Managing, during this time, to actually stay away from work completely!

    3. Bought this e-book (and actually read it!) which made me finally start taking action.

    4. Re-established a relationship with a friend who really needed it.

    Seasons greetings to all of you!

  36. Heather Fougnier Says:

    It was great timing to get your newsletter and think about celebrating 2005!

    This was a big year for me — I left an executive role in my company just months before a big promotion in order to live my dreams. My career was so fast-paced that I became all work and no play. Then I learned some tricks to work smart, have a fulfilling life and create radiant health. I wanted to share this with others.

    My celebration is moving from the chaos and fears of transition to the peace and fulfillment of living my dream as a business success coach.

    My celebration is selling my unnecessarily big house and all of my unnecessary “stuff.”

    My celebration is buying a “just right” sized house in the White Mountains of New Hampshire AND my tiny dream cottage in the Caribbean.

    My celebration is “no more winters” while my husband and I live in our tiny cottage on the Island of Saba.

    My celebration is embracing simplicity and realizing that I don’t miss my fast-paced former lifestyle or “stuff.”

    My celebration is getting to work with my ideal clients, who are making amazing accomplishments in their own lives.

    Thank you David and others who have touched me with your wisdom and belief in a better life!

    To everyone else — I wish you a prosperous and fulfilling 2006.

    Success Summits

  37. hotshot Says:

    I competed in 11 Natural bodybuilding shows – got my pro card! I’ve gone to N.Y. 3 times and love it – may want to move there! I now realize my ‘box is full’ with relationship mishaps (from one person)and the very next ‘mishap’ is my message from the universe to ‘GET OUT’! I pray that I will hear, listen and act!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I email these comments as if I don’t do it now I probably will not do it later. That is one of the highlights that has happened for me this year. Actually it really only happened in the past 2 months, as i am now working with a FANTASTIC coach and mentor who has made me believe in myself again. I now can see that I will be a successful “peak performance ” coach.There is probably a lot more good things that have happened to me this year but I just wanted to get some comment on to this board.
    BTW, there was a lot of bad things happened also but I am not going to dwell on them.

  39. Jack West Says:

    I started my film company Flying Eagle after nobody would hire me due to an altercation I had with a fellow employee at the least job. I secured money, hired a lawyer, bought the option to a play that I will produce next year. Taking care of my 96 yr. old father in a nuring home. Ended a three yr. old relationship with an ex-girlfriend after she hated me for saving her life(she’s bipolar, didn’t take her medicine, went into state hospital saying she wanted to kill herself, came out hating me, so good-bye)

  40. Amanda Angel Says:

    Amanda Angel
    I am just starting a business as a spiritual coach. I have recovered, with the help from many, from a horribly abusive childhood. Now I want to reach out to others in their recovery process as well as the general public. I hope this will be a productive way to do so.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    found the shortcomings in a business start up I’d worked on for 2 years, just in time to cut my losses and change directions.

  42. Corrie Ann Says:

    I celebrate
    Health & Lifestyle:
    Keeping my insulin resistance in-check.
    I’ve lost 30 pounds with my insulin resistance diet. :)
    I took care of my emotional well-being.
    The cycle of my body has normalized and now I can try and have a baby! :)

    Created and continually maintain an amazing bond with my mom after my dad’s passing Dec 2004.
    Remained a true friend to Kym and Gil (even with the ups and downs).
    Reconnected with Tim, my first love, after 19 years!
    Honored my dad’s memory by pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams.

    I committed to creating a work environment that works for me.
    Continually learned more and taught more
    Started developing the business concept/plan for the company that incorporate all of my passions: writing, baking & teaching.

    I celebrate my connection to the Universe and the cycles of Earth.
    I’ve been touched with the energy that life provides and I use it in positive ways to serve others and share all the abundance

  43. Christine W Says:


    1. Another year working for myself!
    2. Having a great business partner (we met 25 years ago and now work together)
    3. Rekindling friendships with those I lost contact with through working too many hours for a “corporate”.
    4. Being able to work from home and have the company of my lovely dog.
    5. Not having to get up at 5.30 a.m. to drive to some other city.
    6. Designing and developing a range of motivational stationery accessories (
    7. Meeting a fellow coach living a few miles away and delivering workshops with her.
    8. Helping people set up in business and seeing them succeed.
    9. Giving lots of time free to help others
    10. Meeting some fantastic people that I would have never have met if I’d stuck with my last job.
    11. Feeling 10 years younger
    12. Having time to think!

  44. Alison Says:

    Celebrating and appreciating:

    1. Jill, Wilna, John, Mark, Ciara, Mum, Dad, Susan, Elizabeth, Gillian, Brian and Solution Box for reminding me to appreciate!


    2. ME for:

    Joining a dating agency

    Qualifying as a coach

    Doing loads of coaching practice and boosting my confidence enormously

    Doing LOADS of personal development work and beginning to appreciate myself for kind, compassionate and fun person that I am

    For keeping going all those years when it’s been so tough and doing it alone much of the time

    For starting running at the beginning of the year and doing three races.

    Took the leap to work part time and I’m much happier

    3. My home

    4. My car

    5. My health

    6. My body

    7. My job

    8. My spiritual awareness

    9. The money that I have

    10. My freedom

    11. The inspiring books I read and the articles I read on the internet. Thank you. I gain SO much from other people and their stories

    12. Music

    13. Running

    14. My growing inner strength

    15. My growing knowledge that I + others can make a tremendous difference

    16. For being reminded to be grateful. This is very humbling. Thank you.

  45. renita Says:

    Thanks, David, for the opportunity to take a step back and celebrate what’s been an amazing year:

    1. Buying my own 2BDR apartment in Manhattan (three closets!) and joining a great community.
    2. Having real furniture.
    3. Winning second prize and the audience favorite award in a national piano competition for amateurs — very encouraging. :-)
    4. Buying my very own grand piano (no more crashing friends’ apts to practice).
    5. Developing a close relationship with my Dad and watching him blossom in his new relationship.
    6. Finally getting involved in local volunteer opportunities (after five years of paying lip service).
    7. And, as the great finale, bidding adieu to the corporate world to launch Me Inc. as a piano instructor, personal trainer and life coach.
    Here’s to 2006!

  46. Cathie Belcher Says:

    After some significant changes in my health and lifestyle and being hospitalized in May as well as recovering from a concussion, I am:
    - going to spin classes 2 x week and attending a body sculpting class every Wednesday;
    - I continue to watch what I eat and drink in moderation
    - Overall am feeling better physically than I have in quite a few months and am grateful each and every day that my health is back on track.
    My Relationship with my boyfriend of almost 2 years continues to grow stronger and we continue to love each other more with every breath.
    As for my Professional house
    - I’m still working on getting that in order but am grateful to have the income source I do have and happy that it sustains me.
    - I continue to give money away that I don’t have but it is something I have always done for those less fortunate. (My boyfriend says I am definitely going to heaven for my endless generosity).
    - I believe in paying it forward and practicing random acts of kindness and know that for every kind deed or word I share it will come back to me twofold.
    - I attended some great workshops in Phoenix including the “What the Bleep Conference” which was empowering. I have met some amazing people through my new beginnings as a life coach.
    - I look forward to 2006 excited with the fact that there are thousands of people I have yet to meet and the growth I will gain from knowing them will be priceless.
    - I will greet 2006 with the continued focus and the words of Anne Frank “How lovely to think that no one needs wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world”.
    Cheers to everyone for their accomplishments and may your 2006 continue to be rich with the idea that a Big Vision Creates Magic & Possibility.
    Sincerely and with Blessings.

  47. Debbie Says:

    With a grateful heart, I’m celebrating…

    1. I decided to change my career after being laid off December 2004 to become a Professional Life Coach.

    2. I completed my certification process — December 2005!

    3. I successfully coached 2 people, and am still coaching 3 others!

    4. I have paying clients who pay me for what I love to do!

    5. I invested in my new career by purchasing several good products from Solution Box. Thank you, David Wood for all your help and great insights!

    6. After 4 years of being a widow, I’ve met the man of my dreams! I have the best relationship I’ve ever had!

    7. I have a closer walk with Jesus!

    8. I have two beautiful children who are becoming wonderful people. As a parent and coach, I’m cheering them on to become all they were created to be, and having fun doing it!!!

    9. My parents moved home from the Middle East after being gone for six long years!

    I have a lot to celebrate and be grateful for!

  48. Revemom Says:

    I became ordained an independent Reverend Mother of St. Lukes Evangelical Christian Ministries on 9th May, and took my ministry into schools, pretty cool having a reverend to teach you cooking and history. Living the christian life.

    At the beginning of my 56 year I learnt how to laminate floors and at the end I learnt how to design a kitchen and put it together, it took 5 weeks, and is ok, just in time for my first proper Christmas lunch in years.

  49. Anonymous Says:


    Growing the strength to end a very unhealthy relationship.

    Communicating my own needs.

    Letting go/ not really concerned with others opinions of my.

    Getting a really great job that allows me a lot of flexibility and opportunity.

    Working with my children, providing them with great tools and a safe environment to talk in.

    Seeing my special needs son start kindergarten.

    Recognizing the true value of my parents.

    Ending my financial struggle.

    Having money in savings.

    Quiting my night job.

    Moving forward, not needing… smiling

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Well, great idea! :-) ))
    It’s always the right moment to feel grateful for all the blessings in our life…

    I feel grateful for my body: I’m always healthy, all of my organs works beautifully, I can run and dance and bike, and it’s a brilliant “home” for my soul.

    I’m deeply grateful for my mind: keen, smart, open and growing. I always learn new things, embrace new ideas, I’m able to understand and support other people, I have got a powerful intuition, and I have learnt to balance mind, heart and soul inside me.

    I feel rich because all the women who loved me, and for having now a girlfriend happy to relate with me.

    I feel privileged because I can live my life to my pace, waking up late, dreaming a lot, working just enough, and giving myself all the time I need.

    I’m happy for all the “stuff” in my life: big or little things making my life easier and pleasurable.

    I feel blissed for my faith in the Universal Intelligence guiding everything in his misterious and marvelous dance; and for knowing that We Are All One.

    I’m grateful for new idea and hints and opportunities coming into my life every day, David Wood and his work included. :-)

    An embrace to everybody
    Sw Jivan Prahlad

  51. Anonymous Says:


    - a new business venture leading to abundance in all areas .. a deepening in my work that allows me to touch people in ways that helps them find growth & healing

    - greater vitality than I have known in a while

    - ever-growing excitement in learning and applying my new knowledge … a deepening in my understanding and skill level … a deep appreciation for the gifts that I have been given, and that I share with others

    - getting one of my photos accepted in a photography contest where all the other entries were really special!

    - exploring my life in new ways (not bad for a woman who just turned double nickels!)

    - finding a certain peace and contentment in the things I can’t change, along with a good sense of humor!

    - time with my father who is 92 … each day is cherished,and fills my heart … I am so glad he is still alive & though his health is slipping, still relatively healthy enough to also enjoy time spent with me … what a gift!

    - being joyful and healthy, and fully alive

  52. yunesa Says:

    The year 2005:
    1. Done lots of community service for the blind, for the less fortunate in Tondo, Manila and for other places within the Philippines- doing demo and teaching them on the benefits of massage therapy and its potential income.
    2. Taught a lot of would-be massage and spa therapists and were able to recommend them to employers (without collecting fees for recommendations).
    3. Done a lot of travels just to be able to do what I love to do, teaching and training in the realm of massage and spa.
    4. Met a lot of kind hearted, honorable and warm people whose heart is in helping people here in the Philippines come out of poverty through health & wellness.
    5. Helped my students to hone their skills and gain employment in spas and wellness centers.
    6. Compiled over a thousand job network opportunities for my students to contact for employment…and they did not have to pay me for it!
    - Eunice I. Estipona, R.M.T., L.M.T.
    from the Philippines

  53. Steve Says:

    1. Grew my online resume business to a comfortable supplementary income level.

    2. Wife & I tried being the owner of a gym, but knew enough to get out when the work load started adversely effecting our family

    3. Recently expanded my weekly newsletter to an all out YahooGroup/Community where I am now dealing with more than just Career counseling/resumes. I now deal with Fitness (thanks to my wife, the personal trainer) and genreal family/goal setting.

  54. Susi Says:

    Celebrations & Gratitude from 2005:
    - Setting up my own business (The White Havens) as a personal & business coach, copy / freelance writer, Reiki master, holistic therapist and all-round healer & problem solver: and loving every minute of it

    - Getting married to my wonderful husband at the perfect wedding, and me wearing the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen!

    - Overcoming being ripped off by the grasping GH (he knows who he is)and losing out on thousands of pounds I’d earned. I’m grateful for the support I received and for having the inner strength to move on and let this motivate me to bigger and better things.

    - Graduated from Terri Levine’s Coaching school with one of the highest scores they’d ever given

    - Met my goal of having 10 clients and earning four figures per month as a coach by Christmas

    - Have made the decision to move on and become a coach, writer & holistic therapist full time

    - Have also decided to make a temple of my body and have children next year, god willing

    - Most of all I’m grateful for all the love, inspiration, guidance, support, abundance and assistance I’ve received from friends, loved ones, guides, mentors, coaches, and the universe.

    - My greatest achievement this year is that I’m able to say from the bottom of my heart that I am genuinely a very lucky, and very grateful, person. I’m truly blessed and very happy.

    With best wishes to all for a prosperous, healthy and happy 2006!

    Susi (the) White

  55. Anonymous Says:

    strangely enough I failed during 2005 to develop as much as I had hoped

    you see in 2004 I jumped into a great big adventure – running a completely Japanese team in Tokyo – and only managed to tread water (well at least I didnt sink!) We all learned a huge amount and I re-learned modesty

    the notable success though is that I have decided that power-managing is not my thing and I will restart my life aged 47 in 2006

    mid-life crisis – no Im far too young and confident for that but a real sanity check now that i can see where I really belong

  56. Clubbersparadise Says:


    Another fantastic year:

    my 2nd successful year with my own business

    developed some really strong business relationships

    gained new qualifications and learning

    developed some great new business

    been fortunate enough to work in some fantastic locations with some wonderful people

    feel that I have made a difference

    developed even stronger relationships with my partner and family

    enjoy life to the full!

    relish change and new experiences

    retain former colleagues as friends

    every day is a new adventure

    Roll on 2006!!!

  57. Anonymous Says:

    I celebrate that I finished my life coach training and confirmed the decision that this is absolutely what I want to do

    Also all that I have learnt this year about myself and what I am capable of. Pushing myself beyond my known limitations and not just surviving, but thriving

    My wonderful family and all my friends. They are far flung but just as close as ever

    My health, my job, my home and all the other everyday things I try not to take for granted.

  58. Jenn Says:

    Celebrating all that has come my way as each “Event” has allowed me to respond as I choose.
    Some of these events:

    1. Being in a two big pictures in TIME magazine..which allowed me step out of obsurity….
    2. Loosing a business partner/friend which allowed me to see that I could do it alone
    3. Health challenges which allowed me to stop and take care of this precious temple from which I work from…..
    just a few..thanks for asking!


  59. Anonymous Says:

    1. Having my first book accepted for publication.

    2. Winning an award for photography.

    3. Negotiating a part-time job schedule with full benefits, making time to build my business.

    4. Signing up for — and working hard at — a serious writing class.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Patty’s Celebratory for 2005

    Health & Lifestyle
    1. I made great strides toward letting go of things that I cannot control
    2. I’ve taken more time for myself and quiet meditation
    3. I converted a small room in my home into a mini-gym (and I even vow to use it!)

    1. Celebrated my one-year engagement to my sweetie (still no plans to actually get married, but our relationship is stronger than ever)
    2. Survived six months of having my out-of-control step-daughter live in our home
    3. Spent more time talking with my kids and less time nagging
    4. Made time to lunch with my dear friend Jill nearly EVERY week
    5. E-mailed and called my friends on a regular basis

    Finance & Business & Career
    1. Quit my cushy 9-5 job to launch a freelance writing/marketing career
    2. Secured work during my first week of self-employment
    3. Actually began paying the bills within two months of launching my freelance business
    4. Worked more hours than expected – but I worked them on MY terms rather than someone else’s (that’s a definite cause for celebration!)
    5. Am ending the year with six solid freelance clients that continuously provide me with work on an ongoing basis
    6. Successfully fought the urge to look for another 9-5 job by trusting that this freelance gig is what the Universe wanted me to do
    7. Have enough work lined up to get through January and into early February

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Renovating my new dream home
    Consistently exercised and focused on my health
    Raising 3 children to be self sufficient
    Performed career exploration to confirm that I am in the correct field
    Enrolled in a self interest course

  62. Anna Paradox Says:

    I navigated some very stressful events with more balance and life than ever before.

    I increased my self-care, creating a new execise habit, meditating daily, and journaling daily.

    I wrote some good words.

    I became a better leader, serving as Royal Matron of our local Amaranth Court.

    I took some new risks, and learned to fear less.

    I published articles.

    I improved my poker game.

    I practiced friendship without a net.

  63. Martin Treanor Says:

    Sometimes, we forget to be grateful for the roads we have travelled, the sights we have seen and the things we have learned along the journey.

    2005 was the best year of my life. After many years of heartache, confusion and uncertainty, early in 2005 the roads opened for me, I found my life partner, my agent, my short stories are published and acclaimed, my first novel is due for publication. I have many things to celebrate and be grateful for.

    But if asked what was the main accomplishment of my year, it would be my realisation and recovery from my years as an alcoholic. With that one single realisation back in January, the universe opened its doors to me, not that they’d ever been closed, it was just my negativity, failure to realise that I was the sole influence in my life and lack of vision that was steering me from the path.

    Now I can look back, in profound gratitude and see that we are what we think and that true success can be defined in a loving, grateful, celebration of the one single fact that we are our own destiny, to vision what we can and will achieve, and be true to ourselves and all we encounter.

    All our journeys are important, as are the destinations but the lessons we learn, that help us grow to take on the next chapter of our lives, are the signposts that keep us true.

    So, it is with a huge heart and contentment that I celebrate 2005 and wait, in anticipation for 2006 and beyond.

    So celebrate it all, be grateful for everything and may you all walk in the light… and as the man once said, ‘When you can walk on water, take the boat.’

  64. Jen Says:

    * Completed the 12 week Body for Life diet – twice.
    * Bought a new car, and then paid it off.
    * Started designing a new home to build in 2006.
    * I exercised more days than I missed exercising.
    * I made many new friends, and continued to build relationships with the old.
    * I have an awesome family that supports me through all of my dreams.
    * I celebrated my second anniversary to the most wonderful husband!!!
    * Built my business to levels I have never done before
    * Became a Board member for the World Trade Association
    * Gave away more to church and charity.
    * I learned so much about myself, business, and relationships. I will never be the same person again!

  65. Dora Says:

    I am celebrating being and feeling alive. Diagnosed with breast cancer in April this year, I have learned to be grateful for my brothers and their wives for supporting me, for my friends for reminding me of what I’m about, for my 5 year-old nephew and his wisdom (When the sun shines, we all shine! amongst other beauties), for my 2-year old niece for loving all as they are, for my 12 year-old niece for the absolute delight in her voice when she hears my voice, for my parents for the resolve they instilled in me, for my uncle in the USA who said you can beat this, for the wonderful healers who have crossed my path and most of all for my partner Tom loving me when I was unlovable, for throwing me those lifelines when I no longer saw any purpose to my existence.

    My warmest wishes for love and peace to all as the year passes and the new enters


  66. Manina Says:

    I’m grateful for…

    … having quit smoking 7 months ago…after 14 solid years of 20 marlboro reds a day!!

    … finding the strength within to end a comfortable relationship that wasn’t working and having the resolve not to be tempted to go back…

    ….living on my own for the very 1st time – by choice!!…

    … achieving a lot at work…

    … standing by my own values and value at work for the 1st time ever…

    …completing NLP course…

    …making new friends, e.g. Mary & martyna…

    …having the strength to insist on own value and limitation with bestest friend in the world…

    …trying out yoga…

    …staying same weight even after quitting smoking…

    … making tiny besdit a home…

    …helping CARI charity…


    …keeping in touch with majority of friends all over the world despite being mega busy and … well, all over the world!!!

    …starting as i mean to go on – making forward plans under difficult circumstances…

    …making tiny steps towards some peace with mother…

  67. Kendra Says:

    This year I am greatful to be at home near my family after moving around for 5 years. In the year since I”ve been back I have accomplished many things, including 7 from my “list of things to do” of 100. All were rewarding but my favorites were being an extra in a movie and going on a blind date!

    Although that date didn’t produce a lasting relationship I am involved with a fantastic man now, who loves life and strives for goals as much as I do, I feel like I can learn a lot from him!

    I also bought a Kayak, which was not on my list, but should have been! It was my main source of relaxation over the summer months.

    I have volunteered in the community as much as possible this year, and hope to do even more next year. As far as work goes I have two great jobs and am making more moeny than I ever have.

    The most important thing I’ve done this year is gone back to Univeristy. I love learning, and I’m keeping my dream of being a life coach alive!

    This year was fantastic, next year will be even better. Great to read all your stories as well! Happy 2006!


  68. Kirk Martin Says:

    1. Founded Celebrate!ADHD and helped hundreds of families in the first year alone!

    2. Established our first truly family business in which my wife and son are deeply involved together.

    3. Put into practice many of David’s suggestions at two websites I created (never did that before). and THANKS, DAVID!

    4. Made many lifelong friends and stepped out of my shell :)

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
    Kirk Martin

  69. Anonymous Says:

    I started taking supplements that help me to have more energy. I have an autoimmune disease in my bladder and these supplements help my body to rid itself from some toxins. I was close to total adrenal failure, but with the help of these supplements I am able to accomplish more and feel less stressed.
    I started meditating using the Holosync program, designed by Bill Harris and I am on my second level. It has helped me tremendously.
    I have lost some weight. I have always been a size 2, then when I got sick, the meds slowed my metabolism down and I gained 50 lbs! I am now back to a size 4 and I am working towards regaining my slim but toned physique. It is very hard to do this because I have surgery every 4 months. It takes just under 3 weeks to recover. Sometimes I feel like I have to start at the begining after every surgery. I try to stay positive and this has allowed me to be able to go to the gym 2x per week.
    I changed my relationship with my mother which was very difficult. I had to cut off all contact for almost the entire year. I am now in a healthier relationship with her.
    I helped my son go through his first surgery and the doctor told me I should become a nurse!
    I helped my dog get through 5 different health problems and he is now feeling better than ever!!
    I have started to redecorate my home and I feel very proud of the rooms I have completed.
    I have written a positive thinking book with my son. In June, we started writing each night in our book. It is a combination of positive thoughts and prayers.
    I have created a candle ritual for our prayer each night.
    My son and I have written 12 Zen prayers that we say each night.
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2006
    Amy C

  70. Cicely Says:

    My Celebratory list:

    My continuous growing relationship with Christ and my ability to trust Him more.

    My family who are always there for me and around alot. I know there will come a day when I won’t get to see them as often as I do now.

    The new friends that have crossed my path and entered into my circle of friendship.

    The many things I have learned by diligently being open to being coached myself by so many people.

    I am grateful for all of the resources that have helped me build my two websites and start a business (including this website – thank you so much).

    My ministry is kicking off and I am so excited to help and coach so many young people.

    The special relationship that I have started with a special person who I see in my future.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    I am celebrating the fact I am alive. Amazing with what 2005 handed out and who I was exposed to. I am thankful for the opportunity to be grateful for those whose light showed me my jealousy, whose love showed me my emptiness, judgment that revealed my irrational actions, and dedication and passion that grasped me with an almost unbearable stranglehold of my mediocrity. Certainly 2006 has much in store but not until 2005 is giving a proper burial and release. To all, be well. Be excellent and let the beauty you love be what you do.

  72. Nat Says:

    All the way from Bunbury Western Australia….I am celebtraing these wonderful things for 2005:
    Ran a half marathon (!)
    Began a yoga practice (om)
    Started studying life coaching (yay)
    Recovered strongly from a broken-relationship (yes)
    Moved to an office with a water-view :)
    Met some passionate new, close friends & soulmates
    Began singing again…lalala
    Relished being an auntie to Alec
    Cleared all my credit cards, whew

  73. jeannine Says:

    I tripled my yoga studio attendance!

  74. Nat Says:

    I am celebrating these wonderful things for 2005:
    Running a half-matathon – whew!.
    Being an auntie to Alec -joy.
    Making some passionate, new close friends and soul mates.
    Beginning a yoga practice – om.
    Studying life coaching – yay!
    Moving to an office with a water-view – bliss.
    Crearing all my credit cards -$.
    Being the happiest I’ve ever been :)

  75. Mary Martha Says:

    Hi, and congratulations to you, David, and to all your readers. The comments are awesome.

    My highlight of the year has been to finally grow out my fingernails after 57 years of biting them.

    What helped more than anything else was swallowing my pride (I was embarrassed at drawing any attention to my nails) and going for a manicure. The girl was wonderful, and did a great job, which helped me to accept my nails the way they actually were and to take care of them.

    Have a great celebration of life, everyone.

    Mary Martha

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Stuart from Derby, UK

    This year has been amazing

    I have overcome Cancer
    Been able to provide real security for my family and a wonderful new home
    Spent twice as much time with my children as ever before
    Secured a great new job to support my coaching
    Trained as a coach and NLP Practitioner
    Made many new friends
    Donated time to the Prince’s Trust-which supports young people in the UK
    Provided leadership and support to a small network of coaches in the UK
    Started to really love life and relax

  77. Anonymous Says:

    I have so much to be thankful for in 2005.
    1. Offered a terrific opportunity to set up a branch office for a coaching company in Ireland. (
    2. Got to work with Laura Berman Fortgang and got qualified as a Now What? facilitator.
    3. committed to developing my relationship with God/Higher power
    4. Committed to spending time with my son on a daily basis which has improved our relationship no end.
    5. Got to visit Cameroon again and meet up with students I taught there 20 years ago. Felt deeply touched by how many of them remembered me with great affection
    6. Met some great new people in 2005 who have been wonderful friends.

    Thanks for this opportunity to reflect and acknowledge.
    Anne Walsh (Sign up for my ezine and get a 10 part personal development course: Personal Freedom!

  78. Anonymous Says:

    I have decided to retrain, and have a new career

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Today I celebrate life with all its ups and downs.

    I celebrate my ability to go within my soul and come to terms with what has worked and not worked in my life.

    I celebrate my ability to celebrate my successes and acknowledge, then let go, of things and feelings that get in my way.

    I’m grateful for my two daughters and their partners.

    I’m grateful for my first grandbaby who will join our journey on earth in the next couple of weeks.

    God Bless to all. May the New Year bring you abundance, love and success.

  80. Mario Says:

    + A fantastic year in distance running, nominated (not selected) for most improved runner in my county – not bad at 49! Huge thanks to all my team-mates ( and my wife for her understanding and soothing my pre-race nerves.

    + My family which is so creative – 2 boys who are at university and dipping their toes into the adult world. My wife of 23 years who never ceases to amaze with her changes of career direction and capacity to be cheerful, loving and wise.

    + My friends who I never see as often as I would like and yet are always supportive, insightful and happy to share their lives with me when we meet up.

    + My eldest son who had a very difficult time after his first year at university. I’m so proud how he has resolved it by taking a year out and spending more time with his loved one. My youngest son successfully changed college course and is so happy studying photography.

    + All the motivated athletes I coach, young and old. Sharing in their goals and triumphs and endless search for the perfect race , what dedication!

    + Still healthy, still willing to try out new ideas. Still have the energy to look for the work that I was put here to do. 2006 is my year!

    + Finally completing all the legal duties left over after my mother passed away. Making sure that my sister who is in 24 hour care has an excellent quality of life! Supporting my other sisters through our shared grief.

    + All the newsletters, websites, emails, books by life coaches – especially David Wood, Kate James and Fiona Harrold. Thanks guys for all your words of inspiration!

    + In 2005 I had opportunity to try out new activities(personal trainer, coach, running club secretary). I’d love to take forward some of these wonderful experiences from 2005 and make a career out of them in 2006. Know any good life coaches?

    + The opportunity to try out a new business idea (webdesign) from which I learnt that I wanted to do something else. No such thing as failure, only feedback!

    + I end 2005 working as a teaching assistant in a local school with many children with behavioural and learning difficulties. I wonder why I made that choice and some days feel so overwhelmed by the behaviour of the children – what do I do next? In the words of the song…’should I stay or should I go?…

    What’s next for me in 2006?:
    + More training, more marathons (maybe a triathlon) – more sharing, more caring, more loving, more spirituality, more adventures!
    Listening to SwissGroove Radio such positive music! I want to learn to surf too :-)

    ‘Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it all together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength!’ Annon.

    Love and strength to all in 2006
    Mario – Cornwall, UK.

  81. Malti Says:

    I am grateful.
    All my prayers lately have been Thank you God…..instead of “God, please…..”
    I am grateful for all that I have.
    My gorgeous daughter,
    My parents,
    My great brothers,
    My nephews,
    My wonderful friends,
    My freedom,
    My youth, health and smile.
    Good food, wine and music every weekend,
    My car,
    My Mastercard,
    My overseas friends, who make my trips so fulfilling, so fun!
    My resilience,
    My persistance,
    My acceptance,
    My choices,
    Knowing that I always have choices,
    The powerful, real people who surround me,
    My shoe rack,
    My pillow,
    My ability to know things….to anticipate
    to have faith…
    Thank you David, I have been saying Thank you God for a lot of things privately for a while now, and the word Gratitude has come up many many times in the last few weeks for me, I am grateful for happening to check email from home today, for a change, and be invited
    to declare my celebration. Phew…..this is MAGIC!

  82. heather Says:

    1 first of all I am extremely grateful for sites like this that keep me motivated and focussed. Thank you David for your inspiration.

    2 I have just returned from a year’s career break in China where I have been teaching. What a challenge that was, but also memorable experiences.

    3 I have some wonderful ‘old’ friends still glad to see me and also it’s been great to make new friends – Sue, David, Jen et al

    4 I am so proud of my daughter who coped whilst I was away, not only with my home and lodgers but also with my son who has learning difficulties. She is indeed a treasure.

    5 My time out has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my life and I am now training in my free time to become a coach. I thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me and who allows me to ‘practice’ with them.

    6 I am celebrating a life filled with opportunities and with wonderful people. How lucky I am!

  83. kris Says:

    I am so grateful for another year full of love, friendship, fun and laughter with my best friend, true love of my life, and husband Ben.

    I have nearly completed my entire dissertation and intend to graduate with my PhD this Spring

    I am fit and healthy and slim!

    I am blessed to have amazing friends and share fun and wonderful times with them

    I am so grateful for the opportunities for spiritual growth that have come my way in 2005, and the people who are in my life that share that journey with me

    I am also hugely, enormously grateful for mentors, coaches, friends, etc. who inspire, motivate and encourage me to grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually (Harv, Sally, Bob, YOU)

    My new puppy who grows huger and sweeter every day, and my old dog who couldn’t get any sweeter

    The department at FSU who allowed me to pursue the studies that fill me up!

    That my family is so close, and especially the close friendship with my sister Susan, and my time with KK, Bryn, paige and stewart

    There is so much! I am so grateful for all the money I have now, and all that is coming!

    I am grateful to have met some wonderful dolphins and their caretakers and been welcomed into their world

    For my closest friends, Michaela, Helen, Ben, Holly

    For sound advice and support from Darby

    For my home on a little island, and for that island

    for Tony, Barney and Jan
    for Andy, Jeff and the others who went before me

    For the person who started the Go Gratitude experiment!!!

    And so much more… And for this opportunity to express my gratitude and think about 2005 with love and thanks!

  84. Anonymous Says:

    I am celebrating the gift of life. My life is in balance and I spend more time with my lovely kids. I read your newsletter is very inspiring and also i change my mind of what life was, thanhs to you.

  85. Anonymous Says:


    my friends who have stood by me in this difficult year
    grateful to those who could have turned their backs on me and did not
    my decision to announce i want to leave an abusive relationship
    watching my partner do his best to change
    hearing from someone whom I have loved for decades
    learning to love that person in a different way, even though we cannot be together, at least right now
    learning to open up, to love others even though my heart is breaking rather than shutting down (still working on that one)
    learning a new sport at a really cool place with really great people
    my best friend, my cat

  86. CATHY Says:

    Fabulous year!!!! I will never forget! I suffered the first 3 months at a job where I was not using my skills and with roomates whom I no longer connected with at a level of integrity and empowerment. I left the job, created a job of my dreams, (created a citywide mentoring program for employees) and created a cute 2 bedroom home with an office. My expenses are less than when I was with my roomates and most of all- I HAVE CREATED A STRESS FREE LIFE FOR MYSELF. NOW I HAVE AN OPEN FUTURE IN 2006 TO CREATE WHAT IS NEXT FOR MY COACHING/WORKSHOP/CONFLICT RESOLUTION BUSINESS. Cathy

  87. Steven A. Chavira Says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to realize that I need to be thankful for things in my life. We often forget to remember the successes when we’re faced with all of the challenges in our lives.

    1. This was my first real year as a Business Coach and I’m thankful to all of the business owners who trusted me with their success strategies.

    2. I didn’t make as much money as I wanted to this year but I’m thankful that I learned just how “little” I actually need to survive in this world.

    3. Thanks to my family for believing in me and my abilities.

    4. My marriage is breaking up! (NOT something that I’m thankful for) But my wife and I are parting as friends and strong co-parents. Thank you to her!

    5. I have 2 wonderful children (Abbey and Elijah) who are the light of my life and will sustain me forever.

  88. Andy Biggins Says:

    1. Achieving a goal of relocating back to my “home town” and finding a job within 6 weeks.

    2. Gaining a diploma in Personal Coaching, with distinction, after 12 months study.

    3. Getting a promotion, pay rise and launching a new shop for my employer.

    4. Making new friends.

    5. Enjoying good health all year.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    good question !!
    what am i gratefull for?
    10 months without a relapse back into chronic fatigue
    fighting the system and getting the dissability allowance owed to me
    my certainty of recovery
    my relationship with my children
    helping my daughter threw her teenage years
    getting closer,understanding and getting on much better with my son
    my new relationship with my sister
    my new friends fiona and roxanne and lee
    the courage to ask for what i want in a new relationship even though the outcome was a seperation i spoke my truth
    more confidece in my inner self
    more awareness
    consistently doing meditation
    my beautifull sanctuary/bedroom
    my car that keeps going
    the time with my mother
    the wonderfull friendship with my mentor trish
    the awareness of being in the body rather than the head
    the options open to me career wise
    the recognition of my intelligence
    the abundance of the universe
    my daughters piano lessons my sons new golfing hobby and his friends
    all the presies going under the tree
    a new found trust in the universe
    i have much to be gratefull for

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Health: I admitted for the first time in seven years that I have a problem with anorexia and am on the road to recovery.
    Lifestyle: I realized that I give much grace to others and not enough to myself. In such realizations, I am on vacation right now!
    Relationships: I was able to re-establish an old friendship that was important to my past and will also be for my future (which unfortunately happened at the funeral of a long-time, shared friend).

  91. Ben Dooley, cpcc. acc Says:

    Sure, it’s easy to hang on to what’s not happened, but certinaly so much has, and worth celebrating.

    1) started my class for Actors (three separate courses.)

    2) created e-workbook for Actors

    3) Joined the ICF

    4) Joined the ICF local Chapter Board.

    5) Got my ACC Credentials.

    6) Although lost some clients, got new ones.

    7) Juat completed a master blitz mailing.

    8) Setting my date to take CTI Leadership course in November 2006

    9) Helped out many friends by passing them on to other coaches.

    and finally 10) Have grown so much stronger as a coach, an actor, as a husband, and as a friend. All of which I’m very proud of.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Gratitude runs deep…..

    For dying to my selfishness to meet the needs of my son who struggles with OCD and Tourette’s.

    For choosing to homeschool him so he would find life at his own pace, instead of living by an institutionalized pace.

    For making a courageous decision to leave my marriage if my husband didn’t get help with his OCD…and he did.

    For just never giving up my dream on being a coach, even when I only had one client.

    For learning the fine balance of being content with dreaming of more.

    For stopping my insane spiritual drive to find God and being still and quiet enough to let me know He has found me.

    For the bitter and the sweet lessons of love.

    For resources like Solution Box, Site Build It, and others who have shortened my learning curve.

    For the wisdom I’ve gained in learning when to hold on to things and when to let go (church, friendships, part time work, etc.).

    Yes, it’s been a year to be grateful.

  93. sue Says:

    * health of family and myself
    * renewed spirituality
    * increase in knowledge in business
    * new friends, old friends, memories
    * made it through another year
    * found SolutionBox

  94. Anonymous Says:

    2005 was a good year for me.

    I got married in July to a great man. I also gained my certificate and deploma in life coaching.
    Those who have ever planned a wedding know what an achievement this was to do at the same time as learning a new skill!

  95. Jessica Says:

    In 2005 I am grateful for:
    My fantastic husband, who I married in May in a wonderful ceremony.
    My sister – who is my best friend and mentor.
    Being made redundant in October – which gave me the confidence to focus on my Coach training.
    My volunteer clients, who have trusted me with their life issues and valued my contribution to their journey.
    My cats – who keep me sane.
    My health – without it I wouldn’t be able to achieve half that I have or all that I will.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    bowled better

    studied hard for 4 months to learn a language while working mornings/evenings

    survived on a low low budgett.

    Continued and improved my more in love than ever.

    meditated nearly every day.

    became more open to new ideas.

    learnt a lot.

  97. Gil Garchow Says:

    I am celebrating

    the love and support of my family while I explore and develop my coaching business

    my families and my own good health

    establishing open, supportive and respected relationships with my clients

    the learning opportunites that have come my way providing valuable insights into who I am and how to best utilise my skills

    I am grateful for my friendships – I celebrate my longer standing relationships and am really enjoying the opportunity to discover and develop new friendships

  98. MichelleInProgress Says:


    Practiced EFT (emotional freedom techniques) regularly with fantastic results
    Ate more fruits & veggies and consumed more funky vitamins and supplements than ever before
    Started running for the first time in 25 years- seems I’m not quite as “asthmatic” as I had convinced myself I was
    Explored & enjoyed power yoga
    Allergic tendencies have nearly disappeared


    Decided to use treat love as a verb, rather than the intangible, mysterious, uncontrollable emotion I once did – my husband is very appreciative!
    Chose to be more giving & openly loving toward my in-laws as well as my own immediate family
    Made modest strides in being more proactive in my friendships


    Accepted a promotion with more challenges, more responsibilities, more headaches, and more money
    Remained professional under challenging circumstances in a “downsizing”, “organization flattening” environment
    Made the happy decision to resign this soul-destroying corporate job for a career in… something else… coaching, maybe…!

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Received a great response to our obesity support website thousands of visitors and everyone welcoming the chance to join the online commuinity

  100. Anonymous Says:

    I have embraced the concept of life coaching obtained my diploma with a 60 hour coaching diary.

    I taught the diploma in coaching and mentoring level 4 for the first time, very successfully

    I made the leap into self employment after a year of wanting to do it and procrastinating and I’ve never looked back

    I visited Rome for a mini break with my partner and planned another this month to Berlin – can’t wait!!

    I have learned that I control my life and my happiness.

  101. Marcelle Says:

    Today, I take time to celebrate my achievements for 2005 ;o)

    I’m so grateful about the following dream realizations :

    - Found a Canadian publisher for my French translation of The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles (+ more translation to come)
    - Engaged discussion with Sandy Forster to translate and publish her book “How to get wildly wealthy fast” in French
    - Found an agent in Belgium for exhibiting my paintings all year round! They’re waiting for more series.
    - Signed a contract with Softitler for subtitling translation of Hollywood moovies! I intend to be the one to translate The Secret due in February 2006!
    - Lived on Vacation almost all year round, enjoying my family and baby!

    I’m so impressed by what Law of Attraction helped me manifest this year…and I know 2006 is already very promising ;o)

    Thanks David for this invitation to akcknowledge our successes.

  102. Melchior Arnold Says:

    Gratitude & the Way

    What a year! Actually, every year is outstanding and different, but, I don’t always Recognise, Appreciate and Cherish all the wonderful adventures of the past!

    Was top of the class in my Calling!
    Three years after reading Fiona Harrold’s Be Your Own Life Coach, doing every single exercise in the book and knowing that I am a Life Coach, I finally stumbled into FUTURE and jumped in fully, managing to juggle a Professional Soccer career and a switch from part to full-time working in an International company.
    At the end of November I graduated and am now Officially Coach!

    I took my Italian girlfriend to California, caught up with some good friends after many years and re-connected with the States, met up with my parents and saw my father’s new land!

    Am on the Sixth month of the Holosync program and feeling more connected and focused.

    Have quit my full-time job to dedicate myself fully to playing soccer again, follow my dream and smile all day. Am a professional athlete again!!!

    Am ready to travel the world doing what I love and have set the bases for work no matter where I am or what beach I may be drinking papaya juice on!

    My internet site is starting to take shape thanks to Your Tips!!

    What a great Life, I am smiling broadly and I haven’t even written down half of what I have done this Year!

    Thanks, Gracias, Danke, Grazie!!!

    Melchior Arnold

  103. Anonymous Says:

    We have many things to celebrate this year. My wife’s successful operation for a bowel cancer heads the list. Then with friends and family we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary – we did it twice in cities on the opposite shores of Australia. Then in July I, our son and his elder son, joined a party of 12 others (with guides and porters) to walk the Kokoda Trail in Papua. This is a 96 km walk through tropical jungle, with an overall climb of 5,500 metres (and down again). Apart from being one of the most ardous adventure walks still available for people to do, it was a personal achievement as I am 79.


  104. Linore Rose Burkard Says:

    1. Finally published my first novel, Before the Season Ends, the Regency Romance I’ve dreamed of finishing for years!
    2. Got my very own website up and running and started a new ebook.
    3. Enrolled my two youngest daughters in dance classes–which they love!
    4. Kept my eldest in Christian School despite some difficulties financially.
    5. Discovered a great deal about my capabilities as I have had to step up my activities and responsibilities since my husband’s disability continues to keep him from employment.
    6. I have kept a household of five kids, one 91-year-old great grandma, and one ailing hubby HAPPY (for the most part) for another year! (okay, not single-handedly; I depend daily on the Lord)
    7. Had some lovely and gratifying book signings and met some wonderful friends and fans!

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2006 to all on this list and any who drop by!
    Linore Rose Burkard
    Inspirational Romance for Today’s Woman of Faith!

  105. Anonymous Says:

    2005 a cause for celebration.
    I am grateful:
    To be able to see my children meet their challenges and show themselves as creative, enterprising and productive young people.
    For all my family and friends who bring joy, love and light into my life and who challenge me at times to let go of judgements
    I am grateful to the authors of books and novels I have read in 2005
    I am grateful for a fulfilling and worthwhile job that brings me into contact with many wonderful people
    I am proud of beginning my PhD, for achieving a distinguished teacher award and of presenting my ideas at a conference

  106. Anonymous Says:

    So much to be grateful for!
    I’m grateful for…
    …having being laid off from my previous job in Functional Brain Mapping
    ..Landmark Education which brought me closer to me, my family (sister in particular), and friends
    …BM – my first time which completely altered my perception of life and what truly matters, this is also where I met the love of my life, Jason!
    ..IIN for everything!
    … my wholesome diet
    ..the beautiful people in my life. I feel that I’m very fortunate having built a solid support net after over five years in NYC.
    …my clients hubby!
    and so much more!


  107. Alison Says:

    This is so great. What a wonderful exercise. My husband and I have been creating “celebratories” every year on New Year’s Eve together since our first date 4 years ago.
    I’ll share a few of mine:
    1. Healthy kids
    2. Wonderful, supportive friends
    3. Made a difference in the lives of over 40 teachers (with stress reduction programs and coaching)
    4. Received an incredible offer to live 14 months rent-free
    5. Created a partnership with New York State Online Academy and my programs are now available to over 200,000 teachers.
    6. Celebrated 2nd wedding anniversary

    I really encourage everyone to try this “live” with a partner or close friend. It’s a wonderful way to complete your year.

  108. Tammie C Says:

    1. Gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Tristin.
    2. Learnt to love and enjoy Tristin, despite what I have had to give up.
    3. Longest partner relationship in this lifetime, with my husband.
    4. Achieving financial independance. Moving forward in leaps and bounds.
    5. Feelings of fulfillment with my lot.
    6. More organised and relaxed.
    7. Its Ok to be in a different space to my friends.
    8. Made new friends.
    9. My thoughts create my world experienced profusely.
    10. I have gotten what I ask for when I have the courage to ask. (if I’m flexible, or say I am, I have been asked to bend!)

  109. Jennifer Says:

    1. Ending “jobs”, which I’ve always had, using at-home employment (but still “employment” as a bridge to cross to now full-time coaching & consulting, all within the year.
    2. Peacefully and “win-win” ending marriage, moving out, buying own BEAUTIFUL house that I created a vision of a year and a half ago in a coaching training.
    3. Brought closure to VERY incomplete relationship that ended 18 years ago, which has brought a renewal to it that I never, EVER would have been able to imagine and am having A Great Relationship
    4. Returned to Participating in Landmark Education seminars to forward myself through their incredible coaching.
    5. Left the new Charter high school I helped start with the systems and processes to continue successfully without me.
    6. Responded heroically to my 9-year-old son’s request for a mom who can pick him up right after school so we can be together more and not be rushed and tired; attending all field trips as a bonus.
    7. Living life as an Adventure Out on the Twig!

  110. Christine* aka Martha Says:

    i made my ex boyfriend my best friend

    i learned to look further into the future and have a better plan for my life

    i learned not to be upset when i am not well, knowing next day will be better (altho i am a very positive person and hardly ever down – its jsut the rain today…)

    i started an interesting job in a wonderful atmosphere, love my colleagues

    found australian web radio :-) but havent left austria since last october! living here and now.

  111. David Wood Says:

    I promised to comment on each post…and here it is (I responded to those who included their name).
    Fun to read all these…

    Peggie – you’re going off like a frog in a sock! Great to see.

    Maria – good move.

    Creme – tell us when the first novel is ready!

    Caluna – good luck with the business.

    Samantha – great work on opening up and letting go!

    Denis – lots of great new stuff for you.

    Alison – good luck with the Reiki.

    Julie – new horizons for you. Enjoy your new world.

    Ghyslaine – Good luck with the new business.

    Tanya – awesome on the quitting smoking. Well done!

    Paul – nice win removing back pain.

    Mijak – lovely to hear about your time with your kids.

    Heather – let me know if your open for company in that dream cottage ;-)

    Hotshot – Trust yourself to do the right thing. You deserve a good time ;-)

    Jack – awesome move with the company

    Amanda – that’s a big new step, enjoy!

    Corrie Ann – you’ve been busy; good for you

    Christine – nice to rekindle old friendships

    Alison – grattitude is very attractive on you ;-)

    Renita – I’m jealous about the apartment!

    Cathie – thanks for taking care of yourself.

    Debbie – congratulations coach!

    Revemom – fun stuff!

    Yunesa – thank you for the work you are doing.

    Steve – nice job on the business.

    Susie – good for you Mrs. White!

    Clubbersparadise – nice to see you having a good time.

    Jenn – nice placement in Time!

    Anna – perhaps we’ll play poker some time.

    martin – Big year for you!

    Jen – seems your life keeps getting better and better.

    Dora – you have a wonderful attitude. Sending healing energy…

    Manina – you’re a dynamo!

    Kendra – thank you for the work you’re doing.

    Kirk – a family business sounds fun!

    Cicely – spread that love.

    Nat – good work mate

    Jeannine – awesome result.

    Mary – let’s see a picture of those nails!

    Stuary – I’m very happy to hear it brother.

    Anne – Congratulations, you’re moving fast it seems.

    Mario – I love seeing how much you are loving life.

    Malti – what a wonderful distinction. I hear it’s good to chew and swallow what you have before asking for more ;-o

    Heather – I bet China was a wonderful experience

    Kris – well done on the phd.

    Cathy – good for you!

    Steven – that’s a HUGE win to part as friends. Well done.

    Andy – congrats on the diploma

    Ben – great move on the ebook and creds.

    Sue – well done.

    Jessica – congratulations Mrs. Jessica!

    Gil – what wonderful relationships you must have

    Michelle – nice distinction re: love ;-)

    Lisa – congrats on the leap!

    Marcelle – you are going off! Great to see.

    Melchior – lots going on for you – well done.

    David – your life is amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Linore – congrats on the publishing!

    Ina – I LOVE the people at IIN. Is BM burning man? You lead a fun life!

    Alison – nice partnership deal!

    Tammie C – Welcome to the world Tristin

    Jennifer – HUGE change for you. What a ride ;-o

    Chrstine – nice move with the ex.

    Thanks for sharing guys. This is quite a list!
    I’m grateful to be around all your positive energy.


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