Create #39 – Passive Income

1. Announcements/Offers
Fre’e Ecourse on Creating Pass’ive In’come
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2. FEATURE: Pass’ive In’come – is it really possible?

I recently had an IM chat with our resident relationship coach Jon Webster. We thought you might pull some helpful insights from our talk.

Jon: I really wanted to go on Wednesday, but I still have this job thing.

David: Job? Is that a fruit? A dance move?

Jon: In the industrial age, capital was employed by building large factories filled with machines for the production of products. These ancient machines were operated by human beings, rather than computers, and the humans were scheduled in rigid time slots to operate the machines.

The humans participated in these ventures in exchange for “mon’ey” a representation of value for the purposes of abstract exchange. This was known as “working” at a “job”.

David: Was this legal?

Jon: There was a full system of laws to prevent abuse, which of course indicates that abuse was inherent in the system.

David: It doesn’t sound very nice. Why doesn’t everyone just set up pass’ive in’come and travel?

Jon: What is pass’ive in’come?

David: Pass’ive in’come is mon’ey paid to you while you are not doing anything to earn it. You set up a system to provide value to people while you are asleep or on vacation. They pay mon’ey into your bank account automatically.


How about you? Do you only make money when you work? Do you find work eating up more and more of your time? Then it may be time to create some passive income – invest, create products, even become an affiliate.

Last week I was at the ICF conference in California, visiting Harbin Hot Springs and taking a seminar on creating more pleasure, all while bringing in pass’ive in’come from things I have already created to serve people. So yes – it’s possible!


David: I think this discourse would be a great newsletter or blog posting – OK by you?

Jon: I’m already copying it to my blog

David: I’ve emailed my assistant to expand it into a newsletter.

Hey Jon – this is a great example of creating value for people from your everyday living, thoughts, examples, interactions. Recording teleclasses, dialing a number and recording a thought, copying an email to a friend – it’s all IP – all potential product. Maybe one day we’ll just think and mon’ey will come in?


If you want to learn more about making your own pass’ive in’come, come visit to take our new, updated, fr’ee ecourse:

How to Get 95% of Your Clients from the Internet ‘Taster’ ecourse

3. The Personal Touch

Things are flying at their regular pace…

I mentioned last time taking a few weeks to heal from what seems the final Bronnie breakup in August. Proposing, and getting a ‘no’, was an intense experience. But I trust she knows what is right for her and us, I still love her dearly, and I think the whole process prepared me for commitment. I then arrived in New York to run straight into the life of an amazing being – Abina. Yes – it all sounds way too soon – yet we’re thrilled to have met each other, seem perfect for each other, and have committed to a relationship together and having life be as fun as possible. Look for more on this amazing lady on the blog.

I paid homage to Wavy Gravy at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont. And got myself a 2.5 gallon tub of it. Bliss!

Just spent a packed two weeks doing a course on pleasure, visiting Harbin, meeting awesome people at the ICF coaching conference (stay tuned for photos on the blog) and swinging lots of deals, and hanging out with people of the More House in Lafayette.

SolutionBox is going through the roof – with record sales this week (like triple), and a whopping 4,900 new subscribers in a 24 hour period! (Yes of course I’ll send out a newsletter sharing how we did it – just make sure you’re on the MentorMonthly newsletter list here.)

Oh – and I’ve rented a lovely apartment on Roosevelt Island! I’m so happy to feel settled and safe for the first time in a long time. Looks like New York will be my base for quite a while to come. And yes – I’ll post pics on the blog.


P.S. If you have any comments on this newsletter, we’d love you to share them here.

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3 Responses to “Create #39 – Passive Income”

  1. DavidWJ Says:


    It takes a strong man to wear his heart on his sleeve as openly as you do.
    All the best for everything mate. The future holds nothing but triumphant castle trumpets for you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Why is the text to full of apostrophes e.g. “mone’y”,
    “in’come”, “pass’ive”, etc. It is so irrating and a big turn off to reading the information.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t find anything helpful to this news letter.

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