MM #48: Your Secret Client Stream

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2. FEATURE: Your Sec’ret Client Stream
As I waited to board an American Airlines flight, I heard the following announcement: “Light meals will be available for purchase on the flight: a turkey wrap for $5, or a snack pack for $3. Alternatively you may purchase meals at the delicatessen opposite gate 22, and bring those meals on board.”

The latter sounded like a good idea, so I nipped off to get myself a nice seafood salad for the flight. 1 hour into my flight, I pulled out my take-out box, and noticed the two people next to me doing the same.

All three of us had taken the offer and bought food from that deli. Now, I don’t know if the deli has a formal alliance with American Airlines. But let’s say they do. What a great idea! How many people could AA send their way every single hour! And of course, it’s fair that AA takes a cut.

Talk about a secret, permanent client stream!

Your Secret Client Stream
Who is in a position to send clients your way? Who interacts with your perfect target market?

If you’re a financial planner, have you called the 50 accountants closest to you and set up alliances with them? Have you built relationships with attorneys or tax services?

If you’re a real estate lawyer, have you called the 50 real estate agents closest to you and set up alliances with them?

If you’re a career coach, have you called all the career counselors in the phone book? Have you called all the high schools to offer your services (the parents pay of course). Have you wiggled your way into to be their resident career coach, giving them a 20% cut? Or gotten together with a resume writing service?

Or maybe you are a business coach? Do you know web design companies, copywriters, search engine specialists or virtual assistants with whom you could create client streams?

Or do you work with actors? Have you set up alliances with image consultants, makeup artists, and agents?

If you are a personal trainer, do you have relationships with a nutritionist or a life coach?

I think you are getting the idea. Can you picture some fantastic alliances yet?

For detailed information and exercises on how to penetrate your niche using the power of alliances, see the CoachStart Manual.

Think about your niche or industry. Who has relationships with your perfect target market?

List at least 3 types of people you could set up alliances with. Enter them at the comments page. Who knows, maybe you can meet significant alliances right there!


David Wood

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32 Responses to “MM #48: Your Secret Client Stream”

  1. Says:

    My niche partners would be therapists or counclilors, proffessional body workers (massage, accupressure, etc.) and fitness experts.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I actually just started looking for a career coach to partner up with. I am the owner of a resume writing service. If anyone is intersted, as I have not found one yet, let me know.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My niche partners would be counsellors,Hypnotists past life therapists

  4. Anonymous Says:

    My niche partners would be therapists, counsellors and health professionals. If interested please get in touch via

  5. Matt Mason Says:

    The best alliances for include: personal trainers, financial planners, nutritionists, career counselors, internet companies, other coaches with different niches. My main niche is the small business owner who needs help fighting the tyranny of the urgent. My slogan is “Excel at the game you were meant to play!” My email address is

  6. kathleen Says:

    My nichche partner would be marriage cousellors, singles clubs or anyone looking to enhance their relationships

  7. Ruth Hegarty Says:

    I coach in education so my niche partners would be school administrators, companies who sell educational products, teacher prep programs, etc. Contact me at

  8. Jeanine Byers Says:

    As a healing coach, my niche partners would be therapists, intuitives, chiropractors, life coaches, massage therapists and other bodyworkers.

    Contact me at

  9. Kim Kirmmse Toth Says:

    as a retirement life planning coach for baby boomers, the non-financial side of retirement, my niche partners might be financial advisors or companies who are invested in their employees futures.

  10. tomlangdondavies Says:

    I am a business coach in England, and my niche partners might be accountants or lawyers who see the problems and opportunitiy for me to work with their clients.

  11. ContractorsCoach Says:

    Hello, my name is Marc Byerley.I have recently become a Contractors Coach. I have been a Contractor for over 10 years and am located in sacramento, CA. Our Construction website is

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Lighthouse Discoveries- Personal Coach consultant is seeking to build relationships with MLM executives, Network Marketers, Home Based Business owners.
    “Let me help you take it to the next level”!
    I can reached at:
    Thank you,
    I look forward to networking with you!

  13. Zorba1118 Says:

    My niche being recently or previously divorced men and women. My partners would be counselors/therapists, lawyers, and dating services.

  14. Dennis McMahon Says:

    dennis from Small Business Treasure Chest said…

    My perfect niche partners are business people who service other small businesses (such as small business software, office supplies, advertising, business coaches, etc).

    They also must be switched on business people who want to give away great incentives to attract more clients – because we can them fantastic incentives that don’t cost them a thing, and that their small business clients will love!

    Check out

    and then email me at

    to find out how you can give Treasure Chest Memberships away to get more clients for you!

  15. goalsettinglifecoach Says: focuses on debt elimination, health/weight loss and home or small business. We would like to communicate with others in the financial field, health professionals (like trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc), network marketing leaders, small business suppliers/publishers. Our prespective is “change your mind, change your life”.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    My niche partner’s would be counsellors and hypnotherapists and those looking at taking life to the next level but fear is holding them back.
    I can be contacted on

  17. Anonymous Says:

    As an Energy Healer/Coach, my niche partners would be massage therapists, fitness professionals, health professionals, nutrition specialist and anyone working with people with or someone who has Arthritis/Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Insomnia/Chronic Fatigue and Fear.

  18. Molly McCormick Says:

    My niche partners would be folks in the drug and alcohol recovery field. Those who are clean and sober and want to deepen their life beyond recovery.
    Check out my website:

  19. Anonymous Says:


  20. Rich Albano Says:

    Everyday more people are discovering self-employment and franchising as a career alternative to the uncertainty of corporate life. As a professional empowerment coach I guide individuals to explore franchise options and to ultimately find the right opportunity for them.

    Partners that I could refer some of my clients to would be career counselors, life coaches, and business coaches/consultants. Other partners that would be helpful to me would be Outplacement Firms and Human Resource managers.

  21. Susan Says:

    I’m a Professional Organizer and my niche partners would be real estate agents, CPA’s, attorneys and therapists. If anyone is interested, contact me at

  22. Suzanne Says:

    My niche partners are those people who are interested in sending out holiday cards or thank you cards with the click of a mouse. Contact me to set you up with a free gift account so I walk you through just how easy the process is.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    My niche would be writers, newspaper columnists, and people on the Path to Enlightenment.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    My niche would be people looking to recieve or print a column on the Path to Enlightenment, writers, columnists. Elle

  25. Stefan Lockerz Says:

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  27. Edmund Declerk Says:

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  28. Larry Says:

    Writers are under appreciated, thanks for the write-up.

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  32. Thao Durham Says:

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