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FEAR can limit and restrict our opportunities. This fear looks different for each of us. Here we are not referring to the warning signal for our safety, but the fear that stops us from taking action on what is important; often it is “paralyzing”. An acronym for this F.E.A.R. is False Expectation Appearing Real. Statistics have shown that our anticipation of a future result is often worse and unlike the result itself.

As small business owners, your emotional “ups and downs” may be rooted in your fears. Fears can be manifested as:

  • fear of hurting feelings or what people may think /say about you, causes you to not speak the truth;
  • fear of feeling guilty about not calling sooner/ fear that the person will say no, makes you to not make that important phone call;
  • fear of feeling uncomfortable meeting new people , excuses you from going to a function ;
  • fear of losing the client/customer/personal/professional relationship(s) causes you to not share your idea(s) ;
  • fear caused by focusing on the problems/challenges versus the opportunities causes you to lose sight of your vision of what’s truly important ;

A successful business owner learns to be aware of feelings, acknowledges them, makes a choice in the moment and takes action with integrity and trust. You learn to minimize the limiting beliefs about yourself and realize that “win-win-wins” are possible.

For any given situation when you feel stuck, call upon your trusted friend, mentor or coach and consider our formula: Connect + Assess + Take Action= Experience Successful Results

Connect with what is really important and determine what you truly want to accomplish. Having that clarity you are ready to Assess the situation. What objective facts do you have? What intuition/feelings or hunches are you aware of? What are your choices and consequences of each? Which choice will benefit all key stakeholders? Which choice would you make if you knew you would not fail? Which choice is at integrity with you and your business? Now it’s time to “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” Are you open to investing in a coach who listens powerfully for who you are and what you want as an amazing support person on your success team? Take Action immediately. This may be to stop and evaluate if you are feeling balanced with all areas of your life or to schedule some fun activity to lighten your spirit and allow your creativity to surface or to strategize on the shifts in perspectives that will help you to make those phone calls or to proceed towards another important task. Stay focused on what is important, giving it your best and trusting in what will result. Your personal best is beyond your fears.

Gloria Tom Wing Staudt ( / is a Success Coach with extensive experiences in private, corporate and non-profit organizations. Her passion is in helping people to live the masterpiece they are – their life lived to the fullest and at peace in all their relationships. Her Masters Degree in Psychology and Certification as a Certified Behavioral and Values Analyst benefits all who work with her. She is also President of the Burnaby Metrotown Rotary club which meets weekly for contribution to local and global communities. Collaborate with her as your executive coach to enhance your executive leadership or for your team’s success.

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