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How to
'Set Up a Successful Business Coaching Practice'

I'll give you the exact steps to start and fill your practice...

Dear Business Coach,

Are you ready to build your business coaching practice, but wondering exactly how?

Have you started coaching and gotten stuck around getting clients?

Or perhaps you are considering becoming a coach, but first want to be sure it's a viable career, and that you'll actually be paid well?

Here's How I Can Help

I've been helping coaches start and accelerate their coaching practices for five years - and I've seen some wonderful results. I've seen them cause life-changing breakthroughs with their clients, earn $3,000 a month after only three months, and even get a job as an internal corporate coach! I went on to start a global coach training school to share my techniques on a much grander scale, and to reach more coaches than I could do alone.

Yet my mentoring program and my training school had the same drawback. The good news was you got personalised, tailored attention. The bad news was that because they were time based, coaches still had to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to access the techniques that helped me grow my business, and the businesses of now over two hundred coaches.

Fortunately, after years of hands-on research, personally mentoring sixty coaches, and founding a training school, I've finally released:

The CoachStart™ Manual!
A Step by Step Guide to Building Your
Business Coaching Practice

(WorldWide Shipping Available)

Yes! Finally I've compiled everything I know about starting up your coaching practice into one easy, information packed Manual. In fact it's more than a Manual - with all the hands-on exercises I've included, it's practically a course.

This is my absolute best material. It's what helped my coaches grow their businesses from 'Never Coached' to 'Have Coached Fifty People'. It's how I laid the foundation for a coaching business that ultimately grew to grossing six figures coaching two days a week. And, it's now the foundation for the business building tools used by a major coach training school.

Some of you may have heard my Speech to the International Coach Federation Conference entitled: 'Getting the First Fifty Clients'. If you've listened to this Speech, you'll be thrilled to know The CoachStart™ Manual fills in all the holes! It's much bigger in scale, and covers the critical foundational work that I couldn't hope to cover in a fifty minute speech. You'll find the two resources go very well hand in hand.

I believe many training schools do an excellent job of teaching you 'how to coach'. Unfortunately many (not all) seem to fall down on the 'how to get clients' part of the equation. You'll find The CoachStart™ Manual an excellent companion - regardless of which school you finally choose, or are currently enrolled in.

* * * *


"The Manual has been a great help in taking a number of decisions, such as what people to concentrate on. The exercises in the Manual were helpful - AND have encouraged me to have faith in my skills as a coach! Your manual has also encouraged me to approach people for a trial session. Thank you."

Ria Ordelman
The Netherlands


Here's What I'll Show You...

  • The fastest way to get started. Should you work with a coach? Get a mentor? Start with a training school? We'll cut through all the confusing options out there.
  • The real story about accreditation. Do you need it? If so, immediately, or later? And what school should I choose? What about the ICF? You'll get an answer to these questions and more.
  • How to build your confidence and experience - gradually and consistently. Will I be effective? Will people listen to me? What right do I have to coach? What if I get stuck? You'll bust through these questions which hold most new coaches back.
  • The benefits of focusing on your specific niche. Who would I coach? Do I have to narrow my focus now? Would this group actually pay me? (And there's an exercise to help determine what your niche might be!)
  • How to get your initial clients. You might be surprised to find that it's possible to enjoy this process, in a way that contributes to you and the client. I actually include a little extra information here that you won't hear in the speech.

Not to Mention...

  • A sample detailed outline of your very first coaching session. This is not just one that provides effective coaching, but also one that converts 'trial' session into clients.
  • How to set your fee in the major coaching countries, and how to negotiate a reasonable fee.
  • How to collect powerful testimonials to boost your credibility and confidence - right from the start.
  • A detailed exercise specifically designed to help you write a compelling 'bio' or resume. You might be surprised how good, when framed correctly, your current experience and training can sound to others. Build your confidence and attract more clients.
  • Setting the details of your coaching service and policies. How many sessions do you offer? How often? What's your charging policy? Can clients postpone sessions? You'll get all the details of my practice, from which you can tweak your own coaching service.


  • A list of common coaching goals or issues, and possible coaching approaches for each.
  • An extra section for Professionals wishing to add coaching to their existing services (e.g. trainers, financial planners, consultants, counselors).
  • An extra section for Corporate Coaches. While the focus of the book is setting up your life coaching or business coaching business, I've included this new section so corporate coaches can translate my techniques to the corporate market.
  • I've included my personal Coaching Agreement that I use with clients so you can understand all the details of setting up an agreement with your clients, and...
  • A list of outstanding providers I recommend. (You can save yourself hours of heartache, and hundreds of dollars by learning the reliable providers I use and recommend - from web hosting services, to credit card merchants, to managing your newsletters.)

New! We have just doubled the content with extra information on:

  • Getting Clients from the Internet
  • Getting Clients Via Alliances
  • Gettting Clients Via Public Speaking
  • Coach Training Schools

And we have added some powerful worksheets to help you build your practice:

  • Target Market Worksheet
  • Practice Design Form
  • Coaching Alliance Form

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What this Manual is NOT

I'd like to be clear on this, so you know up front what you're getting.

- it's not a book on coaching techniques. It's a book on how to set up your coaching business, and how to get your first clients. Oh sure - we'll cover some fundamental principles, and how to do a coaching session to make sure you can get started. But for formal training to improve your coaching techniques you'll need a school and/or a book specifically for this.

- it's not generic business advice about, for example, the accounting or legal issues involved in setting up a business. (I figure you can get that anywhere). We'll go into detail on the issues specific to coaching - the stuff you can't get just anywhere.

- it's not fluff. It's not discussion, and it's not talking about the coaching profession or what you could do. It's a 'How To' Instruction Manual showing you everything you need to do to go from 'Never Coached' to 'Have Coached Fifty People'.


"OK great. It's obviously brilliant. But how many hundreds of dollars do I have to spend for this Mini-Course on setting up my practice? $997? $497?"

My clients pay US$3,100 or EUR2,3000 - via my CoachStart™ Mentoring Program - for the information you're getting today. (Think about what a difference reading only one of the nineteen chapters in this Manual could make to your revenue over the next twelve months... What would you do with the extra $2,000, $5,000 or $20,000 income you could make with this knowledge?)

However, to make this accessible to as many people as possible, I've set the price of The CoachStart™ Manual at a low US$97. (You may choose your own currency on the final order page).

"The Coach Start Manual is absolutely fabulous! Although I've been coaching for six years now, my practice is still far from lucrative because I'm not a good marketer. I'm certain that I can pick up some wonderful tips and I cannot compliment you enough on the expertise and industry you've invested. If ever a coach was walking-the-talk YOU are."

Jilly Shaul
United Kingdom

"I 'inhaled' the manual and loved it. I loved it so much that I bought the First Fifty Clients package and inhaled that as well! I found that you gave very practical advice and I particularly liked the 'sample' dialogues that a coach might have with a prospect (warm and hot invitations) and the sample script.

I have now adapted it for my own style and practice it every opportunity I get. Both the CoachStart Manual and the First Fifty Clients documentation have fired me up with more confidence and enthusiasm to get going. Thanks for such a great and inspiring manual."

Midgie Thompson
United Kingdom

For more of what people are saying about the CoachStart™ Manual: Testimonials

Limited Time Bonus Resources

To make sure you're able to soak up this wealth of information as quickly and easily as possible, and to make sure you get ALL your questions answered, if you order today I'll include at no additional cost:

Bonus Gift 1:

Downloadable, Fully Searchable PDF Version
Now you don't have to wait two weeks for your Manual to arrive by mail. You can download the online version and be reading within 10 minutes! Plus, you can search the text electronically to instantly find the information you need.

Value US$49 (available immediately on purchase)

Bonus Gift 2:

Online Audio Recording of the CoachStart Manual
This is for those on-the-go coaches who like to learn while pottering around the house or working in the office (plays on your computer). Let it all sink in visually as you read, and then auditorily as you listen. (Note this is word for word the same as the text, except it's a recording of the old Manual before we added the new bonus chapters)

Value US$39 (available immediately on purchase)

Bonus Gift 3:

Online Access to the CoachStart™ Teleclass Archive New!
Want access to business building tips 24 hours a day? Then get exclusive access to this valuable archive where I discuss certification, how I got started, coaching jargon, public speaking to get clients, and much more. (view index of classes)

This archive is ONLY available to customers of SolutionBox™.

Value US$99 (arrives 2 days after purchase)


As you can see these resources alone - even without the CoachStart Manual - are worth US$187. However they are included today with the Manual free of charge to assist you to build your practice. This brings the total package value to US$274, available right now for only US$97.

* * *

Money Back Guarantee

As with all my coaching products, I like to completely remove the risk from your shoulders, and put it on mine.

If for any reason, you aren't thrilled with the step by step instructions in 'The CoachStart™ Manual' - if it wasn't exactly what you were looking for to get a strong start to your business, greater confidence, and paying clients, - you can get your money back, excluding the postage and handling charge. And you get to keep the bonus resources.


Here's How You Can Receive Your
CoachStart Manual™ HardCopy Plus Download The
Information Packed eManual and be
Building Your Practice
in the Next 10 Minutes...

Click Here


Best regards,

David Wood
Professional Certified Coach

P.S. Important: These bonuses are offered for a limited time as part of our marketing promotion. Please understand that we can't guarantee they will be offered after today, and if you come back tomorrow or next week they may have removed.

P.P.S. If you have any questions you would like to ask me or my fabulous assistant Beth, before purchasing the CoachStart™ Manual, just call at the number below. If we're not in, please leave a detailed message and we'll get back to you normally within 24 hours.

616-218-1443 (US Number)

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