Want to meet Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama?

I’ve been wanting to meet Richard Branson for AGES.

And I may just have found out a way to do it, and perhaps get you in as well.

And as a bonus, they are talking about throwing in the Dalai Lama :-)

Are you interested, if I can swing it?

Which one would YOU most want to meet?

Please share your thoughts at the blog comments below.


P.S. If you know me at all you know I don’t make stuff up – this is a serious possibility.

P.P.S. This would only be for my subscribers, so if you want to get info on this sign up for our newsletter at: http://www.SolutionBox.com/freedownload.htm

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150 Responses to “Want to meet Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama?”

  1. David Horowitz Says:

    Hi David, that’s an incredible opportunity. I wouldn’t want to choose between the two. Bonnie and I would love to meet the Dalai Lama – he has been the spiritual leader of one of the most spiritually-attuned communities for so long, led his people to escape hostile invaders, kept them safe in residence-in-exile, and is holds the spiritual flame of peace and knowledge for the entire planet. Richard Branson is not only a business marvel and role model, but his personal philsophy of how he got where he is teaches us all how to live a fulfilling life! We’d also love to spend time with Lynne Twist, who Bonnie knew very well 20 years ago and who I believe is spending time with both the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson.

  2. Monica J. Foster Says:

    I would SO love to meet them both, but particularly The Daily Lama. I so admire his message of universal peace and happiness, his way of simplifying life and staying focused on what’s important in life. I so want to integrate what I’ve gained from him in my work with motivating people with disabilities. It would mean so much!!

    As for Richard Branson, he is a business and motivational chameleon! He doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet and is always looking for new successful opportunities to widen his enterprise and reach in the world! I admire his selfless work to solving global problems.

    Meeting both of them would be SUCH an honor and achievement for me!

  3. Jill Says:

    Sharing space with either of them would be: way cool to, too sweet. The Dalai Lama would be my first choice. Imagine the energy in that space ………..

  4. Brenda Says:

    the dali lama

  5. Patricia Says:

    OMG I would love to meet both of them. I think both of them have a lot to offer in terms of really learning alot from. My vote is for both of them. :)

  6. Joshua Miller PCC Says:

    It would depend on the context for either. They are both interesting individuals in their own right but the setting and scenario would make the difference. I have been fortunate to meet both in different situations and both were equally powerful.

  7. David Rogers Says:

    If I could only meet one, I would choose to meet Branson. The reason is because he is someone who truly loves his life, and it’s evident in everything he does, which is a lot. I almost don’t need to say anything more than that, but I will, of course. ;-) The Dalai Lama is a very spiritual man, and has devoted his life to spiritual and political pursuits. Branson does whatever he wants, and he uses it to benefit others. He has a truly global vision and is a world-changer. He doesn’t just build his financial and political capital to benefit himself; he also does it to benefit the world. He is a focused man and a person who enjoys other people and likes to have fun. He seems to enjoy balance in his life.

    What’s not to like?

    Of course, if I had an ultimate choice, I’d choose to meet both. :)

  8. Elle Says:

    I would be so honored and grateful to be introduced to the Dalai Lama…he embodies such historical importance and grace.

    On the other hand, Richard Branson is one of my number one inspirational heroes. I LOVE his ambition, humor and creative approach to designing life the way he wants it.

    I strive to incorporate their examples and teachings in my life in every way that I can.

    If I had them both in one room, I’d make them the most amazing superfood smoothie EVER and give them a foot massage. :)

    Meeting either one of them would be a blast!

  9. Mark Says:

    It would be a privilege to meet both highly respected people in their unique spheres of influence – however it would probably be unlikely for me to personally be there due to living in Down Under (Australia)

  10. Megan Says:

    Yes, I would. it would be a wonderful opportunity and experience.

  11. Peter Says:

    What an incredible opportunity to meet these two amazing men that really cover both sides of the spectrum. But if there was a choice, it is easy and that is – to personally meet and speak with the Dalai Lama – you don’t get too much better than that. But this is a huge shame if you had to choose as Sir Richard is one of those people that is far more interesting than his monetary worth and someone to aspire to meet – sorry about that Sir Rich. – but the Dalai Lama!!!

  12. Cathy McCann Says:

    The Dalai Lama. He has so much to offer the world through his teachings and examples of forgiveness, humility, tolerance and kindness. I was fortunate enough to attend his lecture a few months ago at UC Santa Barbara and was so inspired by the energy and love that he emits. I think that to have the honor of meeting him would be a life changing experience.

  13. Christopher Says:

    I would like to meet them both to discuss with each their passion and discuss the narrow road to eternal life.

  14. Rosa Lokaisingh Says:

    I would really like to meet Richard Branson. It is interesting to find out what makes someone like him tick, and do things that seem extraordinary, and yet staying as ordinary as he appears. To me, he takes the lessons that the Dalai Lama teaches, and puts action to all of it. He seems humble, considerate, kind, and inspirational. Isn’t that all that the Dalai Lama teaches? I am ready for the action tools. Let us have it, so we can all learn how to create abundance. Abundant thinking will help us in many more ways than one!


  15. Julie Says:

    Richard Branson, I thought we should get married….

  16. Dee Says:

    Hey David, What an incredible opportunity. I would be so excited and grateful to meet both these amazing leaders. They are both legends in their own right. I have both of them on my vision board and have been following their teachings for the past 12 months. I know that i will meet both these role models at some stage of my life, but cannot chose between them as i hold both of them in such high esteem.

  17. Garry Says:

    The Dalai Lama

  18. Wendy Says:

    I would like to meet both of them.

    I admire Richard Branson so much
    for his environmentalism.
    If i have to choose between the two,
    I’d choose to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
    he is such an inspiration of patience, persistance,
    kindness, compassion and non-judgementalism.


  19. Pam Hoffman Says:

    Wow, what an interesting question and opportunity.

    I think I would like to KNOW them both, not just meet them. I do a little better over a series of contacts with people and in a learning environment especially.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, I think Sir Richard Branson would be the most valuable connection I could make in my current circumstances and with my life goals.

    Thank you for asking, this has been inspiring to think about!

    Pam Hoffman

  20. Lisa Johnson Says:

    I would LOVE to meet the Dali lama (hope I spelled that right) lol.
    I would love to just bask in his presence and soak in his peace & true serenity and try to learn anything I could from him!
    BTW: How is that sex eduacation video thingy coming along? did you decide to do it or not?

  21. Lorna Beecroft Says:

    I cannot imagine anything more amazing than to be in the same room as the Dalai Lama. This man is as close to a pure being as there could possibly ever be. It would be so humbling and so amazingly spiritual I cannot begin to even put it into words. The future of humanity is in the hearts and souls of beings such as he, and through them, in all of us. What an unbelievable experience that would be.

  22. lorna Says:

    Richard Branson would be wonderful to meet when I am of the world and wanting to play in it.
    His Holiness, the Dalai Lama would be wonderful to meet when I am of the spirit and want to enjoy it.

  23. toinya Says:

    To meet any one of the two of those fabulous men in the physical realm would be enlightening.
    I could learn a lot from each of them. Richard Branson is amazing and respected for his business acumen and philanthropical ideas and deeds. I would love to observe him in action and receive his advice for I too aspire to be powerful and positive . Being with the Dalai Lama would bring me to my knees bowing to him in great respect and awe. To hear him speak,give me advice, or sit with him in silent oneness would be an honor.
    These men are gifted individuals who embrace their gifts and who seize the moment of opportunity. Thank goodness they are in it for the good of mankind!!!
    A blessing it would be to meet any one of these two men.

  24. Donna Says:

    The Dalai Lama

  25. Terry Says:

    Didn’t know you were a mind reader David. My biggest life goal is to meet Richard Branson in person. I have admired Richard Branson for years. He is an absolutely amazing human being. I have read almost every book about him.

    I am a single mother with some disabilities and health issues and I see what my heart desires my life to be like through Sir Richard Branson. He is an amazing inspiration.

    What do I need to do to meet him? Just let me know and I’ll do it.

  26. Relli Says:

    The Dalai Lama :)

  27. Sandra Chambers Jerald Says:

    in order of priority:
    1. Dalai Lama
    2.Richard Branson

  28. nazeer sultan Says:

    When one looks at the challenges of this world,now and in the foreseeable future and ask the question–What are the competencies required to reshape the current paradigm,I cannot think about a better combination…..courage and patience,toughness and empathy,realism and optism,self-reliance and community,intelligence and wisdom,west and east…….now make it happen….can no longer just feature one!

  29. john william johnson Says:

    For me, it would depend on how close i can get to them and how much time we have. I am a believer in Shaktipat, which has to do with an energy transmission, a bestowing of grace that transforms one’s life.
    There’s ritual transmission, and there’s just pure transmission from being in the presence of a special person.
    I don’t know if any of you have felt that, but it can transform one’s life.
    So the Dalai Lama first, and Richard second, but preferably both. If i get to be seen and heard by the person.
    If not, probably Richard. I’ve been in mass gatherings with the Dalai Lama.

  30. Kadira Says:

    I would love to have the opportunity to talk to Richard Branson. I think he is someone who has fully lived his own personal genius in this life and has therefore exceeded probably far beyond what he might have thought possible as a young man. My business is about helping people find their own genius and living into that themselves both personally and in their businesses. To have the opportunity to speak with some one who does this so well would be such an inspiration for us all!!
    I look forward t5o this amazing opportunity ! Wooo Hooo!!!!

  31. Wendy Matthews Says:

    Wow ! Meeting either of these men would be a true joy, having said that a business colleague of mine shared her story recently of how she decided to manifest not only meeting Richard Branson but also that he would kiss her. She was very clear in her intention that she would not kiss him , that HE would initiate it and kiss her !
    What a powerful story about intention, belief, visualization and manifesting. She did indeed meet him and YES, she put out her hand to shake his and he kissed her instead.
    Since hearing her story I launched my intention to also want to meet him. He inspires me to assit youth in a way that is so needed and to stop labeling and disabling out children, but rather help teachers and authority to see how truly talented and magnificent outside of the box thinkers and learners are. If we stop medicating our children so many more of them would become the Richard Bransons of the world !

  32. Berrie Says:

    Meeting Richard Branson would be very interesting and educational, however meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama would be the dream of a lifetime! He is the most inspirational and truly beautiful person living in the world today! I had the pleasure of attending a public gathering when he visited Australia way back when, and as soon as he entered the venue, I felt the energy change, and a huge rush of love filled my heart and tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. I have never before, nor since, experienced such an intense spontaneous reaction to anyone or anything! I am not a “guru” type of person, however if I was he would surely be mine. He is the epitome of goodness.

  33. Mica Julien Says:

    I would most like to meet the Dalai Lama. I beleive that he has truely inspirational, in a very down to earth and rational way. He shows great respect for humaness and yet can make you see things from a toatlly different persepctive once you take the person out of hte issue , action and eal with the action itself.

    Richard Branson on the other hand while also inspirational, successful and equally grounded has unfortuneately lost some of my support with his latest ad campaign where he displays a very pompous and sexist view.

  34. Dr. John Loblack Says:

    I would most like to meet Richard Branson. His renegade business style teaches entrepreneurs the importance of passion and belief in oneself; your dream. As an entrepreneur, I year for teachers and mentors to lead by example, and I do believe that his life’s lessons is an awesome classroom.

  35. lornamacgregor Says:

    I have followed his career and life path for several years. I would like to oar in his canoe!!!

  36. Mi Seo Says:

    I really love to listen to Dalai Lama.

  37. Kanwar Says:

    Two for the tango! I would love to meet both of them for their uniqueness in committment to make this world a better place to live and in doing so inspire million others to follow their lead! It doesn’t get any better than this if you could meet both of them under the same roof -

  38. lesley Says:

    What a combination and both offering such diverse inspiration !

    I couldn’t choose as both would provide a life changing experience i’m sure, count me in.

    Good luck

  39. Joslyn Says:

    Hi David
    Although I Would love to meet Dalai Lama, I am not too sure about Richard Branson. The Dalai Lama is a symbol (to me) of contentment and love. Two attributes I strived to have in my life so to be in his pressence would be a blessing.

  40. Luba Says:

    Like someone posted above me, I also do not know you. Does anyone on this blog actually have any history with you and personally know you? Otherwise, you are someone that I have never heard of and for a short while have been curious as to what you have to say. I’m not a skeptic, but a realist. And I do know, as most of us do, that “meeting online” is not always a reputable representation.
    As per the question posed…it would entirely matter as to what the context and setting would be. I know more about the “Daily” (I thought that it was cute in how someone above intentionally or not put it) Lama than R. Bronson. I would like to learn more about him in a nonbiased way. I am curious as to Mica’s comment on seeing him as “pompous and sexist” was about. Is it a projection? Dalai Lama has always been consistant in his intention and message. I have just come back from an event held in NYC with Amma (amma.org) who is another spiritual teacher with the same message. No matter what the question is, the answer is always LOVE. I believe that my spiritual life is the most important! And to continue that conversation would LOVE to meet His Holiness and just “be” in that energy field, as well as recieve satsang (his teachings.) And if R. Bronson is who the above bloggers represent him to be, I think that he would be invaluable for coaching in how to manifest the internal to one’s outer, as well as all of our gain.

  41. Nick Says:

    To have an opportunity to meet both the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson would be life-changing. I’m about to embark on a safari around the world… with the intent on visiting Dharamsala… and knowing that an audience with the Dalai Lama is not that easy to come by.
    Knowing what I’ve got planned… it would be great to meet Branson also… to get another taste of his tenacity.
    Absolutely, I would love to meet them both… but if I had to choose… my preference would be H.H. the Dalai Lama.

  42. Susanne Tripodi Says:

    Well, I would like to meet Richard Branson because as of July 21st, 2009 I am supposed to meet him. The Dalai Lama would normally be great to meet but the connection isn’t like that of Richard Branson. I was told on July 21, this past Tuesday, that Richard Branson and I have a lot in common. I think we should meet. Irony is wonderful and gladly accepted. Thanks for the offer



  43. Lynn Says:

    Surely, you jest. Let’s see, a bizillionaire or a spiritual leader?
    DUDE. The Dalai, Lama, hands down.

  44. Aamer Iqbal Says:

    My choice is Richard Branson for the secular matters and then the Dalai Lama for spiritual ones. Both have shown persistence and patience among many other qualities.

  45. Steve Says:

    Most of us would be amazingly privileged to meet both the spiritual leader of the world and the entrepreneurial leader of the world. But alas, if I had to choose between the two I would choose Richard Branson.

    I have looked up to him for inspiration for goodness knows how many years. He is a true pioneer in the music industry, in low cost air travel, ballooning, more recently in making space travel available to the masses and goodness knows what in the future.

    Bring it on David…

  46. Terry Says:

    To meet either one would be great but to have both in the same place would be priceless.

  47. Jay Westbrook Says:

    H.H. The Dalai Lama please.

  48. LynR Says:

    By far, Richard Branson. See that fevered brain in action, breath some of the same air he’d be using, wow! I could dig that.

    the Dalai Lama had his role thrust upon him

  49. Ozer Bergman Says:

    HH DL. RB is about $$. HH is about life.

  50. Stace Says:

    Richard Branson!! Richard Branson!!!

    this is a man who I have always admired.

    To be in his presence would be an honor.

    Thank You in Advance…

  51. jan stevens Says:

    I would love o pick a piece of the brain of RB.
    Thank you in advance.

  52. Debi hanley Says:

    Through my work I teach to focus on what you want and create the opportunities to make it happen. Both of these people are on my list as people that inspire me and I would like to meet. So for me meeting them both would be an experience that would take me closer to acheiving one of my life goals, I know experiencing the diversity of these two people would enrich my life beyond measure.
    Thank you for the offer of the experience

  53. Jane Says:

    I have met RB several times and have worked for him but still would like to meet him again as he is charismatic, inspirational and his Virgin brand can teach us all lessons in how to inspire, motivate and enthuse our people. The Dalai Lama offers the balance with spiritual insight. To meet both together would be so powerful! Fantastic.

  54. Rob Willis Says:

    I would love to opportunity to meet both Mr Branson & the Dali Lama. So many questions I would have for each of them.

    Keep us posted on how this can happen.


  55. Ilze Says:

    Mr Branson!

  56. Ann-Charlotte Says:

    A couple of years ago, I started my umptenth journaal of heart’s desires – the things that i’s love to see come true. And indeed, Most of them have come true over the years.

    I started consciously using (although not mastering) the Law of Attraction aobut 15 years ago and it has ben an amazing ride.

    Well, that journal, that now has been filled, started out this way (as i tried to come up with things that i could not believe they would ever happen back then, ie IMPOSSIBLE things):

    “This will never work, I know this in my heart, because I am a certified Närking (the people of the belt of intense complaining in mid Sweden, people LOVE to complain here). The alternative title was, “…or the story of why Sir Richard Branson always come to me these days for advice”

    Ha ha, I am a coach, and I promised myself to be the best fr-ggin female coach on this planet. So great that even Sir Richard would consult me.

    It was a joke… and i am a great coach.

    WIll I meet Sir Richard? You can be sure I will. ;-)

    His Holiness The Dalai Lama? I’d be so honored to meet him too!!

    Love and Joy,

  57. Paul Says:

    What a fantastic opportunity… wow.
    I would like to meet both as they have so much to teach us.
    Both have grasped what life is all about and lived it in their own way to the full.

  58. adele Says:

    It’s got to be The Dali Lama, just because I sat down at my desk this morning and randomly found a podcast of The Dali Lama. put it on.. opened my mailbox and there was the heading ‘who do you want to meet..’ so it’s Karma calling.

    Sorry Richard ( he’ll be devasted) nice to have him as second choice ; ) ha ha!!

  59. Keith Says:

    It would be an honour to meet either, both would be incredible. Thanks for the opportunity

  60. Mariette Says:

    Ever since reading Richard Branson’s books, I have been a huge fan. I just love the way he is not scared of taking a risk, and just lives his life with so much passion! I think he is an example of how we should live! Most people are brought up with so much fear of failure, that it has an effect on us for the rest of our lives. If we can just learn to be a little bit more like him, we could really achieve so much more.

    The Dalai Lama on the other hand, is so different in his ways, but also has that passion for what he believes in, that he is truly inspirational. It would be great to meet these men, and talk to them in person.

  61. AB Says:

    YES, Richard Branson is my FAV…count me IN…what’s next?

  62. Mike Says:

    Wow, well both have so much to offer I’m not that fussy I would meet either of them!

  63. Jenni Wright Says:

    WOW!! Either would be fantastic. I would like to get in on one of the Dalai Lama’s talk sessions where he invites a group of people. And Branson? Party Central!!

  64. Chantal Says:

    Richard Branson would be a great opportunity ! That man has a very powerful personality so yes, Branson is the preferred one for me …

  65. Abby van Spronsen Says:

    Yes I am interested in Richard Branson or anything you think would encourage or inspire me toward a career as a life coach so please include me if it will not cost me anything. I look forward to hearing more about it.


  66. Marnee Wood Says:

    Yes, I too, have always wanted to meet Richard Branson!

  67. verna Says:

    count me in…. provided this is not a long drawn out advertising stunt.

  68. Greg Says:

    Two similar men who have achieved much in life – both have influenced the way we see ourselves and have taught us how our actions influence our achievement of our personal and business goals. To meet either would be an honour.

  69. Pauline Gwyther Says:

    Oh wow. what a choice. I would love to meet both but if i had to choose it would be Richard Branson as i have followed his career and development for many years. He embodies the best of both the business world and caring about people. I know he learns a lot from the Dali Lama so in turn one could learn a lot from him. He is the risk taker but I admire the serenity and passion of the Dali Lama and would feel really humble in his presence.

  70. Keyzer Says:

    I would like to know more about it and can you send me more info pls


  71. Alice Reeve Says:

    Yes I would like to meet Richard as I feel he could give me direction with the new group I have set up for people suffering with Fibromyalgia. He would be ideal to help increase awareness. I did look at his website the other day to see how I could get in touch with him. I am fighting for over 2.7 million people in the UK; also want to increase global awareness. People with Fibromyalgia have a right to be heard!

  72. Anthony Says:

    Branson’s style has always intrigued me. I’m currently reading his biography and would be thrilled to meet him.

  73. Tabitha Says:

    Dear David

    I would love to meet Richard Branson but have given intent just to get a video I am producing accepted on Tellman Knowles’ video blog: http://www.runtellmanrun.com. Tellman Knowles has partnered with The Elders, of whom Richard Branson is a founding member, to give free publicity to any charity organisation that supports Tellman’s run across the U.S to raise money to end teenage pregnancy or Richard Branson and Mia Farrow’s “Fast for Dalfur”. I volunteer at a charity in South Africa and Lesotho called Love In Action that develops income-generating projects to care for orphaned and vulnerbale children. There are many excellent projects and initiatives benefiting orphaned and vulnerable children in this part of the world and it is therefore extremely difficult for donors and aid agencies to know where to devote resources and attention. Love In action would benefit enourmously from the free publicity generated by piggy0backing on Tellman’s run across the U.S and the Fast for Dalfur, both of which my private company supports.
    If you could bring this to the attention of Richard Branson when you connect with him, 122 orphaned and vulnerable children who are so excited about the possibility of being on video and the internet for the first time ever would be eternally grateful. We are praying for successful meeetings for you with both Sir Branson and the Dalai Lama.
    Light to You

    Tabitha Monale
    Ultimate Freedom Consulting

  74. Shaun Fitzhenry Says:

    There is nobody I’d like to meet more than Richard Branson. He epitomizes entrepreneurial spirit, and could contribute so much to Africa. We need people who think out of the box to drive growth in South Africa, and he can help people do this – he has spent his whole life thinking way out of the box! I’d be thrilled to meet him!

  75. Andrew Tilling Says:

    It sounds like you are pulling in two different directions in order to get to the same place – That is my kind of thing! I am intrigued by opportunities to apply the wealth of knowledge Tibet has accumulated on the inner workings of the human being to business, social enterprise and projects in the community. I think that this combination is perfect. Where do I go and what do I do in order to take part in this opportunity?!

    Best wishes, as ever,

    Andrew Tilling

  76. Adrian Jacklowsky Says:

    Definitely would like to meet Richard Branson, as he has been an inspiration for me for some time. With 17 years working in a multinational on 3 continents, over 11 years of which in Asia, I have had my share of corporate BS and reading RB’s books I have been inspired to get out of that corporate jungle and hopefully starting my own business in Asia.

  77. Dr. Lorrie Lauer Says:

    I used to work for Gary Coxe, Richard Branson’s nephew. We were planning to go to Sandals, and hoping to spend a little time with him. Regretfully, it never happen. I still want to meet him and would love to be a part of this opportunity.

  78. Randy Says:

    If given the chance I would love to meet the Dalai Lama not just to say I have met him but to listen , learn and absorb . Having said that meeting with Richard Branson would also be a once in a lifetime thing to experience. Learning and listening to his thoughts and suggestions would be life altering in my opinion. I say yes to either.

  79. Judy Krings Says:

    I was the audience when the Dalai Lama spoke in Madison, WI, last summer. What an awesome, magnificently stunning ceremony. He is way cool with a fantastic sense if humor. But put my butt on Richard Branson’s new plane with him on board, and I would be flying high in more ways than one! It is not every day you get to meet a Renaissance man whose vision puts such a shining light onto the future.

  80. Mark M Says:

    Would love to meet Richard Branson and hear about his newest plans.

  81. Chris French Says:

    I prefer to meet the Dali Lama but if they throw in Branson then ok !

  82. Bill Young Says:

    I would prefer to meet the Dali Lama more than Branson however both together would be a bonus. Keep me posted.

  83. Sandra Sorensen Says:

    I will love to meet Richard Branson. He appears to have created an amazing balance between being hugely affluent while being deeply compassionate and caring. He has this unapologetic and brave way of embracing life and living his life to the fullest while caring deeply for the planet and its people. I get the best “hit” from him whenever I hear him speak.

  84. Jacqueline Says:

    I would be so HONORED to meet Richard Branson. He is an interesting person with amazing talent. It is hard to pick one over the other because of the spiritual grounding the Dali Lama would bring. Hopefully you can swing both :)

  85. Suzie Ryan Says:

    Richard Branson – WOW! I’ve read his autobiography, now there’s a real life mentor, not afraid to elevate others who are smarter than him, to achieve the desired results. Richard didn’t get to where he is today purely because of who he is, his ability to select the right people for the right job has helped elevate him to where he is. He puts the FUN into fundamental differences between mediocrity and magic!

    My dream is to meet Richard Branson too, if anyone can pull this off, I reckon you can David. How’s your dating life going by the way?

    Kind Regards

    Suzie Ryan from Adelaide, Australia

  86. Colette Says:

    They are both amazing and I would be honored to meet them. Wow… For Real?

  87. Wendy Says:

    I have watched as Richard continues to explode exponentially in every thing he does. No fear holding him back. What a great mentor he would be. Meeting him and perhaps being able to ask a few pertinent questions would be wonderful and very enlightening, I would imagine. Although I would probably ask you some of the same questions, David. Best wishes in making this happen. You can do it!
    To your vibrant health, Wendy in Michigan

  88. kathleen Says:

    all the best s you work this out. my choice is the Dalai Llama, to learn from him about peace, discipline, and focus in troubled times.

  89. Lynne Barnhart Says:

    I would love to meet Richard Branson. My husband is dylexic & to see someone who also had dyslexia that has accomplished so much is such an inspiration. The Dalai Llama wrote a book about death that changed my life. No matter how hard I worked I was not moving forward, after the death of my 20 year old son. A friend suggested I read a book by my the Dalai Llama & it was like someone pulled out the thorn in my hand. I began to heal & have moved on with my life now & I recommend this book to others. I would love to see them both. I can only imagine the energy of being in their physical presence. My husband & I went from being the best financial managers to being in a lot of debt. I can’t imagine the state of mind I would be in with out inspiration. I know I will meet them both.

  90. Rob Ryan Says:

    Both for the obvious reasons. More than a great opportunity. So why not dream a little more? Let`s add Obama, a great painter, a leading edge pianist, composer, writer and a scientist/positive psychologist and a genius child! And what questions/topics to discuss. What dreams do you dream?

  91. Jed A.Reay Says:

    Sorry Richard but I would be fulfilled to sit with the the Dalai Lama. Right now in this time we need his wisdom and guidance. And learning from him would benefit many more.

  92. lisa-maree Says:

    yes, this would be fantastic. i like the dalai lama, to be in the space he creates is fabbo.

    thanks for the offer, i look forward to the opportunity. ciao ciao

  93. Rafe Beeson Says:

    The Dalai Lama would be ok I guess, but come on Richard Branson!!!!! I just watched Iconoclast season 4 with Richard and Desmund Tutu…a must see by my standards


  94. sabra Says:

    I would love to meet them both! If only one; I ‘d have to say the Dalai Lama. I’m curious about his feelings in regards to the current global unrest. Can he suggest practical ways as life coaches for us to address these issues in a positive manner? I am sure he can. For that matter I sure that Richard Branson could as well.

  95. Angela-Clare Pollard Says:

    Would absolutely love to meet Richard Branson, so much to learn from someone so accomplished and enterprising. However, the privilege of meeting the Dalai Lama… words fail me. Through his help with FIU, I am about to start my masters degree there, and that is just the latest reason. WOW.

  96. Jayne Tang Says:

    Having heard so much about Sir Richard Branson’s significant contributions to this world and his name flashing brightly at the business frontier making positive difference to the humanity…I will be most blessed to meet Sir Richard Branson one day soon! There’s never such thing as coincidence right, as I did have thoughts coming and going about how nice when I can speak with Richard Branson one day!! Wa-lah.

    He had made such impactful differences with his social entrepreneurship in such humble fashion…Richard Brandson always been an inspiration for me to live life with passion! Been always wanting to pick up his book, shy to say I had never did yet…maybe I am destined to meet him in person first before reading his books! Whichever comes first, I’ll be glad to stand in great receiver-ship to soak in Sir Richard Branson’s presence fully!

    As for Dalai Lama, my personal coach & I have been both a great fan of him too!! His everyday affirmation book, practices and spiritual reminders of way of living has been the cornerstone of how I continue to remind myself to live my life with highest consciousness of non-judgmentalism and great compassion. I’ll be blown away when Dalai Lama & I can meet eyes to eyes someday soon too! Namaste.

    I admit that I am greedy when come to learning, growing and expanding my consciousness…so I’ll be most glad to meet them both!…yeah, can feel it in my bones. Keep me posted of the unfoldment! Thank you David…God bless U!

    Artisitc Director & Creative Coach

  97. Lesley Ingves Says:

    About 10 years ago I started a 101 lifetime goals list and meeting the Dalai Lama is still open on that list – I would love to put a check beside that one!

  98. Christine Adnani Says:

    The Dalai Lama for sure. Wow!

  99. Carol Says:

    Meeting the Dahli Lama would be the fulfillment of a life long dream for me!

  100. Dick Greene Says:

    Wow, to make such a choice is a tough decision, both of these rank at the top on my list.

    The Dalai Lama is #1, Richard Branson certainly #2.

    Best Wishes,

    Dick Greene

  101. Carrie Madu Says:

    Both would be amazing! My first choice would be Richard Branson. There is just something about him that emanates humanity. He always seems to be pushing past the comfortable into the places where everyone wishes to follow.

    Carrie Madu

  102. Mack Says:

    Richard Branson. For real!

  103. V. Simon Says:

    I would love to meet them both but my first choice would have to be Dalai Lama.

  104. Charlotte, Sacramento, CA Says:

    The Dalai Lama is the world’s greatest coach. He radiates unconditional acceptance and non-judgmental compassion.

  105. Natalie Says:

    Definitely the Dalai Lama, but RB is a legend too!

  106. Anne Says:

    Dalai Lama is a great humanitarian, however, I would rather meet Richard Branson because he is a successful business man. I would love to hear how he got to where he is today.

  107. Suzanne Says:

    To be in the presence of either would be an amazing opportunity for growth. I look forward to the chance to meet either.

  108. Enri Says:

    Richard Branson. I really like his ease on life and yet so confident….

  109. harris goldman Says:

    No disrespect to the Dahli Lama but Branson is the one I’d like to meet. He is the epitome of a true and successful entrepreneur.

  110. Isabelle Says:

    I am totally inspired by both of these amazing souls. Having to choose today, I would definitely welcome the opportunity to meet Richard Branson as I totally admire his business style and personal values.

  111. Virginia Underwood Says:

    I can’t begin to even tell you how long I have wanted to see the Dalai Lama. He has been a source of inspiration and incredible role model! How exciting!!

  112. Arpad Petrass Says:

    Dali lama

  113. Martina Schramm Says:

    I am admiring both , and I think it is almost impossible to decide upon whom to meet , since they both represent respective areas that are uncomparable.
    So if I had the choice, the entrepreneur in me would choose Sir Richard Branson half a day and the spiritualist in my the Dalai Lama the other half of the day :}} – It did not say anywhere that you could not have it all .

  114. Michelle Cardona Says:

    The Dalai Lama without a doubt!!!

  115. Goran Despot Says:

    Dear David
    thank you for sharing great ideas and insights, i love your communications.
    Personally i’d love to meet both people since each in his own right has got substantial experiences to share.
    I do admire Dalai lama for his ceaslesless efforts towards peace as well as
    his tibetanian heritage of loving kindness in spite of predicament of his country.
    I believe he’s true example of a great teacher and leader for which our world is a better place.
    Rich Branson is obviously every entrepreneur’s inspiring and exciting figure to emulate, or at the very least to learn from.
    So i certainly would combine this two outstanding people. However, if you ask me to choose one (do you? (-: ) i would meet with Dalai Lama.
    Your response?
    Have fantastic evening, regards from Pretoria, South Africa from


  116. David Wood Says:

    well – I think we’ve certainly hit a hot button!. David – Lynn Twist will actually be at the event too – along with Stephen Covey, Bryan Adams, and Paula Abdul.

    Wendy – I wonder if we have the same colleague who kissed Branson (initials AD?)

    Thank you for the two comments from people saying they don’t know me, and therefore wonder if this is real. Fair point – I guess could be a midget transvestite nazi from Peru – with online you never know hmmmm? If it gives you any comfort – the guys at http://www.tlc8.com think I’m Ok enough to let me in and play :-)

  117. David Wood Says:

    [kaltura-widget wid="cfjeyq9fi0" size="comments" /]

  118. CaraMshell Says:

    Dalai Lama

  119. sean i Says:

    I would love to meet Richard B and Dalai lama

    the funny thing about your email is that i just wrote done my MUST MEET list on Sunday,

    I had Dalai lama on my list. and on Monday i receive an email from you saying you are plannign to bring them.. its freaky!

    Any way make it happen and i am in .


  120. Eileen Says:

    Greetings David, When I saw the subject line in your email I thought that it was someone I knew possibly playing a joke on me because anyone who know me know that I Richard Branson is on the top of my list of “people you would love to meet”. Number one because of his committment to humanity and number two because we were born the same day, same year and around the same time on different sides of the world. I have always hoped that I could meet him and see if (astrologically) there are any simlarities. I know we both share a love of creative entrepreneurship and a love for all people, but to meet a person who I admire so much and who will leave such an imprint on society is more than I could dream of. The Dalai Lama on the other hand has help to influence my life in so many ways that meeting him would be such an honor.

  121. Ali R. Rodriguez Says:

    Definitely RICHARD! They’re already saying the Dalai is the “bonus” so one will come with the other; besides, if only one choice, RICHARD is your win-win. He’s one of the smartest humans in the planet. Much can be learned to forge ahead at full force during these interesting socio-economical and geo-political times.

  122. moira congreve Says:

    I would love to meet both as they have inspired so many people

  123. Hillary Hutchinson Says:

    Tough call, but if one comes as a bonus to the other, well, I’d go for the pair of ‘em. They have both influenced me in different ways: in living a peaceful, mindful life and in going for my dreams.

  124. Andrew Paton Says:

    Greetings David. Branson has been my number one Business Champion for more than ten years now. I too have a short list of people I would most like to meet and share a beer with and he is number one ! His contribution to business modeling, human development, and challenging boundaries is second to no one else on the planet. I would be thrilled to meet the man that has passivly driven me to be a success; a man who has challenged me to be a better member of society through business and personal spheres of influence. As Richard would say , “Screw it… Let’s do it !”. Andrew

  125. Sandra Says:

    Although meeting both Sir Richard and the Dalai Lama would be a wonderful experience, the Dalai Lama has inspired not only myself but many of my spiritual leaders and meeting him would be a great blessing.

  126. Shana James Says:

    What an amazing blessing to meet these men. I want to meet both of them!! I don’t like choosing, but if I had to I think I’d choose the Dalai Lama. Don’t make us choose ;)

  127. tina Says:

    WOW!! This would be an outstanding opportunity. I share most of the sentiments stated above. I would love to meet both, but if I had to choose, I would choose the Dalai Lama

  128. Conrad Says:

    Who would miss out on the opportunity to meet and be inspired by these icons?

  129. Dale Says:

    NO CONTEST. Ever met a spiritually enlightened being? Not to be passed up. The Dalai Lama it is

  130. Terreeia Says:

    Even though I subscribe to Buddhist practices, I am thoroughly intrigued by Richard Branson’s vision and sense of timing. He sees the world from a higher space and I would love to be able to be there to see his brain and heart at work!

  131. Mel Says:

    Funny that… those are the 2 people of my list I really want to meet …. I’d be so there :)

  132. Juanita Says:

    I would love to meet the two most influential people in the world :) Just let me know when and how and i’m there :)

  133. Cher Says:

    Why would I settle for one if both are possible. I can see them showing up together on Iconoclasts interviewing each other. Richard Would be showing the Dali Lama his latest plane & DL will show Bransen how to fly without a plane. Juicy!

  134. Stephanie Says:

    I am a Brit and when I arrived here 24 years ago on Virgin, I thought it was really cool that I might get to meet some ‘famous’ people. Well, 24 years on – & Virigin is still a BRILLIANT airline and Sir Richard has become an enormous influence. He would be great to share a pint with!!!!

  135. Cynthia Says:

    Both…they are equaly important for different reasons. What an amazing idea. Only you could pul this off! or can you???

  136. Robert Says:

    This would be the opportunity of a lifetime. It would be great to meet both, but if I had to choose, I would choose Richard Branson.

  137. donna Says:

    I agree with Robert,this would be an amazing opportunity but if i only get to choose one it would be the Dalai Lama..

  138. Cathy Says:

    For me it would be the Dalai Lama hands down, just being in His Holiness’s presence is an amazing experience. I have always wanted to meet him directly. Richard Branson would be very inspiring also. Lynn I know from my work, and she is always a great speaker and example to emulate. So if you have them all, even better!

  139. Carrie Says:

    The Dalai Lama would be amazing.

  140. Vassia Says:

    This seems almost too good to be true. What an amazing experience that would be… Would they speak on beliefs they share? On one’s life choices? Although I live in Greece and this would probably take place in the U.S., I would do my best to participate. I would choose Richard Branson if I had to, his beliefs, motives and practices are more close to how I think and act.

  141. Dolly Says:

    I spent 9 days with the Dalai Lama twice in the last 2 years, once in my hometown Houston, and last year for 9 days at LeHigh University in Pennsylvania for his teachings on the Great Treatise on the Path of Enlighenment. These are incredible spiritual experiences one can have. So, it would be great if more people could hear His Holiness messages. In terms of Richard Branson, he is one Man I sure would want to get a hug from. While he might be able to impart very valuable business accumen for us coaches and entrepreneurs wannabe, I would prefer to see the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson dialogue with each other what they think need to take place to shift the consciousness of the inhabitants of this planet Earth. Question: these men are highly in demand, why is the scheduled date of the meeting not posted?

  142. Maria Says:

    Well, no I would hate to meet dalai Lama! LOL
    Are you kidding?
    Of course I’d love to meet them!!!
    If you can make happen, I’m in!!!

  143. Sandra Hughes Says:

    Mmmm. Would not pass up the chance to meet either of them. If I had to choose? If it really is a meeting, then Richard Branson. If it is simply an opportunity to be in the presence of – the Dalai Lama

  144. Elaine Mc Guinness Says:

    To meet both Richard and the Dalai Lama, and if I had to choose, the Dalai Lama. The world needs inspiration in these times and the more people that are inspired by enlightened beings like the Dalai Lama, the better. The Word can spread to bring about positive change in the world. Count me in, I would love to know when and where. These 2 people show what we can all aspire to and therefore are role models for the power of the human spirit and mind. Anything is possible if we think it is.

  145. Teresa Says:

    thank you – amazing. I live 2 hours away from Calgary. How could I not see these incredible teachers. So yes I have registered. I follow your ‘stuff’ and a lot of what you are doing. You are an inspiration and I’d love to say hello if you are in Calgary.


  146. Paul Says:

    The dali lama. I would never turn down the opportunity to meet anyone as I believe you get the best out of life by being open minded.

  147. Ingrid Says:

    The Dalai Lama… I’ve always wanted to meet him, in fact, it’s one of my written goals in the spiritual area!

  148. roben Says:

    nee nee nee!!!!!!!

  149. Amanda Mc Says:

    Richard Branson. I would be honoured to meet Richard Branson.

    To meet the Dalai Lama as well, well definately. Imagine it !!! I feel overwhelmed at the thought.

    Thankyou, Amanda

  150. Waqas Says:

    I would Love to meet the Dalai Lama. Thanks for the oppertunity.

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