The Three R’s of Business Success #2: Repetition

The following is an excerpt from Judy Feld’s Three R’s of Business Success, as part of 10 Super Coaches.

Repetition: How often do people in your potential market hear from you and your company?

  1. How often do you send out your newsletter? Are you consistent in your schedule? Does each issue contain clear instructions on how you can be reached?
  2. Do you have patience and staying power? One mailing is not enough… it takes time and reputation to build trust.
  3. What changes can you make to increase the pace and velocity of your marketing efforts? A faster pace brings greater frequency, more opportunities for exposure, and quicker results.
  4. Do you focus your largest efforts on those most likely to buy?
  5. What is your plan/schedule for mailings, articles, newsletters, presentations, etc.? Time flies, with few results, without a plan.
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