The Three R’s of Business Success #3: Relevance

Friday, February 17th, 2012

The following is an excerpt from Judy Feld’s Three R’s of Business Success, as part of 10 Super Coaches.

Relevance: Have you targeted your message to your best customers, and is it clear how you serve them and meet their needs?

  1. Have you identified the niche or market segment that is most likely to buy your product or service? Does your message resonate with these people, and do you know them well?
  2. What are you an expert in? What is your specialty? Make sure your marketing materials clearly indicate what is unique about your offerings.
  3. Do you publish testimonials from your most satisfied clients or customers?
  4. Have you documented some client/customer success stories? Are they relevant to the market you are trying to reach?
  5. Do you have confidence in your own ability to serve your customer well, and can you articulate the specific benefits to a potential buyer? Confidence is key.


The Three R’s of Business Success #2: Repetition

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The following is an excerpt from Judy Feld’s Three R’s of Business Success, as part of 10 Super Coaches.

Repetition: How often do people in your potential market hear from you and your company?

  1. How often do you send out your newsletter? Are you consistent in your schedule? Does each issue contain clear instructions on how you can be reached?
  2. Do you have patience and staying power? One mailing is not enough… it takes time and reputation to build trust.
  3. What changes can you make to increase the pace and velocity of your marketing efforts? A faster pace brings greater frequency, more opportunities for exposure, and quicker results.
  4. Do you focus your largest efforts on those most likely to buy?
  5. What is your plan/schedule for mailings, articles, newsletters, presentations, etc.? Time flies, with few results, without a plan.

The Three R’s of Business Success #1: Reach

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The following is an excerpt from Judy Feld’s Three R’s of Business Success, as part of 10 Super Coaches.

Reach: How many possible buyers/clients/customers/prospects know about your product or service?

  1. How many subscribers do you have for your E-mail (faxed or mailed) newsletter or broadcast bulletins? Depending on your business, this could be your most valuable asset.
  2. How many sets of eyes see the articles you write? Being published, in print or at targeted websites, with your byline, contact information and brief bio may be the best way to expand your reach. This means you have many opportunities for marketing expansion by using specialized print publications, and industry/professional websites and e-zines.
  3. How many people receive your mailings? Whether you send a simple marketing letter, an elaborate brochue, a postcard, a fax. Monitor and count the increasing size of your mailing list.
  4. How many people attend your presentations, talks, speeches, TeleForums? How can you grow your numbers? Is it the right audience for your product or service?
  5. How many people visit your website each day? Do you frequently refresh/update your website? Give visitors a reason to access your site, and reason to return, and measure the traffic. It’s easy to measure your visitor count.