SolutionBox Warehouse Clearance

Ok so,

my warehouse is shutting down. But more on that in a moment….

I am just LOVING life in Bali. It’s almost a fairytale…
I get to wake up to the sound of ducks, slide from my balcony into
my lap pool, get a massage from my staff, take a Balinese language
lesson, and then make a difference to someone’s life in a coaching

pool slide

View from my balcony - custom slide 😉


Of course it’s not all roses – I wrestle with my demons like everyone else.
Sometimes there’s loneliness, doubt and heartache.
I’m fortunate enough that my lifestyle gives me the space
to be with it all; and there’s nowhere I’d rather be right now to go through
the ups and downs of life.

The fact that I’m getting paid to live my life and make a difference
in the world is so amazing it’s kind of hard for me to fully let in.
And yet daily I’m confronted with the extraordinary reality of it.

If some of this calls to you….if you’re inspired to have a
waiting list of clients, making an impact from your living room, a
beach in Bali or a tree-house in Thailand… then I’d love to help.

And the timing is perfect, because as part of my move to Bali,
and evolving as a digital nomad, I’ve decided to close my
Australian warehouse.

So the inventory has to go, and I’ve decided to almost give
it away to people who will use the information to build their
practice and make a difference to others.
(I say ‘almost’ because of course I’d like to cover the
cost of production and shipping so I don’t actually lose money.)

Here’s how we’ll keep it super simple:

Get the CoachStart Manual for half price – that’s $48 instead of $97 – and I will also:

1) Pay for world-wide shipping
2) Throw in a digital copy of 10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets (sells for $47).
3) Give the first 60 people a free copy of the Explode Your Practice Training Library
(CD Collection) (sells for $197)
4) Because I always load my products with bonuses, you’ll also receive the hundreds of
dollars worth of cool bonuses that come with your products.

Order here

This way I get a clear ware-house quickly, and you get
hundreds if not thousands of dollars in training for close to nothing.

Btw, the CoachStart Manual is in the hands of over 10,000 coaches world-wide and
is an A-Z step-by-step on how to build your coaching practice. And – they love it.

Explode Your Practice is the result of 4 years of me recording mentoring
sessions with clients who paid thousands of dollars for this information.
I edited it down to the very best so you can get benefit from my mentoring
in the car, on the train, while jogging, or even meditating.

This order page will work for the first 350 orders only; after that it will tell you it’s out of stock.

You’ll know if you were one of the first 60 because you’ll get an email telling you
are getting a free copy of Explode Your Practice.

Warehouse clearance

from the rice paddies….
with love,

Author, “Get Paid For Who You Are”
P.S. You can read about the products here:

P.P.S. I have a few spare copies of another flagship product lying around, so the
first 10 people to jump in will get an extra surprise in the mail.

Warehouse Clearance

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