Should we organise coaching support for Katrina victims?


It seems Katrina victims right now need food, housing, cash etc.

But in a month or two they might be able to use some coaching to set some goals and keep focussed.

It’s been proposed that SolutionBox create a web page where coaches can volunteer their services (say a month of free coaching), and we organise some press releases to let the public and various assisting organisations know of the web address.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Do you have a better one? Would you volunteer?

Please post your comments here.


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68 Responses to “Should we organise coaching support for Katrina victims?”

  1. Sarah Robinson, Business Coach Says:

    I’d like to suggest a worldwide coach-a-thon. We pick a 24 hour period, all coaches offer apy what you can coaching with the proceeds or a portion of the proceeds going to help victims of Katrina. I live in South Alabama and though mercifully spared little more than high winds, we are surrounded by those who lost absolutely everything. Any takers on the idea?

    Sarah Robinson

  2. Sarah Robinson, Business Coach Says:

    Sorry, I meant pay-what-you-can coaching!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, I would volunteer. Let me know how I can help. Thanks, Will in Atlanta

  4. Sandra Baptist Says:

    I think it’s a great idea for the pro-bono coaching! Yes right now they need basic necessities (money included) but I do believe it is a numbing experience. When some of them realize what they went thru, they will require coaching assistance to get back on track.

    Sure I would volunteer my time!

    Best Regards

    Sandra Baptist

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Most DEFINITELY! I think this is an EASY way to contribute to such devastation. I’m in. BST from Canada.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to assist these amazing people as they create a new life. Count me in….

    Robin Harpole, PhD, MCHt, MNLP

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I think it is a great idea. I would also love to offer some free coaching.

    Michele Caron

  8. The Force Within Says:

    I think it is a fantastic idea to help others, and I am in. I am also sending all of my profits this month to the victims from my own personal trading to my coaching clients. Another way to assist, is to open your house to those who have lost everyone (Salvation Army has a website set up for this). Thank you for organizing this. Anything more I can do, just let me know.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Con todo gusto ofresco mi asistencia para estos casos tan dificiles.
    I’m a healer, I’m on line for any support needed.

  10. Andrew Mugford Says:

    I agree that pro-bono coaching would be a great idea, but I think that’s best coordinated throug the ICF so there is less fragmentation and confusion among the public.

    my 2 cents.

    Andrew Mugford

  11. Yvette Brooks Says:

    Yes, I believe that this would be a great service to those that have lost everything.

    The basic needs are being met through donations, volunteers, fundraisers and the like.

    However, once the air settles, they will need some skills to pick up the pieces and re-build their dreams.

    You can count me in on the coaching volunteerism.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to help with free coaching
    Patricia Graham
    Toronto, Canada

  13. Barbra Gibb Says:

    I absolutely support the idea of pro-bono coaching for Katrina survivors. Let’s give them some time to take care of the basics, but count me in!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to express one’s magnanimity & inner greatness by helping others.
    Since my professional background also includes natural & holistic health, stress management & clinical hypnosis in addition to life & empowerment coaching I would be happy to offer my services & support to victims of Katrina. This also would be a brilliant way to nationally publicize the coaching profession itself.

  15. Bob Villoria Says:

    I have volunteerd for this and stand ready to help anyone who would like to avail themselves of my services.
    Bob Villoria

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely. As the timing is right, this is a great idea. Good work!

    Christine Brogan

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to express one’s magnanimity & inner greatness by helping others.
    Since my professional background also includes natural & holistic health, stress management & clinical hypnosis in addition to life & empowerment coaching I would be happy to offer my services & support to victims of Katrina. This also would be a brilliant way to nationally publicize the coaching profession itself.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to express one’s magnanimity & inner greatness by helping others.
    Since my professional background also includes natural & holistic health, stress management & clinical hypnosis in addition to life & empowerment coaching I would be happy to offer my services & support to victims of Katrina. This also would be a brilliant way to nationally publicize the coaching profession itself.

  19. florence Says:

    I most definately think we should do this, I have been having the same concersation with the CTI community and have many coaches willing to coach for free.

    I think we need to get the website going so that we are prepared for when they need us. I had also responded to an Email yesterday from Steve Mitten from ICF on the same topic. this is an area we need to unite as a community verses having multiple places to go. Leadership from all the communities need to step up beyond their branding and business goals and do what is right for the victims.

    I would love to be part of making this come to life. In my previous life I was the Director of Ecommerce for Citibank, so i am very familiar with getting these kinds of projects going!

    We have so much to offer, and so many ready to give it, all we need now is a way to connect people!! Namaste
    Florence Haridan

  20. Dave Says:

    I’d be willing to do some coaching and hypnosis (probably for stress releif) for those that need it.

    David Bryan Smith CHt
    America’s Gentleman Hypnotist

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s a good idea, with two provisios-it needs to come across as a genuine gesture of compassion (which of course it is) rather than as a promo for coaching. All down to how the press release is written (I know there are lots of great communicators on this network, so that shouldn’t be a problem). As coaching may not seem a great priority to many people who don’t understand how it works, it would be good to suggest some specific ways in which coaching might help people recovering from a disaster (ie what kind of goals might they be working towards)
    I love the Coach-a-thon idea as it is a way for us to help in the short term, and of putting our money as well as our gifts where our mouth is.
    I’m coaching some London Jazz Musicians who are getting together to raise money for relief, so another suggestion for coaches wherever they are in the world right now (especially those outside USA) might be is there a local fundraiser who is already working on this issue who might need some coaching support? Raising funds for anything, even an obvious need like this one can be hard work, with so many other calls on peoples cash. Also fund raisers tend to be givers and we all know that givers are the worst at asking for support. So let’s offer it anyhow!
    It’s an honour to be part of such a big hearted coach community!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, I would voluteer. I am a trainee coach but would be very happy to help in any way.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I would be honored to offer my services to work with individuals going through this transition. They will need help going forward once things have settled down.

    Linda McCarthy
    Annapolis MD

  24. Tom Says:

    I think it a great idea. In NZ we have an organisation based on a UK model call Business in the Community – people who have been in business volunteering time and giving free mentoring to small to medium sized businesses (in NZ that means less than 20 employees. Check it out at
    Tom Laing

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, I would voluteer to give some of my time; however, I am pregnant (due in december)and do not know yet how much of my time I will be able to give. I am a trainee coach for teh moment but would be very happy to help in any way. Finally I am french living in the UK and very touched by all these actions in place to help these people who lost everything.

  26. Says:

    Yes I would definitly volunteer I think it may be way down on some of the peoples agenda and counselling may need to come first but if I can help in any way at all I would be delighted, a great idea!

  27. David Wood Says:

    I agree the ICF should spearhead it. If they don’t, I’m willing to.

    I LOVE the idea of coaching fundraisers – very practical.


  28. Sarah Says:

    I’m in 100%. These people are going to need someone to turn to after this tragedy. It took 8 months to clean up the physical signs of 9/11…and people are still haunted by it. This is a tragedy on a much wider scale and thousands of people will feel the repurcussions for years to come. I don’t know how anyone else feels but I’m happy to provide free coaching for the victims for as long as they need. Please keep me posted, I’d love to do anything I can to help.

    Sarah in the UK.

  29. Sarah Says:

    I’m 100% up for this. It took 8 months to clean up the physical devastation of 9/11…and people are still haunted by it. Katrina is a tragedy on a much bigger scale…and people will be suffering from the repurcussions for years to come. I’d like to offer my services free of charge for as long as they are needed. Please keep me informed.

    Sarah in the UK.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Hello David,

    Excellent idea! I am from Oslo/Norway. Many American-Norwegians lives in these areas. I would like to provide coaching to Scandinavian people especially, as I understand their culture background well. Also Germans as well! The Norwegian Seaman Church in New Orleans may be contacted by you, as they voluntarily support housing etc for rescue people.
    Best regards from Vibecke Winther

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Great idea! I sign for free coaching of one person for a month either on the phone or on some messenger.
    June Drewitt, London, UK

  32. Eve Grace-Kelly Says:

    What a wonderful idea! I’m in 100% and will offer my coaching services free to victims.

    Please keep me posted, I’d love to do anything I can to help.

    Eve – Surrey, UK.

  33. Harolyn Says:

    Great Idea. Count me in.

    Keep me posted.

  34. Eric Landry Says:

    I would love to offer some free coaching to the victims. It’s a great idea, count me in.

  35. Tim McRay Says:

    Good idea. Happy to help in any way possible.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    That is a good idea about coaching the Katrina victims. I will participate.

  37. LilADDCoach Says:

    I would love to support this effort.
    My passion is supporting those with Special Needs.
    Count me in to be “fully present”.

    Lisa Kincaid

  38. Alison Wilcox Says:

    I’m in! I would offer free coaching. Great idea.
    Alison from Buffalo, NY

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I’m in as long as the coaching doesn’t cost those affected by Katrina anything. I would also be willing to work with anyone affected by this tragedy as long as they need me. I am in the process of starting a CDC (community development corporation- a non-profit that creates jobs and addresses the issue of decent, affordable housing) This would be a great way to pass along any useful ideas , etc. to those who have so much work ahead of them.

    Tracey Smith
    Eggbert & Co.

  40. Alicia Says:

    Count me in. I spent many years in the New Orleans area. If I can help in anyway let me know.Alicia

  41. Jenifer - Young, Gifted & Black Says:

    I totally agree with 1 free month of coaching…this was exactly what I planned to do here in Detroit with the relocated families…they need our help emotionally too.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I am a displaced-by-hurricane-Katrina coach, MFT, LCSW who could use some coaching myself. We have lost everything. Our home is standing, that is all we know. We are the lucky ones – we have a temporary place to stay. However, it is so difficult to be in this situation, and to also feel we should be back there helping instead of being safe in the mountains of north Georgia. I could use some coaching.

  43. emmie Says:

    Great idea!

    I’m a mother, teacher , psychosynthesis therapist and a human being with many skills and talents.

    I would be happy to help in any way that I can- most probably with on -line support.

    I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden so take the time difference into consideration – that’s one hour ahead of London .

    Love and peace ,

    email at yahoo:

  44. Heather Fougnier Says:

    I would be interested in contributing pro bono coaching for Katrina victims. It’s a great idea!

    Heather Fougnier

  45. John Boesen Says:

    Count me in. Let’s do remember, however, some will need professional therapists. Coaches will need to help set boundaries and know when to back off.

    Peace and blessings from John in Wichita Kansas.

  46. Kathleen Nelson Says:

    I readily agree with you. I gave money to the Red Cross and then sent e-mails to volunteer agencies offering my services as a life coach. Then I read your suggestion. I think it’s a great idea and agree with Andrew Mugford that it would be most effective to have a central clearing house.

    Kathleen Nelson
    It’s All About You Life Coaching

  47. Laura Johnson Says:

    I have been trying to think of a way to help them by using my coaching. I am so glad to see you guys are doing this. Yes, I would love to help be a part of this.

    Laura Johnson

  48. Laura Says:

    If this all comes to fruition we may want to consider creating a webpage for the coach volunteers where they can meet and discuss common themes that are coming from the Katrina victims. We would be a good resource for each other.

    Laura Johnson

  49. Nagaraj Tanguturu Says:

    I like Sarah’s idea of Coach-A-Thon. To add flavor to it, we can volunteer Work-an-hour for this cause. So Coaches can give what they get for one or more hours to the cause. Also on Coach-A-Thon day, if we get paid subscribers, we will donate that money or we can give free coaching who wants it. This way we can assist with money and coaching for the relief.


  50. Carla-Sofia Crevaux Says:

    Everyone deserves recognition for who they are. We are all created equal and we are all in need of each other. I’m all for offering free coaching to people that will be in desperate need of guidance, advice and support. As coaches we can help them find the way to lead a fulfilling life for themselves and for others. This is all about giving of ourselves. God bless all of the survivors of Katrina and all of you who are willing to do this.

    Carla-Sofia Crevaux
    Simple Living Consulting
    Saskatoon, Sk

  51. Elena Says:

    I definitely think this a great idea and would love to participate not only when they are ready to move on and plan a strategy but even now when they need compassion and a shoulder to ‘talk’ through and ‘process’ their feelings.
    Count me in please!

    Elena Zanfei
    InVision Coaching

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I liked all the comments that were posted. Great ideas from so many. Please count me in, I’m a Life Coach and MFT, intern, licensed eligible in California.

  53. Suzie St George Says:

    I would love to coach. But as my main interest is in coaching groups that want to create innovative projects, I would like be put in touch with individuals who would like to facilitate group action to rebuild community in various ways. Maybe volunteers should be listed under their specialties and preference for clients?

  54. Mica Says:

    I’d volunteer coaching, I’m in UK though, so maybe e-mail coaching would be the most practical for me to offer, because of the time difference.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Yes definately, I have personally contacted the Salvation Army in Atlanta, Georgia USA, directly and work with families in this area. My daughter is housing a family of 5, I am coaching with them once a week for 1 1/2 hours. I would also be willing to join in any world wide efforts. I have been approached to work with the Police Dept of New Orleans, where one of their own committed suicide. This is a great opportunity for assistance to people to start a new beginning and really get their attention out on their dreams to rebuild their lives.

    Warmest Regards,
    Diana M. Marsh
    Dynamic Coaching & Training, LLC.

  56. Riley Kinnunen Says:

    I’d love to be involved. I’d be willing to coach one person, or a group of people for an hour to an hour and a half, once a week for 12 weeks.

    What a great way to help people get their life in order.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, count me in as well. In these times its most effective for those of us who are away from the action (devistation) to become involved with action (help). I am in Vermont and would welcome the opportunity to help in a coaching effort for relief help.

    Garry Carlson

  58. David Says:

    In times of need everyone should be hip to the idea of helping. I am offering my motivational H.I.P program for those in need.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s a great idea and I would be happy to offer my services but I am in the UK and this may prove a problem – yes/no?

    Mary Deacon
    Life Coaching Partnership

  60. Pam Ragland, Master Thought Shifter(TM) Says:

    I can actually eliminate the trauma of this event energetically.

    What I do is very powerful. I can do it remotely, and in large groups. I could literally have all the flood victims in one room and eliminate the trauma from this event all at one time.

    I would like to help survivors in this way, I will not charge. I would only need to meet with them once. I am particularly interested in helping the kids. (I can also help the pets.)

    I realize this is not traditional coaching, although coaching is where I started. If ICF could facilitate helping people in this magnitude it would be incredible.


  61. Anonymous Says:

    I would absolutely love to coach and support those dealing with the devastation from Katrina. Please move forward with the original project and keep me posted.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a great idea , I live in the UK so there is a time difference but am still willing to participate. Am away from 1-25th October after then I am willing to go ahead , keep me posted.
    Christine from

  63. Rita Says:

    I’d love to help with free coaching. I live in Southport UK but am happy to coach.

    Rita, coach and personal development consultant

  64. donna stothfang Says:

    David: Great Idea! I would donate coaching services. Please keep me on your list of available coaches.
    Donna Stothfang
    Planet Coaching

  65. fexIceftGem Says:

    Очень полезно

  66. ira dressner Says:


    did something come of this effort. I am researching the coaching response to Katrina. Thanks, Ira

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