Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Hey guys,

I just got back from two amazing months in Bali.

In fact, for the last two years I’ve been blessed to
“semi-retire”, enjoying the fruits of the coaching and online
business I’ve set up.

With the new year (or the new relationship? :-O ) I’m feeling
HUGE amounts of inspiration and energy to help ~you~ set up ~your~
dream coaching business.

I’ve got something really exciting in the works.

Something I’ve never offered before.

Something to help you become a powerful coach, and get PAYING clients,
in the shortest time possible.

Watch your inbox tomorrow.



P.S. Here’s a very unattractive pic of me freaking out with a large Balinese animal

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

The following is an excerpt from Top Coaching Techniques.

David: OK, so we’ve got some lovely things that can help them develop life purpose. Again, they could be thinking life purpose or they could be thinking career. For some people it’s mixed, but for some people life purpose is just too hard. They just want something that will fulfill them. It’s not much different, but that way you can say it in words they can understand. You can say, let’s find a career direction, something you can do with your life that will make an impact and have you feel fulfillment, which is what they’re after.

Let me give you a model that I have been using with my clients. I’ve had mixed success with it, but for some people it works really well. The model is Vision, Mission, Games. How it works is, I have them write down their vision if the world was perfect, what would they want for their vision? It has to include more than them. Then once they’ve got that, they write a mission: how they will personally bring about that vision. Maybe world peace is the vision or harmony between all people. The mission might be something like, to expand people’s awareness of who they are and inspire them to grow. Mission doesn’t have to be that specific. I like to have the vision and the mission be quite broad. The games, or projects is another word for this, are anything you can do that would contribute to that.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Hi guys,

If there’s enough interest, I’ll put my coaching domain collection up for auction. Which of the domains below might you
be tempted to place a bid on?

(Note: all domains are URL only (no web pages), except the first three )

*   (includes web pages)
* (includes web pages)
* (includes web pages)


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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

The following is taken from David’s interview with Mike Turner in 10 Super Coaches.

What method did you find most effective in getting your initial clients?

Getting work through my existing network.

Initially, I took every opportunity to try and sell my coaching services whenever the opportunity presented itself. After I had been doing this for a couple of years, I reviewed where the work I was doing had come from. What I found, to my surprise, was that none of it had come directly from the people to whom I had been trying to sell it – instead it had all come from unexpected directions.

But what I also realized was that it was important that I was putting myself about rather than just sitting around at home waiting for work to show up. The principle here seems to be that, if I put out my energy for coaching into the world (by talking about what I do, by writing about it, and by taking any opportunity to demonstrate coaching), this energy comes back in the form of work – but by a circuitous and indirect route.

And when I realized this, I stopped trying so hard to sell coaching to the people I met and instead focused more on promoting coaching – which in turn makes the energy flow more easily.

Monday, January 28th, 2013

The following is an excerpt of one of David’s coaching sessions in Top Coaching Techniques.

David:         Great. Yeah. Not just one. Now with technology – because we’re not talking 20 years ago, we’re talking now – do you think it’s possible that you could develop a medium or a way of delivering that service or product without you having to be in a particular physical location? Do you think you’d actually do it from home, and then use the technology we have available today to deliver some kind of service or product?

Client:         Yes.

David:         Okay, so are we done on that one?

Client:         Yeah. (Laughs). Okay. Yeah, touché.

David:         Okay.

Client:         Okay. All right. Yes.

David:         Yes. I get the question all the time when I help coaches. They say, ‘Look, would people pay me to coach them?’ I find it similar to your question, which is basically, ‘Would people pay me to do something from home, or that I can do living in a nice location?’ I say that the answers are the same to both of those questions. It’s not so much about would people pay you, it’s a question of what would people pay you for.

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

The following is an excerpt of one of David’s coaching sessions in Top Coaching Techniques.

David:         I’d love to see you test market a video. Show lots of people. What’s the demand; what do they want? If you need 10 or 15 grand to get a really good one done, okay. Then you go look for some capital to get a video done. But, that’s one project. Then you might look at something else. I mean, it’s a fun thing to look at and to think about. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t had experience with a lot of getting a whole bunch of capital and going out great guns, but I really thought you’d do that when you want speed to market.

Client:         I agree. I see what you’re saying. I think that’s how it usually ends up falling, but I just think about all the other businesses. You’ve got my mind rolling. I’m looking back saying, ‘Okay, when I started this business, how did it really get started? How did it become successful?’ It was a ramping up.

David:         I’m a huge believer in that.

Client:         That’s a good point. That’s very true. You’re right on that.

David:         So it’s like a dance. You get to grow totally in tune with your market, and responding to your market, instead of coming up with this plan of what you think the market will take – instead of going out there and hoping. Okay. So have some fun with that. There’s a good point to it, to feel out the market. It’s responding to what you feel, rather than trying to tell it what it should be.