MM #95: How to Get Fantastic Testimonials

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2. FEATURE: How To Get Fantastic Testimonials

Testimonials can be extremely valuable to a coaching business. Not only do they show prospective clients that you have successfully worked with others, they show YOU that you have made a difference in your client’s life or company. Yet many people are afraid to ask for them.

Getting testimonials is easy and in my CoachStart™ Manual I give you all the steps you need.

Let’s summarize a few here…

It’s important to get at least three good testimonials. They can be short, but should promote your credibility, confidence, and services.

You must also get their permission to use the testimonials publicly, in your brochures, website, portfolio, etc.

The more information you can include, such as full name, title, company name, email address, etc. the more credible the testimonial. If you can get a picture, even better!

Through Instant Audio you can even have them call a phone number and record their testimonial – then add a link to the testimonial on your web site.

Quick Testimonial Tips

  • Get in the habit of asking for a testimonial each time you finish up with a client or when they are particularly excited about something they’ve achieved with your help
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone you’ve given just an Exploratory or Trial session to.
  • Start collecting positive e-mails and letters now – this will give you a good start in asking for testimonial later. You may even just use those e-mails! (with permission).
  • I suggest tweaking it to the language you want, and then ask the client for approval of the final edit.
  • When you speak to a club or company, get agreement in advance for a testimonial.

Sources of Testimonials

Possible sources of testimonials include your friends and colleagues.

Let them know you are starting your Coaching business and ask them to jot down how you have helped them – managing former employees, counseling someone on a problem, or just giving advice that really helped them. Or offer them a coaching session so they become one of your first clients!

Of course your actual clients are a great source for testimonials. If you are new, you can offer free coaching for a month on a particular topic in return for a testimonial. Past clients of any type can also give testimonials, even if not specific to coaching. Statements such as “Thank you for helping me with my relationship goals – you’ve made a difference” are powerful statements.

Use Your Testimonials

Once you’ve gathered your testimonials, print them out, put them on your website, share with prospective clients – Use Them!


  1. Jot down the names of six-ten people whom you have assisted in some way in the past.
  2. Ask these people to email you with 1 paragraph on how you have helped them move forward in their life.
  3. If you like, share some of your favorite testimonials at the blog!


This was drawn from The CoachStart™ Manual, found together with hundreds of dollars in free bonuses, here.


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3 Responses to “MM #95: How to Get Fantastic Testimonials”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nanci Biddle has succeeded in helping me where other professionals have failed. Nanci has the special ability to blend the gentleness and laughter of a friend, the understanding and compassion of a confidant and the strength and intuition of a guide to help one reach their goals. My life has been enriched tremendously because of Nanci. I am truly blessed to have her as my coach.
    Maria J. Boyd

    Nanci Biddle has been a tremendous resource that I have relied on for professional coaching. She has guided me through challenging circumstances using unique and out-of-the-box strategies and thought processes for acquiring clients, maintaining balance between work and family as well as mentoring me in my business. She gives thought provoking suggestions and feedback allowing me to think of the solutions through brainstorming techniques.

    I would recommend her to my associates, clients and friends.
    April J. Augustine

    Nanci Biddle CEC, CVCC, IAC-CC
    Certified Life and Small Business Coach

  2. Peter Says:

    I was in a job without prospects and with a lower salary than I felt appropriate for my skill level. I have worked with Pete Bryceland doing personal coaching and found it a tremendous help. I have now got organised, gained confidence, crafted a road map for my life and have just got a job which is very exciting and with a pay increase of over £10,000.

    Pete gave me the structure and inspiration I needed to greatly enhance my life. I wish I had gone to him a year earlier, in a funny way not taking action has cost me money. Pete has a very nice way of working, he is consistently encouraging and gave me courage to make change.

    Rosemary Smith – 2012 Olympic Co-Ordinator

    Pete Bryceland
    Confidence and Identity Coach
    Rediscover Who you are

  3. Danielle Ferris Says:

    Danielle Ferris has been a fantastic guide and motivator to me for the past few months. She has helped me to focus on my most important goals, in life and in business, and to work towards achieving those goals.

    I entered life coaching with Danielle to gain some business direction and to stay motivated with my weight loss goals, and after having a brief stumble, Danielle helped me to get back on track with my goals and I feel more motivated than ever.

    Our fortnightly calls help me to stay on track and I always feel so much more motivated after a session with Danielle. Danielle is patient, helpful and kind and I can’t see myself parting with her, not for a while anyway!

    Debra Webb, Director, Dictatum Transcription Services, Western Australia,

    Danielle Ferris,Cert IV Life Coaching
    Ideal Weight, Health & Lifestyle Coach – ShapeShifters

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