MM #92: Your Speaking Process

1. Announcements/Offers

How Did These Coaches Set Up Their Businesses So Quickly?

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Ken Wright, US

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Eddie Smith

Houston, Texas

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Visit a 6 Figure Coach

Last year we had a fantastic call with Ken Wright. You can find more about this coach, who made 6 figures in his first year of coaching, here:

(And you can sign up for his newsletter, “Tips to Lead the Wright Way”, on the front page, bottom right)

2. FEATURE: Create Your Speaking Process

Here’s a simple process to print and post up on your wall. Add some deadline dates too:

1) Pick a sexy sounding topic that you care about.

(Hint: solve a key problem for people)

2) Pick four key tips or solutions around that topic.

3) Draft an outline for your speech.

(Hint: powerpoint is a simple way to keep you on track, but don’t put your whole speech on it, just bullet points)

4) SET A DATE and invite your friends to hear your speech – before you even have it ready.

(Hint: they’ll give you written testimonials at the end, and verbal suggestions to improve it)

5) Put together an impressive looking bio with picture of you.

6) Join the National Speakers Association and go along to local meetings.

(Hint: find out who fields requests for speakers, and let them know you’ll handle any free request to speak, just for the experience)

7) Call your local public service groups (e.g. Rotary, Zonta), and get on their roster.

(Hint: negotiate in advance a testimonial letter from every single speech. You’ll sometimes get an offer of a paid speech out of your free speeches.)

8) After 3 speeches, quote a $200 or $500 fee per speech.

(Hint: if people baulk, you can always drop your price)


If you would like the full chapter on speaking to get clients or if you would like to see the other chapters included in The CoachStart Manualâ„¢, you can find them here.


  1. Print out the steps above.
  2. Add your deadlines next to each step.
  3. Post it on your wall
  4. Get started on your first step and post at the blog what you will do by when, for accountability.

* * *


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3 Responses to “MM #92: Your Speaking Process”

  1. corptrainer247 Says:

    Regarding your pricing suggestion, I have always found asking “What do you have budgeted for your speaker for this event?” is a better way to start. This way you won’t start out way over or under with your quote… UNDER is obviously where you don’t want to be. I learned that one from Les Brown who was a client of mine back in the late 90s.

  2. Spirit Says:

    Thanks very much for laying it out there so simple and plain language.

    The blog was what I needed to restart following my heart and write and prepare speechs. Yay.

  3. anto_nderitu Says:

    Thanks for those simple titbits. They have re-ignited the passion of motivational speaking which I have ignored for a while. I’m sure I’ll get great results from taking action on your suggestions. You’re changing the entire world! I’m all the way in Kenya, East Africa.


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