Create #51: Set Awesome Goals for 2008

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2. FEATURE: Set Awesome Goals for 2008

(Reprinted from a past article as it’s so good!)

Welcome to the New Year! Did you ever want to be one of those people who makes resolutions or sets goals every year and actually sticks to them?

My friend Peter Hegarty has made 3 resolutions every year for the last 15 years, and completed every one!!! Imagine if you had set and achieved 45 extra goals for your life!

But that’s pretty ‘out there’. This article isn’t for those of you who easily create three resolutions every year, create a plan for achieving them, and put it into action without effort.

No – it’s for those of us who WANT to make some changes to our life, and are JUST ABOUT to do some goal setting, and were waiting for the push that comes from this very newsletter. Well here it is!

And you’ll be glad to hear I’m not going to bust your chops about goals. I’m clear that many of us don’t set goals because we don’t want to set ourselves up for ‘failure’. It’s a bit confronting. Well – welcome to the ‘easy flow’ method of goal setting.

I’m going to simply invite you to create three goals that will make a difference to your life, and then to put them up on your wall. If you don’t complete them – what have you lost? You’re no worse off. And if just picking some goals and putting them on your wall is enough to tip you over the edge and cause some results, then you’ve discovered a very easy way to make changes!

My 3 Step Goal Finder™ Method

So let’s get started. Here’s my easy 3 Step Goal Finder™ method:

1) Firstly pick an area of your life that you really would love to polish up. (Not SHOULD polish up, but would LOVE to polish up). Common areas are relationships, career, finances, health & fun/lifestyle.

2) Then set a resolution or goal that would put a smile on your face when achieved, and write by when you would like to have it. (A stretch is OK, but keep it doable.)

3) OPTIONAL: Repeat this process until you have 3 goals. (Note: You can skip these steps and simply pick something that you know in your heart you want to do.)

Your goals should be specific (i.e. will it be clear when you’ve reached it? A goal like ‘feel better’ about myself is hard to measure. While a goal like ‘lose 10 pounds’ is very clear.)


Action: So what calls to you…

  • A healthy toned body?
  • A clear financial plan?
  • 30% increase in income?
  • Starting your own business?
  • Feeling free, expressed, and in love with your partner?
  • Back in communication where there has been a rift?
  • Two weeks in Peru?
  • To sing in public?
  • Learn a language?
  • Own your own home?
  • A job you love where you’re truly making a difference?
  • Find a life partner?

* * * *

1. Decide on your one to three targets.

2. Now that you have one to three targets, they need to see the light of day! So write them down in big letters and put them up where you’ll see them every day. You might even like to get creative, and use paint, and/or find a picture that motivates you.

3. I also highly recommend telling at least three people, to make it real. If it feels appropriate, ask for their support (e.g. to call you once a week to ask how it’s doing). Of course – it’s hard to beat getting your own coach; at the minimum you show yourself you’re serious

(I just hired a nutritional counselor for 3 months myself)

4. You can also clarify your top 3 goals in the next 10 minutes at the Free Goals Report:

This is a test version of what can be on your site. If you want a customized Free Goals Report for your site you can register here:

Goals Report Client Stream

5. Post your goals at the blog for the world to see!


P.S. Got a comment on this article? Add it to the blog

3. The Personal Touch

I write from the Harbin Hot Springs cafe, CA, on this rainy foggy day.

Feeling comfortably tired and peaceful, I reflect that the last three months have been some of the most intense of my life. Feeling tired and ‘down’ almost every day was worrying and uncomfortable. And when I stopped sleeping three weeks ago I had a choice: take sleeping pills to smooth it out, or ‘go natural’ and face every scary, icky, tense, exposed screaming feeling that comes up.

I’m proud to say I took the latter path, and at one point had a friend with me for 36 hours straight as I felt every feeling that came up. Beyond Ouch!

For a guy who’s biggest fear is being exhausted and going into an anxiety loop at the same time, it was a wild experience to have nights with 90 minutes and even 20 minutes sleep. There were several times that were it not for my guide pointing out that craving a sleeping pill was my mind trying to protect me, so I could avoid the feelings, I would have definitely popped that Ambien that kept (falsely) promising me blissful sleep. For the conclusion to this experience, a list of things I learned (plus late night rambling brain dumps and my ‘Warrior’ post, see my personal blog.)

WARNING: It’s uncensored, unedited, and a rawer sharing than you are used to from me. If this or swearing offends then don’t read it. Personal Blog: – the first post on this is called “Awakening Through Pain”.

On lighter topics, Kristina and I have spent two weeks at OneTaste in San Francisco, deeply enjoying our new community of friends. We plan to move here in June (Mill Valley in Marin County) and perhaps be part time residents of this unusual community.

I fly to Australia Feb 10 (and joined by Kristina March 5) for a little business, a new visa, and my brother’s wedding! Returning April 2 to San Francisco, and then doing Byron Katie’s 9 day training school of ‘The Work’ in Los Angeles. We’d love to go to Sandy and Nicole’s wedding in Bali in May, but not sure how all that traveling will sit with us.

Love David

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6 Responses to “Create #51: Set Awesome Goals for 2008”

  1. Warrenpeace21 Says:

    Thanks for the article David,
    These are a short list of My Awesome Goals:
    1. Write a Novel
    2.Set myself up as a Life Coach
    3.Take on Public Speaking
    4.Create 10 Oil paintings
    5.Write a book on the Environment.
    Warren Brown

  2. Deidre HH1 Says:

    Your articles are always inspiring. I just checked my mail after 2 hours of working on my Dream Board watching “The Secret” -is it coincidence you are talking about goals or what?? Mine for 2008 are:
    1. attract 5000 new clients to my business The Health Highway some of whom will become close, cherished friends and inner circle
    2. renovate our house to double its current value and create wonderful entertainment spaces to run Dream Board and self development classes for others
    3. to own a Mercedes Benz ML-320 (black, petrol, automatic)
    4. to cherish every moment of my family life

  3. Marcelle Says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your inspirational emails!

    My top goals are :

    - Have FUN!
    - Write 2 more children books within The Quest of Sam Kukaï LOA collection
    - Participate in a radio or TV show or documentary on LOA as the French LOA expert
    - Develop a French multimedia discourses program on LOA and attract at least 100 members
    - Write a French book on LOA for children
    - Co-create with fun and successful people!

    I launch these rockets of desire to the Universe!

    Thanks for being who you are!

    Marcelle della Faille

  4. Elizabeth Newell Says:

    I htought I would share a recent discovery I made about a brand new film that really helped me and several of my clients. the film is being called by many as the sequel to “The Secret” But in my opinion it far surpasses the secret in many ways. The film I am refering to is The Opus ( it features many of the cast from the original secret, people like Jack canfield, Joe Vitale, John demartini, Marci Shimoff, Morris Goodman and Bob doyle. But it also features many new comers like Mark Victor Hansen, Douglas Vermeeren and Bill Bartmann. The film is really well done and has so much useful information. Normally, I don’t get too involved with blogging but this is a film I think will make a big difference for a lot of people. check it out and share your thoughts…

  5. Alex Long Says:

    sometimes i am having some problems when setting goals,`-

  6. Pine Wardrobe ` Says:

    goal setting is very important in life an also in business-~,

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