MM 88: Create Your Speaking Process


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5 Responses to “MM 88: Create Your Speaking Process”

  1. Management Training Says:

    I understand that global warming is a real problem but I have also heard that livestock are responsible for 18 per cent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together. When you say that the USA needs to do something to stop global warming, are you saying that, along with decreasing the amount of time we spend in our cars, we should also stop breeding cattle? It seems like that would be the best way to cut down on these harmful gasses.

  2. Rich Says:

    I recently discussed global warming with an X-ray Astronomer who reminded me that it is also warming on Mars. What are we doing to cause this? How so we explain the CO2 levels follow after the warming, not lead it? There is much strong evidence pointing to the sun rather than CO2 as the culprit. One last comment, I came to this site to learn about becomming a life coach, not to read more Bush bashing, is Bush bashing a requirement to be a life coach?

  3. RRRodig Says:

    If you base your oppions on what the UN climate council is telling you, you are being mislead. In my experience of 50yrs, the UN hasn’t done anything trust worthy to place my unquestionable faith in. In fact it is just the opposite. Beware my friend be afraid, be very afraid.

  4. Nicholas King Says:

    A Life Coach is sometimes very necessary so that we do not loose our way in our lives.;-”

  5. Caden Alexander Says:

    i had a mid-life crisis and what i needed was a life coach,~-

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