MM #73: Top Tools to Use to Set Up Your Business


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2. FEATURE: Top Tools to Use to Set Up Your Business

Many times we are asked which providers have the tools that provide the most value and usefulness for our type of businesses.

The more automation, systems and tools you are able to use, the less daily work you will need to do to keep your business running. We all know you have enough to do. You can read more about systems in this past article:

MM 12: Systems

We are happy to give you an overview of our trusted providers in an attempt to make your choices easier. (Note: if any of these providers have a commission system, I’m probably signed up. I’m always happy to be paid for referring services I believe in ;-)

Web Hosting Service

My friends Marc and Rebecca offer a Small Business Web Site Package for coaches including: unlimited web pages, 15 hours of design time, voice greeting, shopping cart, newsletter capability, and unlimited mailing lists for only $449.

I’ve taken a good look at it and I think it’s pretty unbeatable. You could normally expect to pay $600 to $1,500 for this. If you want to get an idea of the quality you can expect, take a look at for an example of a spiritual site.

Copy Writing

Delegate the copywriting duties of your business to an expert. Someone not only with the skill to write killer sales letters, but is also in tune with your audience, what makes them tick, and what drives them to hire you to help them succeed in life.

Andy O’Bryan,, has been writing advertising copy for 20 years. He has come to know more than 100 of the world’s most famous success icons and has a deep understanding of what coaches – and their clients – want.

Production Creation, Marketing and Sales

Produce your signature product or program in less than 90 days in Michael Port’s #1 product creation program on the Internet:

Web Traffic Expert or Software

In this article I explain my secrets to free traffic. For those new to the web, I’m talking about how to come up in the top ten listings (rankings) when someone searches for something like “life coaching” or “business coaching” on a search engine like AltaVista, Google, or Yahoo.

Autoresponder Software/Shopping Cart/Newsletter Management

Most people find it really confusing to pick an e-commerce system. In fact, they don’t even know they are looking for an ecommerce system! They just wanted a shopping cart – without realizing how the entire package fits together.

I’ve created a special video showing you the inner workings of my entire ecommerce system. You’ll see the individual control panels, along with my explanation of what each screen is for. (In fact I’m using the system to send this to you.

If you don’t already know, you’ll soon learn that online marketing means automation. The biggest bonus of being online is you can follow up repeatedly with your customers, over say a year, while you are asleep! Just imagine following up with 1000 customers, in an automated, targeted fashion for the next 12 months. That could be 12,000 emails arriving at just the right time, without you even thinking about it!

Professional Cart Solutions allows you to set up unlimited auto responders. Further, you can say ‘When they subscribe to the AR for purchasing Product A, then UNSUBSCRIBE them from the AR that encourages them to purchase Product A’. Very powerful.

Site Build It! (“SBI!”) is Web hosting that works. It is the only all-in-one site-brainstorming-building-hosting-and-marketing step-by-step system of software tools that delivers thriving, profitable businesses.

Its creator is an absolute genius, who’s managed to combine web hosting, web site building, and web site marketing into one complete package. I’m sure Ken doesn’t sleep!

Instant Audio

Put streaming audio on your web site. Check it out here. This is useful to hold your prospects and turn them into paying customers.

Credit Card Merchant Providers

How many clients do you have to lose because of a bounced check or changing their mind before they pay – before you realize you need to take credit cards? In this article we will start with the quickest method to set up, and then move on to the one that will make it easy for your clients to stay with you month after month. And – I’ll tell you who I recommend if you’re shopping for a merchant credit card account.

Assessment Generator

AssessmentGenerator allows you to create your very own assessments and place them on your web sites. When people visit your web site, they can complete the assessment and have their results e-mailed to them, while you get a new business lead.


Action: Systemizing your business with tools

  1. What tools do you want next to build your business faster?
  2. What are your favorite coaching tools?
  3. Post your favorite coaching tools, thoughts and comments at the blog!


P.S. Got a comment on this article? Add it to the blog.

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  1. faidzal ghazali Says:

    Thank you for the information. These tools would be very helpful to minimise the workload thus giving more opportunity for me to focus on the core process or on things that I feel more passionate about. The downside is, I would have to fork out more money. Guess I just need to choose between time and money.

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