MM #68: A Coaching Technique (Part II)

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2. FEATURE: A Coaching Technique (Part II)

Tom Stone has led the way in the field of coaching and we are very excited he has offered to share his expertise on core dynamics coaching with us.
In Part 1 we learned that to align yourself with nature’s principle involves three things:

  1. Becoming aware of the tendency to make impulsive decisions
  2. Noticing when you are about to decide impulsively and “unplugging” from making that decision or taking that action
  3. Waiting until you have that natural sense of quiet certainty.

What if waiting feels hard?

If you fear that waiting will be uncomfortable, or that you might miss out on something, sometimes it is and sometimes you will. But the discomforts that you go through while waiting are the very things that you need to experience in order to get to the place of clarity about your decision. And think about some of those things that you were afraid that you would miss out on, and then they turned out to not be what you wanted after all.

Waiting isn’t always uncomfortable. For example, everyone I’ve asked about it has had one or more experiences that they can remember of having a desire for something, forgetting about it and not doing anything to fulfill that desire, and then all of a sudden, at a certain point, the fulfillment of your desire just showed up! If you think about it, you will probably be able to identify several such experiences in your own life.

This is beautiful. This is the ideal of waiting for clarity because sometimes the universe and the laws of nature can organize the fulfillment of our desires far better than we can even imagine.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your whole life could be aligned with the principle of least action so that everything in your life was like that? Have the desire, let it go and watch the universe bring it about? Now, don’t get me wrong here, sometimes the laws of nature need to be acting through your body, mind and personality in order to bring about the fulfillment of your desires.

But when this is happening you are truly in the Zone. Everything that you do feels like you aren’t even doing it. You feel as if you are watching it happen and you are just along for the ride. Pretty much everyone has had that kind of experience either in sports or in some other area of life.

Can you say more about the benefits?

As you practice this (and you can start right away) you will start to notice that as you wait for the clarity often times it will become obvious that it wasn’t such a good idea after all and you will save yourself tons of time and energy and money that you didn’t waste on chasing after something that was only an emotional impulse and not something that would really bring you the fulfillment that you seek.

Another thing that will happen is that you will start to notice that sometimes the longer you wait, if it is something that you thought you were going to have to “do”, more and more of it will get organized by nature. This is because when you are aligned with what is truly right for you, then you are naturally in sync with the law of least effort.

Lots of times things will simply take care of themselves much like the experience of having a desire and having the laws of nature organize the whole thing for you. You might call it doing less and accomplishing more. Or even, doing nothing and accomplishing everything!

Tom, can you give us an example?

A good personal example of waiting for clarity that I’ll share with you is the process that I went through in writing this article. When David invited me to contribute an article, I wasn’t sure at first what to write about. He said that he’d like it to be about something that people interested in coaching would be able to use right away. But some of the things that we teach in Core Dynamics Coach Training really require a more thorough process of actually giving people specific new experiences, so they aren’t as easy to teach through articles as they would be through live or recorded audio or video training.

So I waited for clarity. After waiting about two weeks, I was having a conversation with my wife, telling her about some preliminary thoughts for the article when the idea of explaining how to align yourself with this powerful universal law of least effort just came to me.

That was the moment when it just clicked into place. I was experiencing the very thing that I was going to write about. The natural and appropriate time for the right idea had arrived. Then sitting down to write the article was totally effortless. It just flowed out like it wasn’t even me writing it! Well, I guess it’s a good idea to walk your talk!


“Waiting for Clarity” is one of five unique experiential techniques that we teach people in Core Dynamics Coach Training. The technique of “Unplugging” that I mentioned in the second step in the process is another one of these five techniques. You can also learn how to use this “unplugging” technique to dismantle any unwanted habits that you have had difficulty in changing in the past. All five of these new experiential coaching techniques are taught in the Core Dynamics seminar which is now available on audio CD by special arrangement with David and SolutionBox®.

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Learning these techniques to enrich your own life and remove the limiting influences that are the barriers to having the life that you truly want is a wonderful and very important part of learning Core Dynamics Coaching. After all, how can you really coach people in having a great life unless you are having one yourself?

And you’ll love using these techniques with your clients.

Personal development for coaches

I feel very strongly about the importance of personal development for coaches. Great coaching comes out of great people and is much more important than simply learning a bunch of coaching techniques. It is far more important who you are being than what coaching techniques you know.

So while you are learning about coaching, learn how to get your own life together by learning and practicing the five Core Dynamics personal development techniques. They are some of the most simple and profound techniques that I have learned in my life. And they are also some of the most powerful tools you can teach your clients too.

by Tom Stone
Founder – Great Life Technologies, LLC

Action: Expressing Yourself

  1. Practice waiting for clarity on a couple of your desires/projects.
  2. Take a look at the seminar Tom talked about and think what difference it might make in your life, and the lives of your clients: Check it out here.
  3. See my (David’s) comments on the blog
  4. Post your thoughts and comments at the blog!


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P.P.S. Any Questions?
And for general comments and feedback, post here.

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6 Responses to “MM #68: A Coaching Technique (Part II)”

  1. tclong Says:

    Tom talks about how waiting for clarity in terms of achieving something that is desired rather than following an impulse can more easily and effectively fulfill that desire. I agree. My experience has also been that waiting for clarity has shown me that my original desire wouldn’t fulfill me nearly as much as the *new* desire that waiting for clarity brought to me.

    Real Life Example: We have been looking for a house in a particular neighborhood that is within walking distance of our church and my son’s school. It’s also on the same side of town as my office, so this move would save our gasoline budget over $200 per month. A house finally went on the market a couple of months ago and I liked the house and was ready to make an offer. Very impulsive of me. My wife, however, had some concerns about the size of the house and the layout of rooms. The house was also quite a bit out of our price range. So, rather than jump on the opportunity, we decided to wait and see how quickly (or not) the house sold. This also gave us the time to decide of this was really the house for us. Three weeks ago, we received a phone call from some friends who knew another family in that same neighborhood who were about to put their house on the market. The layout was a better fit for our family, it was the right size, and we were able to negotiate the exact price that we could afford.

  2. David Wood Says:

    I ALSO see the benefit of massive action. And in acting fast. I often fire from the hip – shooting off actions and let the chips fall; it’s a fun way to live. Take the action and then see what’s next.

    However, Tom’s article kind of clicks into place for me.

    Paul Lowe speaks of ‘letting go’, and ‘being’. He says he ‘does nothing’. Of course that’s not true – he takes action, but I think he means he doesn’t chase things or push to make them happen. He responds to life and acts on impulse if it feels right. He does seem to wait for things to come to him to see what the universe ‘wants’. And I’ve heard of him speak of seeing ‘what wants to happen’.

    My friend Tony Fitzgerald once told me of ‘candling’. Projects you don’t have time for right now, or that don’t feel ‘right’, can be pictured as candles gently placed on the shelf. It’s not like they have disappeared – they have are just patiently awaiting their time. I have a dozen such projects that like to think are just waiting for their time to come. Someone will appear that will be just perfect to run with Project 6! It’s a comforting thought and feeling for an entrepreneur with not enough time to make everything happen at once.

    For example I’ve wanted to own property for about 8 years now. But I’m not willing to spend the time required to research it, plus I was investing heavily in my business. A few months ago I met a woman I trust 100%, with the drive and skills to represent me in the property game. Three weeks ago I become a home owner ;-) Last week I met a 31 year old woman who owns 35 properties….and it’s just possible that with her help and contacts I’ll own another four inside a month.

    Lastly, I have some personal things in my life that I’ve felt some angst about – like ‘what should I do about this?’ or ‘what will happen with this?’ This concept of ‘waiting for clarity’ gives me a feeling of peace…that I can allow it to unfold.

    In Robert Heinlein’s amazing cult book ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, the main character Michael Valentine Smith (from Mars) always says ‘waiting is’, and ‘until waiting is filled’. Beautiful. You grok? I’m starting to.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    so many words and not 1 word of wisdom to justify the time it took to glance over it.
    bunch of nonsense
    brrrr ….

  4. Anonymous Says:

    A wealth of information and what would make it even more enjoyable to read would be more images/pictures to break up the text (especially for us visually referenced people.)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    sounds to me like the old addage’Just sleep on it” – ever had a problem, gone to sleep that night and in the shower the next morning the light goes on?

    OR howabout the concept of “waiting on God instead of running before Him?” Just a thought

  6. Ilana Semo Ben tal Says:

    i absolutely agree to what Tom’s talking abou! I’ve had many nore than a few experiences in my life- when waiting for cleareity was excectly the right thing to do!(and i’m emphasizing the words-TO DO..) for those who finds it a bit “strange” and “impossible” – you can call it simple intuition! we all have it – however- many do not allow thenself to go with it and trust there intuition.I wormly invite you to do so … you’ll be amazed with what will happend in your life and business. go for it! what do you have to loose? :-)

Leave a Reply