MM #54: Aim Higher

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2. FEATURE: Aim Higher

What are you aiming for in your business?

What are you targeting?

Will you have achieved success if you actually get it?

Your Current Limits

I’ve noticed that when I am aiming to complete 8 chinups, that’s as many as I can do – no more.But when I aim for 10 – it seems I can somehow do 10.


So say I’m looking for more subscribers and I aim for 1,000 new people – and I get it. When I target $2,000 in more revenue – that’s pretty much how it turns out.

I wonder – if I aimed for less, would that become my new limit? Would I be satisfied with having reached my lesser goal?

On the other hand, what if I aim for more – would that be the new number? The new limit?

It seems to me that we sometimes – in effect – put the ceiling on what we can achieve and what our company can do, simply by what we aim for.

What if you challenged your current goals and limits?

What if you aimed for a workday where disagreements never last more than 5 minutes? Or to triple current profits within 6 months? Or to move to a bigger office? Or to give better employee benefits – no matter what happens?

What if you decided to sell 50% more product this year instead of 10%?

Or made it your goal to build the best web site in your niche, even if you don’t have a current web site?

Or worked to get 4 different partnerships a month instead of in a year?

10 more new clients instead of 5?

Action Stations
Commit to yourself in writing:

1) Where are you aiming now?

2) Where will you aim higher?

3) Post your answers at the comments.



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18 Responses to “MM #54: Aim Higher”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS! I set it as 1. My coaching/consulting business as supoortive income within a certain period of time, I did it, even though I forgot the timeline I designated for many months. 2. I wrote over and over monthly net income goals – I am reaching them. And I don’t “try,” I just stay clear and focused and listen for intuitive guidance as often as I can remember, instead of hearing “shoulds” in my head. The perfect opportunities/people/events show up “miraculously” to fill in the intention I have set…
    And now I’ve been wondering, “What IS my limit with this manifestation stuff??”

  2. D.Shvarts Says:

    1. Income= 375 euro/hour
    300 clients a year
    2. Income

  3. Katherine Darrow Says:

    I like your blog, but I am concerned that it seems the main aim of your business is making big bucks, rather than actually helping people. Isn’t a desire and talent for helping people clarify and achieve success with their goals the true motivation for coaching? If not, I would think that the actual coaching is not very sincere.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I will walk 25 minutes tonight instead of 22.

  5. Stationmaster Says:

    So often when a good lesson is coming down the pipes, I have been receiving other intuitive preparation. I have been in suspension and more than aiming low, found myself becoming aimless. This affects the quality of my production in service to others, guidance or coaching for them, etc. My aim is to get an aim; a high one, of course.

  6. Starting Now coach Says:

    You are right on target David! Sometimes we can limit ourselves without even knowing it. I like to share with clients to have a goal they know they can reach and a vision they can get excited about. The vision often has to do with making a positive impact in the world and is exciting enough to keep them focused and in action. Aim higher everyone!! Whoo Hoo!

  7. Wineandsky Says:

    congratulation to everyone who has posted their goals!

    Here are mine, and i know they will come true. Any fear that may prohibit me, does not exist for the next person who becomes successful. So why should i let that fear obstruct my world? In fact, why should i let fear obstruct anyone’s world?

    goal 1: create new coaching biz

    goal 2: sustain current housecleaning biz and increase clientel through more vigorous marketing.

    goal 3: obtain funds to increase infrastructer for coaching, housecleaning, and loan officer businesses

    Good luck everyone on this years goals!

  8. Savka Says:

    I have applied for a professional coaching and mentoring job, I have no previous experience in this field appart from product knowlledge and customer service. I must admit I am a bit scare but excited at the same time. Can you advice me on the punch line that I can use when I go to the interview for this job? I know I have to believe in my self but is this enough? Thanks for taking time to read this!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I am aiming to the be the top of the Artists in Canada…. wish me loads of success…Elle

  10. FranfromOZ Says:

    So much of this comes down to self confidence and trust in letting go. I’m a qualified counsellor, and now, a trainee coach, looking to move more towards employment in this field. I have experienced enough to know that I need to instruct my sub-conscious by command: Do this. And put in the practical steps on the outside. This is how I see instructions to Aim Higher working for me. I’ll let you know the outcome. Best wishes from others are welcomed. I wish you good energy to get where you aim to go.

  11. Lois Says:

    My Aim is to be On the Young Living Cruise of January 2007.

    I shall do this by raising awareness of the Powerful Influence of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in Healing, while directing folks to to Boost the Wellness of the Nations.

  12. Lois Says:

    Essential Oils have saved my sanity.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Aim Higher
    1. Lost my aim over past couple months but subconsciously still achieved my monthly income target for March 2006

    2. Replicate maonthly income target for next three months – then increase it by 50%

    PS to katherine – David has become more into internet biz which was annoying me but he still gives lots of value so I consider it the cost of ‘doing business’ – it’s also a rmeinder if we don’t promote we don’t get. Coaching is a noble profession but you’ve still gotta get paid unless you’re happpy to do pro-bono. David seems excited about the possibilities he’s created for himself and good luck to him. He still gives a lot of coaching nuggets for free.

  14. Wellness Web Coach Says:

    i have to add to anonymous, when you do too much for free, you will attract uncommitted people who don’t show interest in moving forward, in fact they will drain you.


  15. Anonymous Says:

    For those who feel they are being overly marketed to or being drained … we always have the choice to cancel our subscription if we feel we are being ‘sold’ rather than ‘helped’.

  16. Human links Says:

    I have been working as a coach for other organizations for 10 years. It’s time I work for myself and recieve all the profits and the great feeling of helping others. My original goal was to make $1000 a month being an independent coach (I make $3000 a month working for an organization.) After reading David’s newsletter I have increased that goal to $3000 a month. Why discount my abilities on my own when I was getting paid that working for someone else? –Bek

  17. Wellnesswochenende Says:

    Hi, I can

  18. Jake Sayed Says:

    @alex i think you are not fully right because this youtube video shows it

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