MM #46 Excellence in Coaching

What People are Saying About ‘First Fifty Clients’?

Simply Brilliant!!!!!

I listened to the disc for the first time on Monday and have already booked 45 people for exploratory sessions. I may have to extend my goal to 100 people in 100 days. I never knew I could inspire people to take advantage of a free session. You have motivated me into action and I wish to thank you for this. ” – Loretta Digger, UK


Coaching and Katrina Aid

We’re thrilled to have raised $4,126 for Katrina Aid! We had over 100 people purchase 10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets,and donated 100% of the proceeds. Now we get to hand a nicecheck over to charity. This is SolutionBox’s first baby steps in the fundraising arena, and it feels good!

If you would like to contribute your skills and talents to the Katrina victims, Susan Austin is putting together Coaching Makes a Difference. Rather than start our own game, we’re getting behind Susan’s.

Read how you can help here:

Coaching Makes a Difference

Wavy Gravy Pilgramage

Readers helped bring back my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Wavy Gravy – for a limited time only. Thank you so much!

Get the full story and view pics of the sweet results here at the Blog

(And to be notified when the blog is updated, just signup on the right of the blog)

Telephone Coaching Skills – Volunteer Opportunity

The Institute of Advanced Leadership (sponsored by my good friend Dr. Rob) shares leadership skills with African leaders to work on ending poverty and corruption. They have trained over 3,000 leaders so far.

They seek 10 positive, flexible telephone coaches to volunteer for a 1 year committment. Approximately 5 hours per week.

Email adriana @ with any questions or to apply.

FEATURE: Excellence in Coaching and Your Life

Donna Steinhorn – former #2 at CoachVille and currently forming the Association for Coaching Excellence – asked me for my thoughts on excellence in coaching. It got me thinking, and inspired this article.

How does it apply to you? Ask yourself: “Where am I pursuing excellence in my life? My career? My relationship? My health? My finances?”

“Where am I NOT going for excellence and accepting mediocre results?”

At the end we’ll ask you these questions again, and give you a place you can share your answers for the world to see.

“Excellence in coaching comes down to excellence
in the coach”

I could rave to you about how to ‘do’ great coaching, but I won’t.

It’s excellence in our own lives that counts.

Who are you?

Who are you as a person – that someone would want to work with you?

That they would want a ‘piece’ of your energy? That someone would say, “That’s the type of person I would like to become.” “I want a life like that.”

Are you:

  • Loving your life? Can you find gratitude, are attractive to be around, and things keep getting better?
  • Responsible for your life? Instead of complaining about what happened, you say, “What did I do to create this, and why?” You forgo excuses and blame.
  • Feeling all your feelings honestly? Without letting them rule you, or on the other hand suppressing them?
  • Going for everything you want? Or at least being honest where you’re not?
  • Risking in your life? Saying the things you’re scared to say, even at risk of losing a relationship? Doing the things you fear? Thinking bigger? Letting go of your safe nest for what is next?
  • Taking care of yourself? Are you giving you what you need? Do you exercise and eat well? Do you rest when you need to?
  • Keeping your own standards of integrity? Paying ALL the tax you know you should? Do you pay for software and CD music? Are you on time? Do you let go of the clients you know you’re not helping? But don’t stick to my standards; stick to yours!

“Excellence in coaching
comes down to excellence in the coach.”

Excellent, not perfect

A coach’s life doesn’t have to be perfect. Boy – you should see some of the stuff that happens in my life! But what’s your attitude around it? Is it: ‘What a powerful ride! What’s next?’ Or ‘Why does this always happen to me?’

Do you learn from your experiences? It’s the growing and expanding that leads to understanding for ourselves and for those we coach.

I just had a session today where my courage in coming through a difficult time was fuel and inspiration for my client. It wasn’t so much my ‘technique’ in coaching her; it was her being able to see someone who had been there and faced the tough decisions and come through it with a smile (eventually!). It’s wonderful how our clients call us to live greater lives than we might on our own.

Even in our imperfect lives, are you excited about your life? Do you wake up feeling that something wonderful will happen today? This passion brings enthusiasm to your clients as well. You can create light, when you are lit up yourself.

Pursue excellence, for you and your clients

“Excellence in coaching
comes down to excellence in the coach.”

If you pursue excellence in your own life, you will expect it for your clients.

If you’re willing to pick up the phone and call someone you’re terrified to talk to, you’ll then be a stand for your client to do the same. When you are honest in all your relationships, you’ll expect your client to tell the truth. If you’re looking after yourself, you’ll be firmer with a client who is letting their body go.

When you are out of integrity or living way below your vision of yourself, your self-assurance drops. Conversely, living a life of excellence will give you confidence as a coach, and potential clients will feel it. Every time you make choices that bring you closer to who you want to be, you gain confidence. And confident coaches will ask more of their clients

Work on yourself as much as you work on your business

Don’t just take business classes or coaching teleseminars, take personal growth seminars, read as much as you can, listen to motivational tapes, grow in your relationships, challenge yourself. Know yourself and know your issues, so you continue to grow. Track down your ‘gurus’ and learn from them. These are mine: Paul Lowe, David Deida, the Human Awareness Institute, Landmark Education, Byron Katie, Tony Robbins, Vac Baronco.

“Excellence in coaching
comes down to excellence in the coach.”

If as coaches we pursue excellence in our own lives, we will expect it from our clients. And people will see and feel excellence in the profession!

Where are you pursuing excellence in my life? My career? My relationship? My health? My finances?

Where are you NOT going for excellence and accepting mediocre results?

What will you differently in the next 30 days?

Want accountability? Post your answers here: COMMENTS

* * *



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11 Responses to “MM #46 Excellence in Coaching”

  1. Julia Stewart Says:

    Hey David – Great article on coaching excellence, thanks! Looking forward to seeing you at the ACE Live Event on October 15th!

    Take Care,

    Julia Stewart

  2. Thea Says:

    Terrific article. Perfect!
    I’ll be archiving past client folders, updating my website, catching up on all emails, spending an hour ‘with myself’ every morning’ reorganising My Favorites in IE and completing my tax – by Fri. 14 Oct.
    Have already Spring cleaned the house, washed windows and got the garden looking wonderful.
    I’ll be back here on that Fri. to let you know that I accomplished these.
    Thanks for the accountability opportunity.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I liked your article on Coaching Excellence very much! To be a coach is a way of living, not tecnicques. My areas of improvement goes on finance and relationships. In the next 30 days I will market my 4 courses this Fall so that I have at least 10 attendants on each course. Gives me financial support and new contacts.

  4. Denis IRL Says:

    Inspiring article. I’ve found from experience that when I’m meeting my own standards in life, it provides me with the confidence to challenge my clients. Not to do so causes me unhappiness and is hypocritical for the client. I’m continously coaching myself to meet my own values!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Good reminder,

    I commit to integrity right now in a tough corporate climate where my own leadership has to pass my own test before I pass judgement on anothers.

    You know the Mahtma said it..You must be the change…….

  6. Anonymous Says:

    An encouraging article. I am still examining mySELF, goals and comprehension about coaching to get a good view of whether coaching is something that will work for me. Your articles are, to repeat, encouraging, plus helpful.

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Glenn Aschmann Says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the article on excellence in coaching. It really got me thinking about my own life and what the reasons were behind me not feeling excellent about my own life and when had this started to slip.

    I realised that the reason that I had been slipping was because I needed to chose to have an excellent choice. If we do not make that choice daily we will slip into mediocrity.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    David: thanks for your ezine, i really enjoy reading them. I have not been striving for excellence in my life. I desire to build a thriving coaching practice, but have not been doing anything even remotely inspiring for myself or others. My life has been turned upside down the past two years and I want my life back. In the next thirty days, I will: dust off my coaching contacts; participate in a telephone seminar and prepare my interview strategies. Wish me luck!

  10. Thea Says:

    I said I’d be back!
    So I finished 2 of the 5 tasks that I stated last week
    My website is updated and my client folders are done. Spent some time with myself daily. Need to increase its duration.
    I’ve completed 2 e-books that’ll be on offer in my next e-zine edition.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone. :)

  11. David Wood Says:


    thanks for letting us know you did it!

    I love these comments from everyone – feels like we could be at the beginning of an online community here.

    And I tell you – it’s great to get the feedback, and to hear the article connected with people.


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