Create #47: Re/Transformation

1. Announcements/Offers

Do You Own Any Positive Music?
Have you noticed how most music is about loss? Or trying to get somewhere? Or yearning?

Jana Stanfield is a motivational speaker and singer, and a personal friend. I think you’ll find her website inspiring: – she does a lot to help the world.

And in particular I recommend you get a copy of her CD ‘Brave Faith’, which I’ve been listening to for years. You can get a copy here. It’s great for when you want to listen to something soothing or inspiring.

Shift From Limitation to Power
Your unconscious beliefs are running your life. Re/Transformation can shift your beliefs from limitation to power – often in just minutes.

I personally experienced a session with Frank Butterfield, which was very valuable, and very powerful – the man knows his stuff!

Sign up for the newsletter and receive a free audio guided visualization and step-by-step guide to the process. You’ll be introduced to the landscape of your unconscious mind and see what Re/Transformation can do for you. Be one of the first 20 to sign up and receive a free one-on-one Re/Transformation facilitation. You won’t want to miss this!

Get your free guided visualization (and possibly a free session!) here:

(Note: this is commission-free. I like Frank and his stuff)

2. FEATURE: Re/Transformation

This Guest Article is from Frank Butterfield of Re/
Your unconscious mind is running your life!

That’s right – running your life.

Everything you do and everything you say and everything you think is informed by the beliefs held in your unconscious mind.

See, your unconscious mind holds two kinds of beliefs:

Those that are helpful and amazing and push you forward in life again and again.

Those that are limiting and hold you back no matter how hard you try to change them.

It doesn’t know the difference, however.

The unconscious mind is like a massively powerful computer. You feed it data (what you experience from moment to moment). It runs a program or two on that data (your unconscious beliefs). And gives you the output (your life works…. or it doesn’t).

Re/Transformation lets you change the programming.

Limiting beliefs

Here are some sample limiting beliefs (a few might sound familiar):

  • I can’t ever succeed because….
  • Everyone lies
  • Entrepreneurs are very cutthroat and I don’t want to be that way
  • Women/Men like women/men with lots of money/a great house/a fancy car/some other quality so I’ll never meet anyone
  • It’s who you know
  • _____ people are just that way
  • Money is evil
  • People who have money are evil/corrupt
  • People can’t be trusted
  • Everyone is out for themselves
  • Nice gals/guys finish last
  • People are too busy to care
  • It’s a dog-eat-dog world
  • The world is falling apart
  • I’ll never have what I really want
  • If I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t do it at all

Every belief in your unconscious mind is there because it is protecting you in some fashion. Each one of them had a very useful function at one time in your life.

Usually, the ones that are holding you back now were originally designed to protect you or empower you in some way in the past. Where these beliefs come from is interesting, but Re/Transformation allows you to shift them from limitation to power without having to figure that all out.

Re/Transformation shows you the belief and then transforms it

There was the coffeehouse owner who always felt stressed about customer service and managing all the little details. After Re/Transformation, he let go of the belief that he was disorganized and flustered. He took on a new empowering sense of calm and effortless management.

Then there was the woman who was so tied up in survival that she had become a pirate – taking from everyone and literally plundering anyone who would come along. That is, until she let that go and began to see herself as the amazingly powerful and capable woman she is today.

My favorite is the man who finally gave up his need to protect himself every minute of every day, particularly at night when he was trying to sleep. Working together, we found an intricate layer of beliefs that had achieved an amazing balance together – both keeping him asleep and awake at the same time. We gently released each one and replaced them with new beliefs that now support and nurture him. You might know him, as a matter of fact…. ;-)

Did each of these take days, months, or years to happen? No – each of these people experienced a significant shift in their unconscious beliefs in a matter of minutes.

How Re/Transformation works

Re/Transformation is a powerful and gentle process that allows you to immediately access and shift limiting beliefs.

You then empower yourself with new helpful beliefs that move you forward and support the vision of your higher self.

And it happens in a matter of minutes.


  1. Focus on a specific area of your life (money, work, relationships, etc.). What isn’t working in this area? Write down at least 3 limiting beliefs you have about this situation.
  2. Pick one belief from the list above that seems to be the most intractable and the most real. Pick the one that frustrates you the most.
  3. What person embodies this one belief? This can be someone you know or don’t know; someone from TV, a movie, a book, a tall tale, or a mythic legend; someone living or dead; someone real or imagined. What is this person’s name?
  4. Imagine yourself having a conversation with this person. Ask them any question you want. What they are doing for you? Are they protecting you from anything (past or present; real or imagined)? Pay attention to what they say back to you (even if you think you are just imagining it). Notice how you feel and what thoughts start coming to you.
  5. Write down any insights you receive from this conversation. What tangible action steps will you take based on this new awareness?

For further assistance, Frank has offered….

Your unconscious beliefs are running your life. Re/Transformation can shift your beliefs from limitation to power in just minutes. Find out how at Re/Transformation. Sign up for the newsletter and receive a free audio guided visualization and step-by-step guide to the process. You’ll be introduced to the landscape of your unconscious mind and see what Re/Transformation can do for you. Be one of the first 20 to sign up and receive a free one-on-one Re/Transformation facilitation. You won’t want to miss this!

Sign up here:

by Frank Butterfield
Thanks Frank ;-)


3. The Personal Touch

In the last ‘Create’ issue I shared about my ‘bump’ in India. After having ‘turned the corner’ I had a resurgence of energy in the form of anxiety/fear. Boy – talk about an invitation from the universe to take a look at yourself and your way of being!

With this ‘super sensitivity’ over the past month, I’ve learned I can’t get away with many things that used to work before such as – multi-tasking, thinking about all the things to do later today, and rushing. I’m learning to listen to my body, and to take care of myself and be really nice to myself. Come up against a belief “I should be able to heal myself on my own”, resistance to using medication, an image I’ve been holding onto of a “strong, secure, fun, smart, independent, solid man”, and my judgments about people who use medication or experience depression or anxiety. OK – I’m experiencing more of humanity! ;-) I’ve gone deeper into meditation and yoga, hired a nutritional counselor (no sugar, including fruit, sweetish vegetables, and most things you buy in a supermarket!), a homeopath, a therapist – all good stuff to explore what’s coming up, being present, watching the mind, and caring for this body.

Oh, and – I’m usually having an awesome time. I’m doing great. This week things are much more than ever coming into balance and feeling smooth. Much love, authenticty, and learning.The journey continues…

Love David

P.S. Comments invited on the blog.

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6 Responses to “Create #47: Re/Transformation”

  1. Elaine Sum Says:

    I absolutely agree that your unconscious beliefs run your life. Infact your unconscious mind runs your life and keeps you safe and alive too. Think of your mind as consisting of the conscious and unconscious parts. A good metaphor is a ship. The conscious mind is the captain and gives orders while the unconscious is the crew which carries out the orders. When both are aligned, everything works wonderfully. What happens when the crew no longer has respect for the captain and will not follow his orders? You have mutiny! That is when you experience your life’s crises. I have worked successfully with numerous people in my individual personal breakthrough programs. When you get both the conscious and unconscious aligned and talking to each other, you feel peace and harmony and can move mountains! There are people who have defeated 20 years of depression within 6 hours. Others have doubled their income (sales) in 30 days. The good news is change can and does happen in an instant. Think back to the times when one of your beliefs changed. While the events leading up to it may have taken weeks, months or years, but the moment of change is instantaneous. With advanced behavioural change technologies we can utilise consciously what the mind does naturally and unconsciously. If you live in Melbourne and you would like an experience of it, come to a free live seminar or weekend course.

    Elaine Sum
    Life coach and NLP trainer

  2. Marcia, Your Confidence Coach Says:

    it ia amazing how we are “tricked” by some of our beliefs. we hold them so true and dear to our hearts. yet they can be our biggest obstacles. this is a very deep topic because our beliefs are “automatic” it is a personal challenge to become aware of them, then really look at them and then make a decision if they are truly of value to us.

  3. Michelle Says:

    David, congrats on dealing with the nervous system “arousal” issues! Sounds like you are taking wonderful steps to deal with your humanity! I also recommend in addition to yoga, using BrainGym exercises to instantly calm the system. You can go to to find someone in your area. Basic, easy and profound in impact.

    Best of luck to you!


  4. Michelle Says:

    oops. my blog is

    and I excerpted part of this with credit of course!

  5. Beverly Says:

    People are feeling “crunched” and anxious about life because they have excluded the “Life-Giver and Sustainer.” That’s keeping it real. People are tired and overworked because they fail to see value in commands that were given to us as a hedge of comfort and safety instead of a bunch of rules.

    I cannot guarantee there will never be anymore problems – even disasters in life but I can guarantee a deep-seated joy and a peace that will uphold and provide you balanced thinking in the midst of turmoil…and an expected end that is hopeful and full of promise.

  6. Jaqui Says:

    I just wanted to share my personal way of looking at depression: I have found I get depressed/dispondent and anxious whenever I compare myself against an ideal I hold. These ideals don’t actually exist (except in my own mind!): there is no “normal”, there is no “perfection”, and there is no “right way” to do, or be, or feel. There really is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”. No matter what our parents, schools, governments, and media have told us (our conscious programming!). Reminding myself of these little pieces of information really eliminates those feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that, left un-checked, could spiral into dispondency and, ultimately, depression.
    We are all different in our way of seeing and dealing with life, and that’s good. In my opinion, we don’t need “fixing” and we don’t need to change anything. We each have unique thoughts,experiences,feelings, ideas, relationships, and talents. If we value these aspects of ourselves and utilise them to enhance our lives then they are our strengths and enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. We don’t need to try to be someone else or control our personalities, or anyone else’s for that matter.
    Be authentic: embrace who you are, love who you are, and know that you are “perfect” just the way you are. Because of everything you are, you bring something unique and beautiful to the world that no one else can. The wisest, happiest and calmest people are those who just simply accept who they are… and know that it is good! (The key to living a happy and productive life of freedom and purpose)
    As the song goes “it’s not having what you want; it’s wanting what you’ve got”.

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