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David Wood, certified life coach
David Wood PCC
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Sales Coach


As a sales coach I was looking for some interesting ways to capture people’s attention and give them a taster in of what it is like to be a sales coach. I found that many people had perhaps heard about being a sales coach but didn’t really know much about it and what it entailed. They thought being a sales coach was only something that was done in the sales world. I hit upon the idea of the Life Challenge Workshop. Life Challenge workshops are for people who want to make changes in their lives. They may want to return to work, change jobs, lose weight, learn a new trade, find direction in their lives or just challenge themselves to go further. The sales coach workshops enable people to fulfil their potential.

Each workshop begins with motivational music and motivational sayings. I aim to make the workshops as interactive as possible – we make dream boards, complete the wheel of life and look at a variety of NLP techniques, to help raise self esteem and confidence ,such as visualisation, swish patterns, and pools of excellence. The workshops are intended to give people the tools for their life changing journey.

If clients feel they need to have more personal and in depth coaching then I can offer additional one-to-one services as a coach. Once they have experienced the feeling of success from achieving their goals, they return for more and with great enthusiasm. The workshops are a good way for people to find out about becoming a sales coach without a big financial commitment.

The feedback from these workshops have been incredibly positive . . .

"Learning from a sales coach has changed my life and got me moving both physically and mentally." - Susan

"I feel so much more positive and energised about my life ." - Chris

"‘A sales coach has changed my life and enabled me to do things I didn’t think were possible."– Abi

And isn’t it funny how things work out? I went to see about distributing my leaflets and wandered into a shop selling aromatherapy goods. I spoke to the owner and told her I was a sales coach. She then offered me one a room to do my sales coach workshops. Here I had a much better rate than I had previously paid and she would advertise my coaching services as well.

My goal is to set up these workshops around the country so that more people can experience the benefit of a sales coach and how they may achieve their dreams at a reasonable cost.


Sales Coach



To your success,


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