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Rhonda Britten


What life path are you on? That’s what life coach Rhonda Britten ask’s of her clients. Britten gives her clients access to what she calls fearless living in her life path coaching. Rhonda asks her clients questions like: What is your passion in life? What experience do you want the chance to have access to? Through questions like these life coach Rhonda Britten transforms people’s thoughts, viewpoints, opinions, and lives.

Sound simple? Not from Britten’s perspective. Rhonda was born in Minnesota in 1960. Britten is a life coach, motivational speaker and best selling author. She is perhaps best known for being the lead life coach on the reality TV series “Starting Over”.

For information on Rhonda's TV show Starting Over click here:

On the show Rhonda Britten was known for her humorous style. Rhonda is funny and amazing all the while being firm with women about changing their lives.  Prior to Rhonda Britten’s Reality TV Series Starting Over, Rhonda Britten starred on a UK show called Help Me, Rhonda. On this show Rhonda Britten helped women take charge of their lives in 30 days. Rhonda starred on this show for two seasons.

Rhonda Britten is the author of four best-selling books. Fearless Living: Live Without Excuse and Love Without Regret, Fearless Loving: Eight Simple Truths That Will Change the Way You Date, Mate and Relate; Change Your Life in 30 Days: A Journey to Finding Your True Self , and Do I look Fat in This?: Get Over Your Body and Get On With Your Life

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Rhonda Britten sends the message that “women can do it, regardless of age or weight”. Rhonda herself is divorced. Since Starting Over ended in 2006, Rhonda Britten is currently teaching full time with Fearless Living Institute in Boulder Colorado. Rhonda Britten founded and ran the Fearless Living Institute while still working on Starting Over.

For more info on Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Institute, Click here:

Rhonda Britten and the fearless living institute can help you change your life. If you are stuck in a rut and need some coaching with motivational support, she can help you. Rhonda Britten and the life coaches that work with her are available online 24 hours a day. Hurry, minutes are turning in to hours and hours into days. Don’t hesitate to correspond, you will not be the first life she has changed. Nor will you be the last.


Rhonda Britten



To your success,


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