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Dr Phil

Since 2002, audiences have been transfixed before their television sets to watch Doctor Phil.  Studio audiences have been cheering and leaping from their studio seats. 

No other show since Oprah had burst on the TV scene with such high ratings.  Who is this television celebrity—a movie star—a singing sensation?  It’s Phillip Calvin McGraw, Ph.D.

Dr Phillip Calvin McGraw, Ph.D., aka Dr Phil, is an Emmy Award-nominated television personality who continues to host a wildly popular daytime talk show.  First came Oprah.  Then came Doctor Phil. 

The Doctor Phil website states that his show holds the distinction of garnering “the highest ratings of any new syndicated show since the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Show 16 years prior.”

The show launched in 2002, however, it all started back in the late 90s when he was hired to help Oprah win the Amarillo Texas beef trial. Infoplease®

After her triumphant victory, Oprah was so impressed with the Dr. that she had him on her show. His segments on relationships was so popular that he spun off his own show in 2002.  The hour-long show gives advice on seven major categories:

  1. Health
  2. Life Strategies
  3. Money
  4. Parenting
  5. Relationships
  6. Legal Matters
  7. Weight

(Transcripts, tapes, and message boards can be found at the Dr Phil website.)

For those wild about the Dr Phil's show, there are several options to become more personally involved:

  1. Request to be a guest on the show.
  2. Request to be a member of the audience
  3. Become a member of his website.
    When you become a member of Phil's website you’ll be able to login and post comments on the boards relating to the topics of the shows.
  4. There is also an online diary option where members can create their own private online diary.  You can choose to keep it to yourself or share it with others.

Each week Dr Phil's new shows focus on various aspects of living.  This week’s show topics are available for review on his website.
Weekly shows are archived starting with August of 2002 up to the present.

What’s the buzz on Dr Phil

  1. He challenges his guests sometimes to the point of upset;
  2. Compels them to check out their behavior;
  3. Urges them to take responsibility for their actions; and
  4. Insists they consider changing for their own benefit and the benefit of those they love.

Phil's confrontational style is controversial.  Even Phil's TV audience is known for being hard on his guests.

From the article, Dr Phil dishes advice right in your face
By Karen S. Peterson, USA TODAY:

Whatever your problem, here is Phil's advice: Stop whining and take responsibility for your own life — before the next commercial break. . . "You either get it or you don't," the controversial, in-your-face TV therapist often tells his guests.

Do you desire to be a life coach just like Dr Phil—to have a powerfully positive impact on the lives of those you know, love or with whom you come in contact? Do you feel you could:

  1. Improve relationships;
  2. Speak on the power of positive communication;
  3. Listen to issues;
  4. Be a support during challenging times;
  5. Encourage positive change of behavior;
  6. Be a purveyor of wisdom on life issues;
  7. Support positive living;
  8. Help others release the negative, and
  9. Embrace the positive?

If yes, get started right away by becoming a life coach like the doctor. Life coaching is a self-regulated industry.  You may choose your own path to becoming a life coach like Dr Phil. Like him, some coaches branch out from a current career in a health care, mental health, education, family, sex, religious/spiritual or business field. Others coaches are individuals who excel in their ability to be emphatic active listeners and move into coaching with little or no training. 

Since it is important to distinguish coaching from therapy, many coaching experts recommend some training to avoid out-of-scope-of-practice issues. Coaching focuses on present-moment issues and looks toward creating a successful future while therapy focuses on resolving past issues. 

There are many formal means of becoming a life coach.  Just a few examples are listed below.  You may choose to:

  1. Enroll in a coaching school: Coach U
  2. Take coaching courses: The Coach Training Alliance
  3. Join a coaching organization: International Coaching Federation
  4. Join coaching networks: The Coaching & Mentoring Network

At SolutionBox you’ll find a myriad of coaching resources for individuals desiring to become a life coach.  SolutionBox has a long-standing reputation for coaching excellence.  To start working on becoming a life coach, check out today.  Maybe one day your name will be up in lights as the newest Oprah or the Dr.


Dr Phil



To your success,


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