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Corporate Coach


What is a corporate coach?

This person is a certified life coach that has corporate training. They provide services in coaching to help an organization towards their goals. Just as a soccer coach coaches a soccer team, a corporate coach coaches an organization.  They focus on the corporate team and corporate vision, mission, values and strategy. The services and results are measured against the performance and requirements of the organization. A great coach will generally have been to many workshops and had countless hours of coach training before becoming a certified coach.

A corporate coach combines basic coaching skills with an in-depth understanding of the language, dynamics, processes and culture of organizations. They will bring the true spirit of who they are, the essential, authentic, and unique aspects of you.

As a corporate coach, you have the wonderful opportunity to share in another person’s life. Consider for a moment all of your skills- the concepts, ideas, approach, and strategies that you have in your toolkit as a corporate coach. The integration of all these corporate coach skills is vitally important. Who you are as a corporate coach, however, is what brings your work alive and allows you to be yourself and be with your clients in a way that is fulfilling for both of you. It is the difference between doing corporate coaching vs. being a corporate coach. When being is in place, then doing can occur in a more meaningful way. It’s more a question of:

Who am I being while I am being a corporate coach?

As a corporate coach, being with yourself and with another person involves being in the present moment: in the now. When you are in the now, your compassion, intuition, curiosity and imagination are more accessible to you. Being a corporate coach brings you to your essence. Being in the now quiets your mind to be with all that is happening in the moment.

Few people have the experience of truly being heard. Fully listening to your clients as a corporate coach is a wonderful gift that you can offer them. As listening is a complex activity which involves paying attention at many levels at the same time, skillful listening takes practice. Being self-aware is the foundation for fully listening to another person.

Your way of being as a listener directly impacts your abilities as a corporate coach to impact them positively or negatively. Your corporate coach clients’ feeling of safety, their trust of self, their esteem and their potential for personal growth can be significantly affected especially by your level of good will, awareness and expertise as a listener.

Empowered listening and contact is a way of being in this culture, a way of being fully present - body, mind and spirit. Empowered listening is being curious and paying attention to our clients without anything else interfering in the process. With empowered listening we will hear the essence of what is being said and find ourself whole-heartedly open to our intuition and creativity. We will be more present and receptive and be more natural, appropriate and creative with our responses.

The impact of empowered listening on our corporate coached clients is that they have the rare and cherished experience of being heard; they feel understood and accepted. It is clear that we care about them and this opens space for considerably more depth in their conversations. The person begins to speak from their past experiences, from their present moment experience and from their dreams for the future. They may begin to speak in more depth about things of which they were not previously aware. And you may find that you two click. This one-on-one style is often more effective than programs and services like workshops. It is important to find a coach that has had certified coach training. As they keep speaking they may become even more powerful in our presence and come to believe and trust that they indeed have their own answers.

Clients will feel safe when they realize that we can be trusted to respect them and see them as whole. Their trust in the connection with us allows for a deepening and strengthening of the alliance. They will begin to connect more and more with their inner strength and resources. They will connect with the source of their inspiration, creativite, corporate, and personal success. This experience can open the door into some insights of their offering to the world: their calling.


Corporate Coach



To your success,


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