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Life Coaches

by Linda Anderson, ACC, CPC

Life Coaches often use the metaphor with clients of 'peeling back the layers of an onion' to represent the process of coaching. Life Coaches start at the outside of the onion and step-by-step removes a layer until the core is reached for a more fufilling life.

I would like to offer up a new metaphor for Life Coaches- 'Coaching is like renovating a kitchen floor' - truly!!

My husband and I recently became the owners of our new house. The previous owner lived there for 55 years so there is a lot of life history in this house. We bought this house knowing that the kitchen floor may need some work. “Some work" is defined as anything between replacing a few floorboards to replacing the entire floor!

We pulled up 4 layers of linoleum before we reached the wooden floor underneath. We discovered that some parts of the floor had totally rotted away and would need replacing. The most important thing is that we discovered what was truly there so that we could develop our plan to move forward.

So here is how my metaphor relates for Life Coaches ...
In life coaching, we work one layer at a time to reach what lies at the base of one's life (just like removing layers of linoleum). Quite often in life you don't know what you will find until you get there. You may not always like what you find in your life, however, the most important thing for Life Coaches, is that you do the work to remove the layers because only once you know what is really there can you create what goals you really want. For Life Coaches, Once you know the true state of your base you have a point to plan for ... the potential in one's life is then enormous.

Linda Anderson is one of the best Certified Professional Life Coaches, dedicated to helping people live bold, ideal, and rewarding lives. Linda has an energetic and direct style of coaching which suits people who like to be challenged. Life coaches have the ability to raise self esteem, aid in transition (mid-life crisis), stress reduction, relationship development, teach empowerment, and training in goal management. Linda is indeed one of the best life coaches and believes in a real client to coach connection and the idea of coachable goals. . She currently works with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan and USA. Linda writes a free weekly e-newsletter called 'a2a Inspirations'. Find out more about Linda:


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