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Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life" This ancient Chinese proverb is my mantra and source for my life coaching practice. Before I became a coach I was working at senior management level in a company and hated most of the time I was doing it. It was stressful as it felt like that we spent all our time trying to bang square pegs into round holes.

When I became a coach and started to think about my niche, I eventually decided on business coaching, but very specifically I only coach business owners and M.D.'s. To be successful it must start at the top. I teach them tools and techniques that develop them and also gives them the ability to coach rather than manage their staff (i.e. teach them to fish). When you first go in to business coaching there is a tendency to assume that the MD is only interested in increasing sales and increasing profit, nothing wrong with that, but in reality their issues are normally derived from the fact that they need support overcoming staff issues, with new projects, their own life balance or in many cases they got in to the business because they were passionate about the subject but at a later date realise that they don't have the business experience to get them to the next level.

It is incredibly satisfying to me when the work you do with them allows them to enjoy business and personal life far more because the weight is lifting from their shoulders, I have been there and I know how tough it can be. Also MD's and Business Owners can lead lonely lives at the top because they feel that they can't confide in any one and as a business coach you fill that void.

As I coach I am lucky to have done a lot of serious development work on myself supported by some of the best mentors. I started teaching my clients about goal setting, navigation, turning the page, human needs, values, life purpose and limiting self beliefs and you can really see the lights turning because this way of thinking is totally new to them. Sometimes old habits and ways of thinking need to be deleted and retaught. So if there are any Business Owners or Head Managers out there who fancy coming on a fishing trip with me I would love to hear from you. There isn't one human on this planet who can't benefit from a coach.

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