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Using Your Coach Training on an Internal Spiritual Scale

My dearest friend was abducted from her home and taken to a nearby orange grove where the assailant raped her. Fearing for her life, she escaped from him and ran for help. I was called, at her request, to come down and support her through the process of medical exams and police interviews the same day.

Tragic experiences like this often require a certified therapist but even in coach training, we deal with the essence of fear. There are active networks of accredited Coach Training programs that often require us to guide a client through difficult choices and situations. For example we learn in coach training that their resistance to change is often based in fear. When we react to a situation with fear, we are resisting our divine state of courage, leadership, and faith. No matter the degree of fear you're experiencing it is always an opportunity to experience a level of divinity within yourself.

Thanks to my coach training I was able to help. Her objective was to live. She would say that it was a “fear for her life” that made her run for safety. Through my coach training I understand it was her divine state of courage returning that pushed through her resistance (fear).

“Anytime you have an opportunity to go from fear to faith, it is an opportunity to switch from directing your power outside yourself to directing it to self-empowering options. Going within yourself for answers as to why things are attracted into your life, is where you will find the greatest growth. What you are feeling when you feel fear is your resistance to your Divine state of courage and faith. As we peel the layers, whether tied to your emotional, mental or physical state, you will find what you are experiencing is your separation from your core essence. Each of us has a core essence that is so brilliant it would make you weep.” Awareness Process training course.

Coach Training techniques:

The Awareness Process (AP) is a coaching technique that explains how to guide your clients through training to feel where they are resisting their core essence. This coach training explains how we use our internal spiritual scale to transform our perception of emotional states, such as fear, grief and anger, into our divine states of grace, courage and joy, simply by learning to feel our resistance to them. With coach training for instance, if you find yourself, or a client, in a situation of embarrassment, (shame and guilt on the scale) you can quickly switch to the higher understanding that you’re experiencing an opportunity for your divine essence of Grace and Worthiness to return to its rightful center within you. You can give them coach training to release the shame by feeling the Grace returning. Grace is the vibrational quality of our divine essence that will shatter the illusion of shame within us. To focus primarily on the shame only attracts more of the same and ignores the potential for returning to our roots. This coach training technique is a simple and effective way to empower clients to remember their core essences.

Coach Training programs often requires us to guide a client through difficult choices and situations by looking at a client's business development, system teams, advanced relationship systems. To find out more about coach training programs go to:



Coach Training



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