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Life Coach Accreditation

You can receive your life coach accreditation from any coaching schools all around the country. Each year countless new coaches go through coach training to get their certification. Getting an accreditation allows you to become a life coach. Coaching is a fast growing new career path both on the national and international levels.

How would you like to make money while sitting on the beach and talking on a cell phone?  Getting your life coach accreditation could be the best thing you can do to begin living the quality of life you want.  On your way to getting accredited there will be at least 4 months of coach training from any school you choose. Once you have completed this and have your certification or accreditation you can begin coaching.

To get more view points on the subject click here:

Having a life coach accreditation is great but I should note you do not need to be certified, or have an accreditation to begin coaching. In other words, you can - and many people do - begin coaching without certification. There are no countries in the world that require accreditation to practice as a life coach.

So who is on the top of the food chain for life coach accreditation? Or who is the top certifying body?

No one - yet. Thomas Leonard began Coach U in the early 90's. Coach U of course also gave out a certification. Nowadays An accreditation from Coach U is a very desirable thing. At that time – the accreditation from Coach U was probably the best available. Other coaching schools began popping up and offering their special brand. So which one to choose?

Thomas was instrumental in creating the International Coach Federation, which does not train life coaches. The ICF does not give a life coach accreditation. Nor are they affiliated with any school. This independence is important for the body committed to maintaining the gold standard for accreditation.

So - you have the ICF which doesn't offer training, certification – at least not yet. Then you have a bunch of life coaching schools which do train and offer accreditation. Some schools have the ICF approval for their training program. At these schools you can get both the school's accreditation and the ICF's accreditation at the same time.

To read more about the ICF click here:

Some schools don't have the ICF’s backing but are close enough that you can still submit your training to the ICF at the end (called the Portfolio track to accreditation). Some schools offer an accreditation and ignore the ICF altogether.

One bizarre thing in the world of life coaching is that Thomas Leonard created a second school called Coachville's School of Coaching. Coachville didn't satisfy the ICF criteria. Why? The training at coachville relies on streaming audio over the internet. You can’t get an ICF approved accreditation from coachville. The training doesn't have live interaction with trainers via telephone or in person.


Life Coach Accreditation



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