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Top Ten Steps To Peace

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The following is an excerpt from Top Coaching Techniques.

1.     Tidy your room (and for a bonus – the apartment/house! Consider getting help doing it.)

2.     Get/understand that anything you do above securing food, shelter and clothing, is all entertainment. (You’ve made it dramatic!)

3.     Arrive 15 minutes early to all appointments (including those with yourself).

4.     Stick to the speed limit (drive with peace…let others overtake you)

5.     Schedule BLANK TIME in the day – 1-2 hours where nothing can be scheduled. When it comes, you can use it to walk on the beach, work, make love……. It doesn’t matter.

6.     Lower the Bar – Examine what you THINK you need to do this week, and then think again.

7.     Drop something. There are 1-3 things you’re about to do this week, which do not support you having peace in your life (or maybe anything good!). TV? Obligation? Draining person? (Oops – can I say that?)

8.     Identify what your needs really are, and get them met. (This is easiest using a coach with experience in this area)

9.     Handle a drain i.e. something you’re putting up with.

10.    Schedule at least two hours per week for YOU. Time where you get to reflect, think, walk, paint, write, and quieten the mind.

men get breast cancer too

Friday, March 6th, 2009

who knew?

I found a lump in my breast back in November, and after a couple of months started getting a little worried that it wasn’t going away. A Doctor told me men get breast cancer too and I should have it checked out. (when the correct response, as every Costanza knows, is “Get outta here! Are you kidding?”)

It’s not easy to get checked out when you’re in a new place very week. But now that I’m settling in I got a mammogram, sonogram, and this morning a biopsy. When something is sore and tender, sticking a needle into it and rummaging around is not my first request (unlike a couple of people I know). It’s actually kinda funny. At least I’m laughing now.

She’s pretty sure it’s nothing, so I’m feeling a weight off my shoulders.

At the same time, it was a great experience in opening; surrendering. I decided my body is not my business, and what happens to it is out of my hands. Felt surprisingly calm (well – except for my screams of pain – just kidding 😉 as I opened up to whatever was supposed to happen.

And – it makes any worries I had about business issues or the cat peeing on the cushions seem not so important.