MM #84: How to to Create Audio on Your Site

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2. FEATURE: How to Use Audio on Your Site

Note: Proudly reprinted from Mentor Monthly #33

A popular trend I am sure you have noticed is audio on web sites. In this article I’ll show you exactly how to create and compress your own audio clips for your web site!

Why Use Audio

The hardest part of selling on the internet, whether services or products, is fostering a relationship. The internet can be cold, faceless and voiceless. And people want to buy from people they know. Hearing your voice creates an instant connection and makes it easier to trust you.

Also people have different learning abilities. People who learn best auditorily will remember your content more easily.

Audio also adds interest and gets attention. Because of this, audio works best if used sparingly. Know your audience and test your results.

What Can You Do with Audio?

You can find many creative ways to try out audio:

  • make an introduction to your site and let them know you are a real person (see the SolutionBox left side bar)
  • give people a feel for your sincerity and enthusiasm
  • let your audience know exactly what you want them to do e.g. get your newsletter, sign up for a free course, download a free ebook
  • record speeches, teleclasses and interviews to sell or put on your site (with permission, of course)
  • deliver audio lessons and classes
  • provide enthusiastic, persuasive product descriptions
  • provide sample previews of things you want to sell

How to Create Audios

Has this sparked some ideas for you? Are you ready to learn how to make your own audios?

I’ve created a free audio/video presentation on how to record audio and convert it into different formats. You’ll learn how to convert to streaming Flash, MP3, Real Audio and Windows Media File. We’ll cover three different programs I like to use. And, I’ll show you how to put the converted audio onto your web site.

Access your free 17 minute training video here:


  1. Brainstorm ways to use audio on your site.
  2. Watch the training video.
  3. Experiment with putting audio on your site and share your experiment at the blog.

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6 Responses to “MM #84: How to to Create Audio on Your Site”

  1. garybau Says:

    yuou propose flash and windows media file….

    how about quicktime??

    most machines have iTunes..which is a brilliant way to organise these audio podcasts

    an enhancement is slideshow podcasts..

    or the tutorial you show on the webpage could easily be a video podcast…

    movieworks is the best podcast producer..available online only

    an equivalent to iLife on the mac for all those PC users who have yet to consider switching

    with regard to you tutorial…a script would be good!!

    the US tradition of a rambling description/conversation while ‘folksy’ tends to get a bit off task…

    garageband is THE simplest way of producing these audio files…

    a good attempt..there needs to be more of this sort of thing

    it’s not too hard!

    have a look at the tiddly wiki as a self contained personal glossary of FAQ



  2. leeptalk Says:

    I was very excited to learn about audio being so simple to use, and to profit from and totally learned it all by accident. I work as a hospice consultant and my main objective was to interview people about the services they provide and be able to translate that information to my local community. Through the medium of podcasting I have been able to interview agencies that our hospice patients and families could utilize and learn more about the referral sources that I thought I knew very well. While I am not limiting myself to a website with audio, I feel I have truly expanded the reach of my message to the community through interactive audio. The “accidental” discovery came when I learned that one such program actually pays me to do the shows and the software was totally free. Needless to say, I am now a raving fan of audio and the possibilities of using this medium to enhance customer relationships. I sound as country as churned butter but I still enjoy making the “music”.


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