Would you give me your opinion on something fun?

I’m starting a video blog. (i.e. 90 second video clips of me sharing an information nugget). But on what?

I’m thinking of doing it about my lifestyle, and showing others how to create my kind of lifestyle.i.e. travel when and where you want, choose whether to work or not, and impact the world while you sleep.

1) On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely would you be to watch this video blog about how to create my lifestyle?

2) If membership access cost $19 per month (and it contained really cool tips) how likely would you be to subscribe on a scale of 1 to 10?

3) If not this topic, if not, what topic would you MOST like to watch me talk about?

A reply email won’t work! Instead please post your answersto the above 3 questions here on the blog:

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73 Responses to “”

  1. "Profit" Larry Favalora Says:

    David, I would pay $19. a month if it were tips I felt like I could apply to my personal situation- growing my business, wisdom nuggets, etc…

    The name…I might want to live like you, I may not. I understand your concept, but I think you should appeal to people’s real need in connecting with you… LearnFromDavid, DavidsWisdomPartners, LifeLessonsFromDavid. I don’t know, maybe i am different! I guess that’s the benfit of asking for opinions, aye?

    Blessings to you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    1) 2
    2) 1
    3) livelikedavid


  3. Says:

    David, On a scale of 1 – 10, the likelihood that I would watch the video is a 1. Lifestyle balance is always a concern, but it is not a pressing one for me at this time. Therefore, the answer to #2 is a 1. As for titles, it depends on your market. There are those who know of your work and admire you. LiveLikeDavid would have some appeal to them. However, for those who don’t, it might seem self-promotional (as contrasted with business or service pomotional). Whatever you decide, enjoy!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think I am of the blog-generation (50)!! Everyone seems to have a message there – and a lot gets cramped into oblivion.
    So sorry mate – I wouldn’t subscribe!

    “character is the sum and total of life’s choices” –

  5. Sam Langfitt Says:

    1)Blogs have not captured my interest, but with a video blog I might rate the possibility at six on a scale from 1 to 10.

    2) See the above about blog interest.
    On the scale of 1 to 10, 0.

    3) No comment

  6. Risea Nelson Says:

    Get Paid to Play – Show me how right away! Part with 20 bucks – well I don’t know about that….Then again I’ve spent more than that to go see a lousy movie. So if you can show me how turning my computer into a ‘Solution Box’ will enrich my life I’d love to see what’s it’s done for you.

  7. Phil Says:

    I can appreciate why you sent this questionnaire email out. It’s a great way to figure out the product you want to build and sell.

    Bui the only question I’d like to have you answer right now is, have you read the Abraham-Hicks material and if so, what did you think and did you apply it? In other words, what significance or weight do you give to their premises?


    PS: I can answer one of your questions. I wouldn’t pay $19/month for anything unless I was really convinced it might really help me.

  8. asha Says:

    1. 8 ; depending on how cool your lifestyle is!
    3.getpaidtoplay to live like a Survivor…sorry I’m reading “Deep Survival” and it is way cool.

  9. Jeanne Guillot Says:

    I am really NOT interested in how your or someone else is living their lifestyle. I am busy exploring and relishing and living my own. I also am not particularly interested in “getting paid to play” as that is really not my purpose here on this earth.

    I AM VERY INTERESTED in ideas to be better coach, especially in specific methods to assist people in effectively releasing OLD, LIMITING BELIEFS, old tapes that keep them from moving forward to their goals and dreams. Old tapes, beliefs, paradigms are insidious and deeply rooted, and I believe are some of the most challenging things to let go of.

    If you have specific methods and ideas on these types of issues, and others on being an outstanding coach, I am ready to pay, and pay attention. $19 a month seems a little steep to me, unless your ideas are astounding. I can buy an entire book for that amount, and have it for easy reference for always.

  10. terry anderson Says:

    Hi David,

    Very interesting idea.

    I am thinking of doing the same kind of thing around the topic of Living On Purpose.

    I would want to view a few free sample nuggets (on a large menu of nuggets that is alphabetized) before making a buying decision. That way I could listen to what is important to me at the moment.

    I might be more inclined to purchase by the nugget than by the month…sort of like the MP3 model where you don’t have to buy the entire CD to get your favourite song(s).

    “Live Like David” seems to be a David centred idea…whereas Get Paid To Play seems to be more intriguing to more people (but perhaps less believable for some people?).

    Hope this helps you to refine your approach to this exciting idea.



  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hi David, it’s a pleasure to add my comments on your q’s.

    1) If 1 were “highly unlikely” and 10 were “absolutely yes” – then I’d be about 7.

    2) Using my same scale as above – probably a 4.

    3) … love it!

    Best wishes,

  12. Anonymous Says:

    #4-livelikedavid is ok. got my curiosity.

  13. Anonymous Says:


    2)1 – I won’t pay


  14. b Says:

    and $19.00 a month to read ‘cool tips.” sounds steep and sounds like someone is fishing for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

  15. Maralissa Says:

    I personally believe that as long as humans keep choosing this kind of lifestyle, we are destroying the possibility of mankind living in harmony with the earth. People need to start waking up to the symbiotic relationship we have with the earth that sustains life. Building more houses, taking up more precious land, jetting around the world creating more pollution, buying more material goods to add to the waste that needs to be dumped somewhere, etc, is ignoring any responsibility to our creating a sustainable world for our offspring. When are all the internet gurus who promote living the fabulous millionaire life going to wake up to what they are really creating for our world? It will backfire on you down the road.
    Let’s start being responsible to the brilliant minds that have evolved and which have been led off track by the seduction of material pleasure rather than focusing on creating a world that is based on the underlying feelings that we most yearn for – peace, joy, and appreciation for being alive.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    1. 7 – I would check out blog and if it is interesting, I would browse thru it regularly.
    2. 1 – There is so much FREE information available that I don’t think I would invest in A subscription. Not that I am saying your blogg is not worth it.
    3. I like better but I am not sure if I really want to live like you. It is catchier than the other one, though.
    4. I am interested in learning more about living like you, since I am interested in starting my own coaching business. Currently, I am a consultant / coach (not certified) for the organization that I am employed with.

  17. Grant Willcox Says:

    OK – On a 1-10 scale, would definately give you a 8/9 of watchability for your lifestyle blog.

    RE:cost per month, I’d rate $19 a month at a 4/10. Would personally prefer a one off payment that equated to about $12 per month, IF the content was top notch & IF I had to pay at all. See Michael Neill’s brilliant site – takes a lot of beating.His subscription is very reasonable.

    I prefer the as a title.The David one seems a little egotistical!

    RE:topic – lifestyle is great, but so is success, as it is so multidimensional.

    I hope this helps.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    1) 2
    2) 1
    3) – if your target market is primarily people who already have a STRONG affinity with you… otherwise, (however, new prospects may be highly cynical about this domain name, possibly too much get-rich-quick hype)

  19. Dr. T Says:

    David, I would pay the $19/month provided there is NO long term subscription. If I could discontinue at any time I would love to see what the site has to offer. If I had to subscribe for multiple months then I probably wouldn’t.
    On a scale of 1-10 it’s a 10 that I would watch the beginning of a video about creating the lifestyle you claim. Whether I would watch all of it would depend upon the content in the first 30 seconds to one minute.
    I like the “getpaidtoplay” name best.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    David, dont know how yu can keep up with a stream of ideas! chances are i would be interested to read your blogg, because i know you but not willing to pay until i myself start earning and i think learning from dave is a good name
    blessings to you

  21. Max Leibman Says:

    I think it’s a great idea. My answers, punches unpulled:

    1) Probably an 8. It would be a 10 in terms of likelihood to check it out at least once.

    2) 1. There are very few services like this I would subscribe to online (off the top of my head, I can only think of two–and I don’t currently subscribe to either of them). There are hundreds of useful, interesting things available for for free that I know about that I don’t get around to checking out, and God only knows how many more I haven’t found. Now, I *have* been known to spend money on things related to blogs, videos and podcasts I enjoy, so that’s not to say there’s no money to be made here…

    3) I think–I personally like it better, and I reckon it will get you more new traffic from curious folks who don’t know of your or your work than livelikedavid would.

    4) I think you’ve got a fine topic already.

  22. Mind2Mind Says:

    I don’t think David is important enough or necessarily has a lifestyle to which I would aspire. Personally, I think he has become over-egotistical to believe that his lifestyle holds the attraction that it does.

    [1]re: Video blogs. Videos are very subjective. They ask for large acceptance by a diverse public. The written word is sustaining. It may be absorbed anytime at any level of concentration and more easily crosses more cultural divides. I prefer to read. Likely to watch video blog(3)

    [2]re: Membership cost. I would not subscribe for a fee. I would enjoy cool advice (if it were cool) as David’s gift to humanity, as his giving back to the community for all it has given him. Likely to subcribe to fee-for-service (1)

    [3]re: Domain name choice. is catchy but ambiguous. is clear. But who cares? Is David someone you want to live like? And who is he anyway?

    [4]Favourite topic
    I’d most like to hear David talk about how he can be happy by himself (during times, for example, when he is without a significant other or sexual partner.)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    hola david (i am going to writte you in spanish, since i think you are learning it)
    3 yo usaria Play& y lo haria como una miniserie.creo que te funcionaria mejor.
    best wishes in this new adventure!!

  24. The How to Guy Says:

    Membership would need to add real usable value – as like many, we may already be paying for many monthly fees in order to maintain a presence on the Web.
    I’m guessing that your idea might be around the lifestyle a successful Life Coach can lead?

  25. Matthew Files Says:


    ….Uh, David, I think it’s Four Questions…

    1) On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely would you be to watch this video blog about how to create my lifestyle?

    ………1-3 depending on my mood.

    2) If membership access cost $19 per month (and it contained really cool tips) how likely would you be to subscribe on a scale of 1 to 10?

    …….1-3…However….$10 for cool tips on how to achieve my wanted lifestyle, rather than yours woulf rate an 8-9.

    3) Which is better: or ?

    ……..For what you are trying to do..getpaidtoplay.

    4) If not this topic, if not, what topic would you MOST like to watch me talk about?

    …….Success… Success means different things to different people. To me it’s not so much about
    the lifestyle, but the quality of life. To some succes is ramping up to big bucks and free time galore. To another it is scaling down, or just making life work on their terms.


  26. Anonymous Says:


  27. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds quite narcissistic to me.
    Honestly, it sounds like you think you have run out of valuable information to share and are trying to find ways to generate money from being who you are rather than for what you are doing.
    Not a chance I would subscribe or even read it for free.
    Living like someone else or getting paid to “play” holds no interest for me.
    I cherish a life filled with value and meaning as well as ways to positively contribute to the world.
    From the blogs I’ve read so far it was a very good idea to run this past a “few” people to check responses and THAT was a lesson worth receiving – thank you 🙂

  28. Nathalie Says:

    Hello David,

    Like Larry, I would prefer something like LearnFromDavid or Davidswisdom. I don’t know what your life is really like.

    First – I couldn’t get the videoclip to work so I can’t comment on the content. I checked my cookies and security settings. I am a savvy computer user and wasn’t able to make them run.

    I would not pay $19 month – think of the price point. It’s about the cost of my high-speed internet connection. I might do a teaser video and then pay per use by topic of interest. $3.99 a video or one time membership fee + per video view – $.99 like ITunes.

    That’s my 2 cents. Great concept though and I look forward to seeing the content.


  29. Anonymous Says:

    1) 3

    2) 3

    3) ?

  30. Dr. Alex Says:


    Hi there- first I would say that your lifestyle & mine are on the same page – I do what I want when I want & work because I enjoy it.

    1) Ok – I would probably watch your videos (5)

    2) Subscribe – probably not, just don’t like giving money away, and if I were to subscribe I would really need to see the benefit AND if it would make me more money!

    3) I would say
    has a better ring to it…

    4) this topic is important to people.

    hope this helps, let me know –

    Dr. Eric Alexander
    EalexB’s NoLove, my book – check it out @

  31. Anonymous Says:

    1) 1 – not at all likely to watch such a video blog.
    2) 1 – would not pay to subscribe.
    3) DavidsLifestyleTips, maybe.

    Certainly I don’t want to LiveLikeDavid…I want to LiveLikeME!

  32. Adam Debenham Says:

    > 1) On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely would you be
    > to watch this video blog about how to create my lifestyle?
    Maybe a six> better if sent to me
    > 2) If membership access cost $19 per month (and it
    > contained really cool tips) how likely would you be to
    > subscribe on a scale of 1 to 10?
    > 3) Which is better: or ?

    > 4) If not this topic, if not, what topic
    > would you MOST like to watch me talk about?
    Living like a life coach

  33. Anonymous Says:


    I would pay $19 per month if the information was real gutsy stuff that I could use. New information that was alive and fresh.

    Regarding ‘Live Like David’ that depends on what it is you are trying to say. Is it for fun? A bit like reality TV or is it to learn? If its about teaching then I like Learn From David.

    Lindy (Sydney)

  34. Why Just Survive? Says:

    1) 9 — I would watch 90 seconds.
    2) 2 — I probably would not pay for it though, unless the teasers were ASTOUNDING
    3) I don’t know if I want to live like you, but I like better.

    Good luck!

  35. Anonymous Says:




    The blog seems to be a nice idea but a little stressful for you in the long run. How long can you keep up a perfect lifestyle.


  36. Batiyah Lampl Says:

    1) On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely would you be
    to watch this video blog about how to create my lifestyle?


    2) If membership access cost $19 per month (and it
    contained really cool tips) how likely would you be to
    subscribe on a scale of 1 to 10?

    1 or 2

    3) Which is better: or ? sounds like fun

    4) If not this topic, if not, what topic
    would you MOST like to watch me talk about?

    I’d like something more interactive, where we could ask questions about creating a business and coaching, instead of just watching passively.

    I like the way you are seeking input before launching. Participating in something like this is a good learning tool. Thanks for modeling what you teach.

  37. Douglas Says:

    Neither of the URLs you’ve chosen hold much attraction for me. Both focus upon extremely self-oriented agendas.

    Explain how my world may benefit from more people living like you. Show the virtues of getting paid for work that you consider play.

    I like the idea of a vblog but I can’t imagine paying over $200 per year for access to it. Must every action or thought be monetized and morphed into a revenue stream?

    Persons I admire and seek to emulate have become rich through giving much more to their communities than they have sought to acquire for themselves.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    1) On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely would you be to watch this..
    9 – BUT… I find all your personal life sensual/sexual references very off-topic and would not watch if it ventured there.

    2) If membership access cost $19 per month…
    2 – getting tired of similar-sounding paid membersship sites.

    3) Which is better: or ?

    GETPAIDTOPLAY. First one is too David-centric.

    4) I watch to watch very efficient and timely WORK like David tips vs. LIVE like David.

    Thank you. You have some great material.

  39. Unre Says:

    The name could be “A life of choices” Let me show you how you gain freedom to have time for what you want to do.
    “How I live a life of choices” will be shared and it should assist you to do much more with much less time and resources.
    You contribute $19 per month to invest in me sharing daily choices with you. It is as if you “grow up in my house”. You become family and I invest my family knowledge in you. The gain is clear and worth many times what you contribute since you benefit from many people paying for my effort to packaged experiences.

  40. Christian Worth leCoach Says:

    As you present it, my likelihood to view is 3 .

    As to you title, how about focusing it on readers’b benefit rather than your lifestyle that the vast majority knows nothing about?

    Good luck

  41. Richard Says:

    Hi David,

    Let me try to be constructive here….

    You want to have people pay – to look at your lifestyle, and see tip’s on how you live the way that you want.

    So first my answers:
    1) 1 – I do not care about your lifestyle, I want to create my own
    2) 1 – Why would I pay you, so you can afford your lifestyle?
    3) what about

    I think that if you really have some tips to share – share them. If you have tips to sell, sell them, but please make sure you market that as such. This looks like a very self-centered get-rich-quick scheme. Pretty sure that this is not what you ment to achieve – as everybody understands that a videoblog has an infrastructure and costs money (but not 20$). But unfortunately this is how the message came over.

    A video blog to use as your own advertisement – like increasing your power of attraction – and use that as a marketing tool to sell tips on how to live YOUR own live to the fullest is another approach. As a coach I would probably even give the Tips for free – and have people contact me for coaching them in using them effectively and in their own environment. Which then brings coaching revenue.

  42. steve o' keefe Says:


    1. $19 a month yes! if there was enough content to drwa me in.

    2. Watch video? 4

    3. name? yes as i know your work if i didn’t know you?

    Steve O’keefe

  43. Anonymous Says:

    1 – 6
    2 – 2
    3 – gettingpaidtoplay is more attractive spontaneously although afterwards I look back and feel it is a bit tacky (but I would be more likely to click on that link – stick both on an email and see which gets most clicks)
    4 – ?

  44. Anonymous Says:

    3)paid to
    good luck

  45. دروازه خورشید Says:

    Dear David. I tell you my mere personal idea here, as you mentioned.
    1) In fact I would not be eager to live like anybody else! I am good enough the way I am. But please note that you are asking the R&D team, who might be determined, self-standing people. May be there are many people out there who love to live like david. you need to ask the question from right people. I give 2 to the topic if I have to pay $19.
    2) wisdomofdavid or davidlifewisdom
    3) some more spiritually oriented topics like: meaning of life, the value of every day (and so-called “worthless”) activities, we are not “left alone” in this world, etc. people need “faith” more than “mere success” nowadays.
    Cheers. Behrang

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Hi David,

    I have to say I haven’t found the “blog scene” one I’m interested in, video or not. So I would have to say that I wouldn’t watch it.

    I can also say that I’m pretty tired of being bombarded each day with tons of e-mail wanting me to buy or subscribe to someone else’s “wisdom” about making money.

    I suspect the main reason you are so successful is that coaching is a serious passion for you. It’s the passion that sets your vibration for the Law of Attraction to work. Perhaps I would be willing to subscribe if it was more about finding your passion and less about making money. But that’s just my path.

    I don’t like either domain name. They both sound a little too much like material wealth is all you care about, and I don’t believe that’s true (or I wouldn’t be still subscribed to you!)


  47. Lisa Says:

    1. I’d be very likely to watch a video clip of the solutions that I seek in the moment. Maybe it’s your lifestyle or one of your students. I’d love to choose what I need in the moment at any time. The video’s would have to be well done for me to come back again and again (short and to the point).

    2. The $19/month seems high. There would have to be value added – like a monthly mastermind of viewers, maybe something interactive.

    3. Solutions. Before and After Stories. Small steps – big solutions.

    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration. – We seek to connect the community through creations of kindness.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    1) 3
    2) 1
    3) I want to live like me not like someone else. getpaidtolive sounds like a scam, a bit like all those bettaware catalogues. How to’s are always a good start. how2bpaid2live would be an interesting title, actually I’ll just go and book that url myself 🙂

    Best regards
    Andrew Rice

  49. Lou Clark Says:

    Dear David

    1 & 2) If the video blog is something that is relevant to me, would help my practice and life balance then I would give it a 9 and yes pay $19 a mth. How would you feel doing a taster session/week to get peoples initial thoughts on content?
    3) speaks much more loudly to me but I also like Larry Favaloras idea of LearnfromDavid!

    All good wishes

    Lou Clark
    Corporate & Life Coach

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Hi David

    1. To watch 1-10. I’d say 1 and that wouldn’t be regularly.

    2. To pay $19 per month. Again it would be a 1 for me to pay to watch you.

    3. Like “Profit” I prefer the name LearnfromDavid to the 2 you suggest. Neither of the two you suggest motivate me to pay $19 a month.

    4. It sounds smug to me to say hey look at me I get to do what I want when I want and yet I care about people and making a difference in the world. I know that’s not you David and you are much more able to connect to people and create a real sense of excitement, growth, potential, inspiration and interest in their lives through what you write alone. I’d rather belong to a club which I pay a subscription to and feel you’re a mentor, friend far away, a support able to offer me advice in my coaching and business – etc.

    Good luck with it!


  51. Michelle Says:

    1) no

    2) no

    find another name

  52. Ed Says:

    1. Video Blog, Scale 1,
    2. Membership for blog, Scale 1,
    3. but makes you look a little or lot of selfcentering
    4. or similar

    I think more of your focus should be on helping coaches, help their clients instead of just you.

  53. stephanie_lindell Says:

    Hi David!

    As someone who has purchased many of your products in the past, I believe in the overall value, and quality of what you sell. However, given the nature of the clips… I think I would be more inclined to pay $10 a month. $19 hits the mark of “ok, I had better REALLY be seeing a difference after adding this to my monthly spend…” I do think it’s a fabulous idea though, and I would say I rate an 8 on the scale of likelihood to watch.

    Regarding your name, of the two offered I like “LiveLikeDavid” better, but to be honest I think they both sound a little “sales-y”. I would try for a more holistic feeling – LearnFromDavid, DirectFromDavid, etc…

    Whichever you choose, I will definitely check it out. Best of luck to you!!


  54. publicstacey Says:


    Thanks for asking.

    Question 1: 1
    Question 2: 1
    Question 3: Neither

    However, I would not fit in your market.

    Good luck with it!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    1. 8
    2. 3
    3. Get Paid to Play (live like david too egoistic
    4. Impact the world–or travel tips, I’m a sucker for travel tips.

  56. Kelly Britton Fletcher Says:

    2)1. Honestly, I’d watch only if it were free.

  57. Marcia Says:

    Hi David,

    1) for me, highly unlikely so a 1
    2) I wouldn’t subscribe to this, so again a 1
    3) getpaidtoplay
    4)tips for success, getting rid of limiting beliefs, believing you deserve a better lifestyle

  58. Linda Stoval Says:

    Hello David,
    Blogs and videos are abundant – and many are free. I think I see where you are going, but am not sure one nugget is enough compared to the time it takes to view.

    Personally, neither working title appeals to me. Coaching has certainly been good to your and many others’ lifestyles, but I believe the coaching profession is centered first on helping, on influencing, on making the world better person by person. I am sure you do, too, so a title that reflects that – even though you are helping coaches make more money in less time with less work -would seem more in keeping with the mission of coaching.

    I am imagining coming across my doctor’s website entitled ‘GetPaidToPlay’ or ‘LiveLikeJason’ and feeling less than important to him (except as a means of getting more $$).

    From a PR standpoint,paying $19/month to someone who has done/is doing as well as you are is problematic, I think. Your knowledge is valuable, of course, but will customers wonder ‘how much is enough for this guy’ or ‘he never misses an opportunity to get more $$$ from me’?

    Just a little concern for you and your ever increasing legacy as a leader, mentor and coach.

    My coachy 2 cents worth.

    Thank you for all you do and have done for others and for coaching.

    “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” Maggie Kuhn

  59. Frank Szewczyk Says:

    I would not pay $19 a month. I have a Coachville account that I paid once for and still have access. I would expect well known authors and speakers to contribute if I were to pay.

    There are too many coach sites that are just charging for little value. The coaching profession is becoming like multi-level marketing. There is always another tool to buy that will make one successful. The only folks making good money are selling the tools.

    I believe if you offered a comprehensive site that had real value and not just an outlet for more tools you could create a niche.

    In terms of names I like neither name. Someone suggested LifeLessons from David which I like. If you decide to let other speakers participate it could be Life lessons from david and friends.

    good luck


  60. Anonymous Says:

    No, I don’t want to pay however I may want to livelikedavid.

    Perhaps you could get money from people after they subscribe – say from doing a course of coaching rather than by mass info sources such as blogging. Sell the full vid as a package and leave the 90secs free as an intro to wanting more.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    1) 0 Not interested this this

    2) There is so much free info online why would I ever pay and especially $19 a month. there are tons of gurus offering free nuggets.

    3) First one comes across as those guys who sell a lot of hype and make money off of people who are sincerely tying to do better in their lives yet lose money (and are mostly taken advantage) from people selling a life styles of being rich (from people are are not really so rich or who make money going around telling people they can become rich “if you buy my product”. Most people see through this expect the most desperate victims who fall for buying into the idea of “I have a chance of being be rich like him if I buy his products” Most people are tired of scams, hype and show offs. People who are really rich do not go around telling people how rich they are trying to get others to make them more rich by selling them “you could be rich like me”
    4) You ask everyone to give you “free” advice on ideas of what you should to create a product to sell only to help you make more money yet you don’t want it seems to pay anyone any money for their ideas. My question to you is “If you have so much money and live such a life style why don’t you go hire someone or a company and pay them for valuable advice instead of taking other peoples ideas as if they had no value. I think you come across as trying to take advantage creative people ideas by not valuing their ideas by asking for “their free advice” that you obvious plan to sell to make money only for yourself.

    My free nugget to you: I would encourage you to start paying for other people’s valuable advice and help them make some money this way.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    By the way David, I forgot to say that I love it that you ask us!

  63. geno Says:

    10 on watching
    5 on paying

  64. Gabrielle Says:

    I would pay- but not $19 – if I felt I’d really see value above and beyond what i already get through being a subscriber. A smaller amount would make me much more inclined, say $9 monthly.
    While I do want to “live like you,” I think that title is a tad bit arrogant and may put off some people. I much prefer choice two.
    Whatever you do I’m sure will bring further success and I wish you all the best.

  65. David Wood Says:

    Thanks so much for all the feedback guys. Much of it felt ‘right on’.

    I heard:
    – it’s arrogant (and I agree)
    – it’s focused on helping people make money and not work, and people want to at least feel like they are focusing on service (even if they also want the other two)
    – Many people would want/expect it to be free (because it’s a blog, and because…well just because it should be free 😉
    – I’m thinking now of

  66. Pcoach4u Says:

    David, I agree what others have said. I am into coaching people and helping them. You were at one time. Now it seems like too much of your focus is on impressing others. I wish it were not.

  67. Floyd Says:

    1) Not likely–rate 1 (with 10 high and 1 low)
    2) I wouldn’t subscribe–rate 0.
    3) Everyone has their own preferred lifestyle according to their belief system. We should not assume that a “play” lifestyle is a good goal. It sounds like a selfish goal. I prefer a goal of a meaningful lifestyle that veers away from being self-promotional and seeks to serve people. God created each human being for a purpose and I believe he will reveal his purpose to us if we are intentional about finding out what it is.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Hi David

    1) I think it would be an interesting topic..8 out of 10

    2)How often would you post something. I wouldn’t pay $20 for 90 seconds. It is hard to put a price on knowledge and experience but you have to consider that the internet is about information sharing and a lot of people are doing it for free.

    3)Get paid to play sounds good

    4) As I said before sounds like a good topic. I am interested in hearing how you go from having basically nothing to a thriving business. Practical information that can be easily applied to different situations.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Hi David!

    I am not one for blogs or video blogs so you have a tough audience.

    Q1 Probably 0 unless a friend recommended it.
    Q2 Definite 0 if I had to subscribe and pay anything.

    Q3 No preference given answers to 1 & 2. However … David who??

    Q4 I just don’t watch video blogs. And very rarely will listen to an audio / podcast.

    I hope it helps.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    I would probably NOT pay the $19 … never feel that there really is a value for the dollars spent. Sorry…

    Also, really agree that the Livelikedavid is a tad too self righteous….prefer living my life, not yours but value your experiences and insights…so, life lessons may be a softer approach.

    Blogs I find somewhat of a scattered way of delivering a message.. I do like “video” rather than reading a dissertation.

    Hope these opinions help!

  71. tam Says:

    Hi David – I’d certainly consider paying a subscription if the nuggets/news etc was specific to building my coaching business and, as per other comments, here, if it gave me other ideas on how to work more effectively with my clients eg, limiting beliefs etc. You’ve given me so much free stuff that I feel I would owe you the chance of signing up to a newsletter, but suggest it’s kept at a reasonable amount – and £10/month which is roughly the equivalent of $19 would be fine with me. Keep up the great work! And thanks Tam

  72. Antony Luma Says:

    I think your blog post was secretly a sweet beginning to a potential series of articles about this topic. A lot of users act like they know what they’re writing about when it comes to this area and most of the time, very few people actually get it. You seem to know about it though, so I think you need to run with it. Thank you!

  73. Sarah Clark Says:

    i own at least 3 video blogs and i love to video blog myself and do some crazy stuffs:”:

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