Top Five Coaching “Business-Killers”

I want to know – tell us in the comments what’s your #1 Business-Killer, and your #1 Smoking Gun?

1) What’s YOUR #1 Business Killer? The main thing between you and your ideal coaching business?

Here are the top five common Coaching Business-Killers:

1. Lack of time to focus on my business
2. Lack of belief in myself (hard to admit!)
3. Lack of consistent action/too much procrastination
4. Lack of business skills on how to find and convert paying clients
5. Lack of coaching skills to feel like a kick-ass coach.

What’s yours? Tell us the #1 thing in your way. Include a QUESTION so I – and our community – can offer support.

2) What’s YOUR #1 Smoking Gun? i.e. the #1 thing that will propel you to coach business heaven?

Here are the top 5 to get you started:

1) Confidence that you kick ass as a coach
2) Knowing WHERE to find paying clients
3) Knowing how to CONVERT prospects into paying clients
4) Having clarity on your business plan and target market

Tell us below, and again, make sure you include a QUESTION with it so we can respond.

P.S. I’ll respond to every question personally.

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