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MM #78: The 3 C’s of Successful Web Sites

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

1. Announcements/Offers

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2. FEATURE: The 3 C’s of Successful Web Sites

When putting together a website, it can seem quite daunting, especially if you don’t come from an IT or marketing background. To help make this task a bit easier, here are a few pointers from a coaching call you can hear in Explode Your Practice:

Creating Content to Connect

Most coaching websites include information about what coaching is, how to contact the coach, and past successes. When writing copy for your first site though, think about the feeling you’d like to create as a prospective client reads through your content.

The goal is to make them feel comfortable as they get to know you and that they can trust you … sort of like you are chatting with them over a cup of coffee.

How much information you provide about yourself is up to you, but a few paragraphs on who you are, how you came to coaching and your personal philosophy on coaching is a good start.

You can also provide links to additional information such as your background, your certifications or other services you offer. By using this technique, you are less likely to overwhelm the prospective client.

Also, don’t forget to include a picture or two of yourself. Perhaps pick some that help to represent who you are as a person, your likes, your hobbies, and/or how you coach. These will not only “put a face to the name,” but also give the client some insight into your personality and whether they might enjoy working with you in a coaching relationship!

Collecting Information

What types of information should you collect and how much information? Basically, you can go about it in one of three different ways:

1. Email Only: offer a newsletter and collect only a person’s email address, and perhaps their first name (fast and easy to collect which may lead to higher response rates).

2. Detailed Information Only: create a form that a person has to complete asking for personal information, goals, what it means to be successful, how long they might be interested in being coached and how much they might be willing to pay for such services (more involved, but it can also be an effective tool for screening prospective clients). See here for an example.

3. Combination: offer a newsletter and collect only a person’s email address; follow-up with a page confirming their subscription and a request for additional information. If provided, they will receive an additional bonus gift (fast and easy to collect, but also allows for the opportunity to secure more detailed information if the person is willing).

Whichever way you go, it’s good to have the support of an inexpensive programmer to set this all up.

Show a privacy policy prominently, and be up front about what they will receive i.e. don’t offer a download and then add them to your newsletter without asking. A great system is to offer a free download, that comes with a complimentary newsletter subscription.

Communicating Niche

If you have defined your niche, explain it in language your clientele will understand and connect with. Then put it in a prominent place on your website. Make it easy for someone to learn about the type of people you work with and why. If you don’t have a well-defined niche yet, pick something that interests you, write up a paragraph or two about it and post it to your site. (In other words, at least pretend you have a focus area or specialty. People like to see focus. Before too long, you will be an expert in that area)

Who knows who might show up from that target market and if you find that you enjoy coaching them, even better … you may have just discovered your true calling.

* * *

If you keep these pointers in mind, you will be well on your way towards creating a compelling and targeted website for your chosen niche. Good luck and happy writing!

* * *

Take action on the 3 C’s?

  1. What do you have about you on your site? Is it connecting with your audience? If not, tweak your words, move them around, and add personable pictures.
  2. Evaluate your way of collecting information about your prospective clients. Is it working for you? Would you like to experiment with any changes?
  3. Ask some friends to look at your site and see if they can recognize your niche. If not, what can you add to your site to make your niche clearer?
  4. Post the changes you will make at the blog for accountability.

* * *

Want more? This, and 100 other topics are covered in more detail in the full Explode Your Practice CD set, available now.


Create #48: Beyond the Conditioned Mind

Monday, March 19th, 2007

1. Announcements/Offers

Ladies: Join the R&D Team for our New Women’s Book!

Many of you have read the relationship guide for men at Well, it’s time to write the relationship guide for women, with women’s spokesperson Cindy Joseph.

I’m assembling an R&D (Research and Development) team just for this book. So ladies, if you have any interest in how to win with your guy, how to get more of what you want from him, or just to have more fun with him, send a blank email to to join this new R&D team. Every now and then I’ll send out some questions for you, and may even run the audio interviews past you for comment and questions!

Dave & Ez Hit Oz
I’ve had to go to Australia for a last minute business trip (writing this on the plane now), and decided to bring my good buddy and coach Ezra along. We’re turning it into a two week vacation/party, and Ez will be blogging each day or so on what we’re up to. If you’d like to follow along, you can do so here (give us a day or two to get started on it):

How to Be Happy
Happiness is not something that can be attained through wealth, therapy, or relationships. It’s inside every one of us, all of the time.

Paul Lowe (the guy I’ve learned a lot from) states: “You have happiness inside you now. Eternal dancing blissful happiness, inside you now … Inside each person there is a something that is unaffected by anything.”

He suggests: “If you are not happy, the intelligent thing is to make [happiness] your priority. Find that place inside you.”

In his “How to Be Happy” CD, Paul explains how our conditioning obscures our natural state of joy and contentment, and how acceptance of each moment is the key to true happiness. Paul talks about the different vibrations we give out when we’re happy, in complaint, or resisting the moment – and how a simple change in attitude can bring about a major shift in our interactions with the world.

(Personal Note: I bought this CD myself, and it rocks! I will be listening to it several times)

Cost for the CD is US$19 (15 Euro or 10 GBP) plus shipping. To order, send an email directly to Mia at

2. FEATURE: Beyond the Conditioned Mind

This Guest Article provided courtesy of one of my mentors, Paul Lowe:
* * *
We each live in our own individual world. It may not look like it, but 6 billion people live in 6 billion separate realities.

The way we see and experience the world is determined by how we grew up, the attitudes, opinions, beliefs and limitations we were given. In other words, by the conditioning we received to our minds and emotions.

This conditioning effects the way in which we see things. It is as though we are looking out of a window with curved glass – everything appears distorted. This distortion is created by our conditioning.

It isn’t so

We think that which we see is the way things are, but it is not so. We are actually seeing through the distortion of our conditioned mind and this puts a spin on to our whole life and how we perceive ourselves. It is a huge handicap and certainly prevents us from reaching our maximum potential.

When we begin to disconnect from our mind and its fixed opinions an unexplainable mystery happens – life gets easier and better and better. Everything starts to click into place. Anger and judgment dissipate, a feeling of freedom descends and a gentle peace starts to permeate our whole being.

With that phenomenon comes another phase that keeps us moving and growing. We begin to recognise that life presents us with what we need to evolve into our greatest potential as a human being.

To take advantage of this possibility: be more adventurous, experiment, take a few risks. More aliveness happens in unpredictable situations. You only have one short life, and this is it. Live it to the full and don’t take it too seriously. Have fun!


  1. What is your conditioning? Identify ways in which your perception is distorted.
  2. Think of one risk you can take this week.
  3. Take that risk, in a spirit of adventure.
  4. Share your experience at the blog.


3. The Personal Touch

I love writing this section – it’s like my diary 😉

I officially have a girlfriend: Kristina. She’s smart, sassy, loving, fun, sexy, and passionate. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t go back to ‘poly-land’, but this is what has shown up, and I’m thrilled. I’m having an absolute blast with her, and look forward to more great times.

My best buddy Ezra and I are getting even closer. Such a new feeling to be with someone who has so much attention on my happiness and goals – a little confronting at times, a little vulnerable – and I say bring it on! I’m dragging him to Australia with me, to visit the parents, kick some business goals, and have a whole heap of fun.

After four years, the relationship book specifically for women is under way! It is awesome, and I’m having a lot of fun with Cindy and Ezra on this! We have a couple of publishers interested, but we could use more, so if you have good contacts in the publishing industry, please forward to (but without the dashes). US, UK or Australia are all fine.

NOTE: I’m assembling an R&D team just for this book. So ladies, if you have any interest in how to win with your guy, how to get more of what you want from him, or just to have more fun with him, send a blank email to Every now and then I’ll send out some questions for you, and may even run the audio interviews past you for comment and questions!

I’ve turned my bedroom into a sultan’s tent, which has been a HUGE amount of fun. I’m talking stretchy purple fabric covering the entire ceiling, and gold fabric winding down the walls like tent poles. Just ordered awesome candle holders and a 5 foot water feature – really fun to be putting so much attention on my environment.

Business wise the universe continues to provide. We’ve launched a limited edition of Top Coaching Techniques to the R&D team (the first coach training package of its kind in the world). If you missed out on that email (no dashes) and she’ll arrange a copy for you if there are any left.

I’m about to produce a DVD of the Internet Clients Webinar we did recently, a Google Pay Per Client training video specifically for a coaching campaign, plus a few other fun things. If you’re interested in volunteering to join in the action, I think Beth could still use a couple (her email is above).

Love and fun,

P.S. Comments invited on the blog.

MM #77: How to Set a Competitive Fee for Your Coaching

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

1. Announcements/Offers

For Serious Players Only…

Ready to really BUMP your practice to the next level?

Ready for advanced training on creating long-term marketing engines?

Then listen in to this extensive collection of my most powerful mentoring sessions over the last three years, with your own copy of:-

“EXPLODE YOUR COACHING PRACTICE™: Proven Practice Building Secrets to Give You More Clients Than You Can Handle.”

Get your copy now:

Explode Your Practice

2. FEATURE: How to Set a Competitive Fee for Your Coaching

Many service professionals are uncomfortable putting a dollar figure on the work they do. There’s a fine line between pricing yourself out of your market – and selling yourself short. You can hear me coaching on this very topic in “Explode Your Practice.” Here’s a quick summary that will help you find the right balance.

Your clients look to you for initial clues about the value of your services. If you give them the idea that it’s worth $50 per month, that’s how they’ll treat it. On the other hand, if your initial clue tells them your services are worth $1,000 per month, you may hit some resistance. They might think of other things in their life with a comparative cost, and say, “Hang on, how can that be?”

You may need to create a shift in their thinking and you may need to target a market that is certain to have the money. Some people easily spend thousands of dollars for a holiday, or for a high-profile course – they can also afford it for coaching if it’s positioned correctly.

Naming Your Price

An average price for coaching seems to be $300-500 per month. If you back your services with a money-back guarantee, you will have a better chance of charging this or higher. (The drawback, however, is that your client’s commitment may be lower now that they have a backdoor if things don’t work out).

I started coaching at AU$250, which is about US$210. I later raised it to AU$300, where I stayed for a long time, scared to go higher. When I finally decided to go to $400, I had a lot of clients so I went ahead. They didn’t blink, because $300 is still a lot of money for some people. The difference between $300 and $400 wasn’t as big as I had expected.

When I went from $400 to $550, I was again surprised when people responded with, “Okay, that’s what it costs.”

You have to get your clients to consider the results. For instance, I had a client – a manager – who had taken dramatic steps forward inside herself. She was finally starting to say no, to take some time off, to find her peace. What’s that worth? What was it worth to her employer, who was picking up the tab, to keep a valuable employee? Suddenly $2,000 doesn’t seem so outrageous.

Now I’m at the point where I need to screen out clients – and setting my fee high helps to do that. What if you’re not quite there?

Here’s an example: Say you’ve decided on a fee of $300 per month. Tell clients if they pay three months in advance, you’ll charge just $200 per month – a total of $600. It’s like they are getting a month for free. Taking it further, you can charge $175 per month if they pay six months in advance.

Unless you are screening out clients, you probably shouldn’t post a monthly cost of $300 on your site. With a pre-pay discount, however, you can say, “My prices range from $150-300 per month. Contact me for details.”

Collect Up Front

Assume that your clients will want to pay up front. If they ask about a month-to-month plan, you can be agreeable but explain that system is more expensive. By preferring up-front payments, you are supporting your clients by making sure they follow through. If they just don’t go for that, THEN you can offer a lower trial rate – in this example, $200 – for the first month, with the expectation of a three-month contract if all goes well.

As a higher-end coach, I let people know there are cheaper coaches. One of my clients pays month to month because that’s all she can afford at one time. I’ve encouraged her to consider someone less expensive, and she said, “You know what? I want to keep going with you. My guess is that you pay for what you get. By paying this amount of money, I know I’ll take it seriously.”


If a potential client says coaching seems expensive, ask, “What’s it worth to you to achieve this goal? What’s it worth to you to have these changes in your life? Are you ready to commit to having these goals?”

And: “What’s the cost of NOT working with me?”

Once they have made that commitment internally, you should have a client.

* * *

Action: What are your services worth?

  1. Decide on a flat fee structure. For example, one month (3 sessions) for $400. What feels right to you? How many sessions? How much?
  2. Now, what kind of discount will you offer to clients who pay 3 months up front? Six months? Or is there another pre-pay structure that works better for you? (For instance, 9 months if you are working around a school year.)
  3. Post what you plan on doing at the blog then check back in there with your results.

* * *

Want more? This, and 100 other topics are covered in more
details in the full Explode Your Practice CD set, available now.


MM #76: How I got 1,600 Subscribers in a Month

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

1. Announcements/Offers

What Are People Saying About ‘First Fifty Clients’?

How Did A Former Helicopter Rescue Nurse Get 17 Life Coaching Clients in Just 3 Months?

Find out at:

“David’s strategies helped me get my coaching business up and running with 17 clients after just three months! And I couldn’t believe I had $3,000 a month coming in just from helping people with their lives!”
Estelle Gibbins, Brisbane, Australia

“I have applied the information, with terrific results. I started last Monday, making a deal with myself to have a new client each day. So far, that has occurred – and I have ten new clients!”
Julie Gleeson, USA
The Art of Living


2. FEATURE: How I Got 1600 Subscribers in a Month

Proudly Reprinted from Mentor Monthly #13


Why get subscribers? Because it’s a powerful way to let your community get to know you, to build a relationship, and stay in touch. If you’re selling a product or a service, it usually takes several instances of contact before someone will buy from you. Enter the eZine!

I sent out an update recently to my R & D team mentioning I got 1600 new subscribers last month, and one member asked how I managed it. I thought I’d share the different methods with you, too.

Free Web Traffic

Submit your sites to the major search en’gines, and if you have crafted your pages properly, you will come up near the top when people search for your key words. E.g. ‘life coaching’, ‘motivational speaker’, ‘corporate training’.

Save time and get better results by getting a good software program to do your work for you, and it will train you as you go.

There are certain key things you should have in any search engine software you buy. You can surf the web and research to your heart’s content to find the one that is best for you. Or if you prefer to buy the one I use and recommend, you can get the free 30 day trial version of WebPosition Gold here: 30 Day Trial Version

Multiple Sites

I have more than one domain and many of my sites link to the other domains. Part of your search engine ranking has to do with how many sites link to yours. So through multiple sites, my search engine ranking goes up. Every site you have, in fact every PAGE you have on your site, is a chance you’ll be found by a search engine. More pages, linking to your home page, also increases your Page Rank with Google, meaning you come up higher in the listing.

My site Life Coaching Resource is rated #1 on Google right now for the key words “life coaching”. We used the phrase throughout the site and all our sites link there.

Free traffic is great – but it’s not the only source…

Paid Google Traffic

I use Google Adwords to gain most of my customers. For Adwords you pay per click for certain keywords. Someone will type in, say “Life Coaching” in the Google search bar. When the search results come in, the ads on the right show up in correlation to the key words typed in. You only pay if someone clicks on the ad.

The secret for me is that the products the customers buy when they come to my sites, pay for the web traffic. As a bonus, I get lots of newsletter subscribers.

Sales Letter

When I am writing a sales letter for a product, I use that opportunity to ask for subscriptions. For an example of how I get a subscription, let’s use I use a hover ad that glides across to ask for the subscription.

You can also put it right into the text of your sales letter. Before we used the hover ad what I did was mention a few interesting ‘hooks,’ and then I put in this paragraph:

“Before I show you exactly how these ordinary people built such successful practices, make sure you take away a free copy of ’50 Power Questions to Ask Your Client’. It comes with a free subscription to my Ezine ‘Mentor Monthly™’, which teaches you how to coach more effectively, and gain clients with ease. (Note: I will never disclose your private information to anyone else, and you may unsubscribe with two clicks of the mouse).”

Right under that paragraph is the subscription box. The ‘thank you for subscribing page’ pops up separately so when they close it they are still reading the sales letter.

Free Download

Notice in the above example I am not asking them to sign up for a newsletter. Rather, I suggest a free download of ’50 Power Questions’, which includes a free subscription.

I’m now using this technique at a lot of my sites e.g. I have a post it graphic that makes the free download attention grabbing. And I also have it in the left column under Free Tools. In order to get the free download, people often choose to get the newsletter at the same time (note I don’t require it though – they CAN uncheck the box if they really want to.)

What could you put together that will be of value to your customers?

(Or if you like, you can provide my ’50 Power Questions’ on your site as a free download. Just go to one of the above sites and follow the process to get the download, and then place it on your site the way I’ve done at

Radio Interview

I also received about 200 subscribers from a national radio interview. National was great, but I had to get up at 4am to do it!

Have you been in contact with your local media for radio or newspaper articles recently?

* * *

Action: Get more web traffic

  1. Which of the 6 ways sounds the most exciting for you to do right now?
  2. Start planning for how you will use that way to gain more traffic.
  3. Post what you plan on doing at the blog then check back in there with your results.

* * *

Want more? You can find more ways to use the internet to gain clients and get more in depth on the solutions above in our new Internet Clients eCourse.


P.S. Got a comment on this article? Add it to the blog.