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Create #46: Shock Them. Thank Them.

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

1. Announcements/Offers

Set Awesome Goals for 2007! Teleclass/Webinar Registration
Limited to 200 people

We’re going to have an AWESOME call to set some awesome, inspiring, motivating, and FUN goals for you for 2007. Dial in from anywhere in the world.

I invite you to join me for this special call/webinar (it’s a teleclass, but we’ll interact over the computer too), and to leave the call ready to really make things happen in 2007.

When: Jan 18, 7pm (EST)

Cost: $19 (100% of this goes to the charity LifeLine International or LifeLine Australia, and is non-refundable)
Friends?: Yes, you can forward them this invite. (motivating your friends increases the chance of you reaching your goals 😉

Reserve your spot

If you can’t make the call: Register anyway and I’ll send you the recording (definitely audio, maybe even video) so you can participate in your own time.

‘How to be Happy’ Paul Lowe 2006
1 CD, 15 tracks, 78 min. Live-recorded talks by Paul Lowe

I’ve gotten so much from Paul’s seminars, and I want to give you the opportunity to hear him, too.

Happiness is not something that can be attained – through wealth, therapy, or relationships. It’s inside every one of us, all of the time.

Paul states: “You have happiness inside you now. Eternal dancing blissful happiness, inside you now … Inside each person there is a something that is unaffected by anything.”

He suggests: “If you are not happy, the intelligent thing is to make [happiness] your priority. Find that place inside you.”

Paul explains how our conditioning obscures our natural state of joy and contentment, and how acceptance of each moment is the key to true happiness.

This CD guides you to a new understanding.

Cost: 15 Euro or 19 USD or 10 GBP. (plus 2 Euro/ 3 USD/ 1,6 GBP for each shipping)

Order by e-mail to Mia at

2. FEATURE: Shock them. Thank them.

I gotta tell you – after 20 years this guy was more than surprised to get a phone call from me!

But I jump ahead of myself…

How much did teachers impact your life? I mean both the good ones, AND the bad ones?

* * *
I was back home with my parents for a couple of weeks, and the subject around the dining table turned to teachers.

I remembered a teacher who was really nasty to me in high school; I clearly remember him telling me loudly in front of a bunch of students: “You’ll amount to nothing in this school, Wood. Nothing.”

Thank goodness I didn’t believe him, and went on to top the school in my final year. But it still had an impact. I shared with my Mum (also a teacher) over dinner how sensitive kids are to teachers’ attitudes towards them.

And then I said: “You know – I was a real pain at school. I mucked around in class, rarely listened, and liked to stir teachers and students alike. But my science teacher (we’ll call him Mr. Fourash to protect his privacy) handled us all really well. He always maintained his dignity, and NEVER said one unkind word to the entire class. He was nothing but supportive to us, no matter how much trouble we gave him – even when he was angry.

“That really means a lot to me, even today, and I probably should have told him.”

Well – the trouble with sending your Mum to the Landmark Forum is you can’t say something like that and get away with it. Next thing I know she’s got the phone book out and is running her finger through it…”Fourash…Fourash…I’m sure he lives…here it is.” And she hands me the number and quietly goes back to her lamb chops!

Now come on – I mean this is 20 years after high school; I haven’t spoken a word to the man or laid eyes on him since I left town 20 years ago, and here I am holding his home phone number, with my mother avoiding eye contact and suddenly interested in the gravy jar.

“Oh what the hell” I said…”There’s only one time to make a call like this, and that’s now.”

So I dialed the number, and as luck would have it he answered straight away. I said, “Hello this is David Wood calling for Mr. Fourash”, and I’ll tell you, it was pretty gratifying to hear him say “David Wood? You mean THE David Wood?” God love him.

So I explained that this was all spur of the moment, and I was sitting at dinner discussing him and on impulse called to tell him what a difference he made to me. I explained that I knew I was a difficult student at times, and quite a few of the teachers had felt threatened by that and tried to ‘bring me down a peg’ or reacted unkindly. But that I had always felt his good will towards me and the class, no matter what, and even to this day it made a difference that an authority figure treated me with kindness and respect, ESPECIALLY when I was difficult.

It was wonderful to reconnect and chat briefly with this lovely man after so many years, and to share how we were both doing, and to wish each other well.

He seemed to really appreciate the call, and I can only imagine that if teaching is your life’s work, it’s gotta feel pretty good to hear from someone out of the blue like that and be fully acknowledged for your contribution. Plus, I felt on top of the world when I got off the phone.

* * *

Who would you write to?

Are you interested in this game?

Think right now – who made a difference in your life? Who would you like to thank?

I don’t expect every reader of this article to pick up the phone. But it’s not so hard to call your school and find someone who would be willing to forward a letter for you if they are not willing to give out the teacher’s address. And there’s always the phone book, or you could place a brief acknowledgement in the local paper of your home town (what a great idea!). Guaranteed someone will pass the word.

I tracked down three teachers and got in touch with them (one from when I was 11 years old, and today I’m writing the teacher I had when I was 7!). If you’d like to see an example, I’ve posted it here.

And of course it doesn’t have to be a teacher. It could be a neighbor, a relative, a police officer, a co-worker, a friend. And it can be someone you knew 10-40 years ago, or someone you see every day now 😉


1. Choose someone who made a big difference in your life.

2. Track down their phone number or mailing address or email (or a person willing to forward a note).

3. Call or write within the next 7 days.

3. Post on the blog, PLEASE. I’d love to read your stories. We can create our own little chicken soup helping right here.

3. The Personal Touch

I’ve just had one of the hardest times of my life.

I arrived in India for my 5 week ‘guru intensive’, and lasted 4 days. Lack of sleep and exhaustion led to anxiety and panic, and a nasty cycle I couldn’t see my way out of. So I made an emergency exit back to my familiar apartment in New York. (this was the 5th time in 20 years, so not bad averages really 😉

What caused it? Perhaps the four vaccinations I got the day before leaving New York, taking three times the maximum recommended dosage of something else by mistake, dehydration, the prospect of delving into my inner self, being in busy, poor India where this happened once before, the universe knocking on (well, knocking down) my door to get my attention, or all of the above.

Since the decision to leave India things have kept getting better. Clicking into place. Two weeks later I’m feeling my body back in balance, and the constant anxiety/fear is a manageable murmur.

The good that came of this trip/experience (well, did you expect me to just whine?):

– I have deep empathy for people who suffer from anxiety and/or depression (and a desire to help)

– a new sensitivity to feeling what’s happening in my body, and seeing what ‘it’/me wants

– a new awareness of how sensitive/fragile my operating system can be

– my eyes/heart are open for messages; I’m on a quest to discover what else there is to learn from this

– I FELT deeply and clearly the love and support I have around me, and feel blessed/grateful.

– lots of insights about life, enjoyment, being present (and it’s still in process)

– lots of creative energy and some clarity around my future (advance peek: it involves public speaking, publishing books, tv/radio show, and leveraging people to run a bunch of projects just for fun). If you have any experience you would like to share around anxiety and/or depression, or if you could just use some support, I invite you to post on the blog. I’d love to read it.

Other news:
– launched ICE in November/December and it went really well, after SO much work and time, and that feels good.

– Prospects for 2007 are really good! Top Coaching Techniques launch coming up!

– Have two new amazing best friends (Beth and Ezra), and the darling Kristina is adding so much to my life I’m at times over-whelmed (in a good way;-)

Love, David

Thank you letter to my teacher

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Dear Mr. Ginns,

I don’t blame you if you don’t remember me – well, maybe a little bit.

It was your first year at West Cessnock, and I was perhaps the most precocious in your 6th grade class. We’re talking 1980 – so 16 years ago.

I’m writing to tell you that you really stood out for me, as a teacher. You showed me a lot of encouragement, respect and appreciation. You really helped my confidence, and to believe that I was pretty good at something.

I remember asking you several times if I might get into 7-1. And you said it would have to be a very strong 7-1 to keep me out. Well – as it turns out, something kicked in around year 9, and in my final year I ended up Dux of the school.

I became an Actuary working for a big firm in New York – consulting on international super for Fortune 500 companies.

Then I quit my job to play guitar in pubs back in Australia, and now I’m a life and business coach, supporting other coaches through sale of my internet products around the world. (Web site: )

I’m based in NY again, and travel a bit for business and lifestyle – in the air right now as I write this, heading to Morocco for the Young Entrepreneurs conference – then to the Philippines to set up a new business. It’s a good life.

Thanks for seeing my potential, instead of the pain in the ass I often was. You made a big difference to me, and I can only imagine the difference you made to all the other kids you taught.

How are you doing? Still teaching? If you have access to email, you can reach me at [email deleted]

With appreciation,

David Wood

MM #73: Top Tools to Use to Set Up Your Business

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006


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2. FEATURE: Top Tools to Use to Set Up Your Business

Many times we are asked which providers have the tools that provide the most value and usefulness for our type of businesses.

The more automation, systems and tools you are able to use, the less daily work you will need to do to keep your business running. We all know you have enough to do. You can read more about systems in this past article:

MM 12: Systems

We are happy to give you an overview of our trusted providers in an attempt to make your choices easier. (Note: if any of these providers have a commission system, I’m probably signed up. I’m always happy to be paid for referring services I believe in 😉

Web Hosting Service

My friends Marc and Rebecca offer a Small Business Web Site Package for coaches including: unlimited web pages, 15 hours of design time, voice greeting, shopping cart, newsletter capability, and unlimited mailing lists for only $449.

I’ve taken a good look at it and I think it’s pretty unbeatable. You could normally expect to pay $600 to $1,500 for this. If you want to get an idea of the quality you can expect, take a look at for an example of a spiritual site.

Copy Writing

Delegate the copywriting duties of your business to an expert. Someone not only with the skill to write killer sales letters, but is also in tune with your audience, what makes them tick, and what drives them to hire you to help them succeed in life.

Andy O’Bryan,, has been writing advertising copy for 20 years. He has come to know more than 100 of the world’s most famous success icons and has a deep understanding of what coaches – and their clients – want.

Production Creation, Marketing and Sales

Produce your signature product or program in less than 90 days in Michael Port’s #1 product creation program on the Internet:

Web Traffic Expert or Software

In this article I explain my secrets to free traffic. For those new to the web, I’m talking about how to come up in the top ten listings (rankings) when someone searches for something like “life coaching” or “business coaching” on a search engine like AltaVista, Google, or Yahoo.

Autoresponder Software/Shopping Cart/Newsletter Management

Most people find it really confusing to pick an e-commerce system. In fact, they don’t even know they are looking for an ecommerce system! They just wanted a shopping cart – without realizing how the entire package fits together.

I’ve created a special video showing you the inner workings of my entire ecommerce system. You’ll see the individual control panels, along with my explanation of what each screen is for. (In fact I’m using the system to send this to you.

If you don’t already know, you’ll soon learn that online marketing means automation. The biggest bonus of being online is you can follow up repeatedly with your customers, over say a year, while you are asleep! Just imagine following up with 1000 customers, in an automated, targeted fashion for the next 12 months. That could be 12,000 emails arriving at just the right time, without you even thinking about it!

Professional Cart Solutions allows you to set up unlimited auto responders. Further, you can say ‘When they subscribe to the AR for purchasing Product A, then UNSUBSCRIBE them from the AR that encourages them to purchase Product A’. Very powerful.

Site Build It! (“SBI!”) is Web hosting that works. It is the only all-in-one site-brainstorming-building-hosting-and-marketing step-by-step system of software tools that delivers thriving, profitable businesses.

Its creator is an absolute genius, who’s managed to combine web hosting, web site building, and web site marketing into one complete package. I’m sure Ken doesn’t sleep!

Instant Audio

Put streaming audio on your web site. Check it out here. This is useful to hold your prospects and turn them into paying customers.

Credit Card Merchant Providers

How many clients do you have to lose because of a bounced check or changing their mind before they pay – before you realize you need to take credit cards? In this article we will start with the quickest method to set up, and then move on to the one that will make it easy for your clients to stay with you month after month. And – I’ll tell you who I recommend if you’re shopping for a merchant credit card account.

Assessment Generator

AssessmentGenerator allows you to create your very own assessments and place them on your web sites. When people visit your web site, they can complete the assessment and have their results e-mailed to them, while you get a new business lead.


Action: Systemizing your business with tools

  1. What tools do you want next to build your business faster?
  2. What are your favorite coaching tools?
  3. Post your favorite coaching tools, thoughts and comments at the blog!


P.S. Got a comment on this article? Add it to the blog.