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Become a Life Coach
like Anthony Robbins

Why become a life coach?

Do you desire to empower others to unleash their power to design their dreams- just like Anthony Robbins?   Do you, like Tony Robbins, the world-famous life coach, writer, speaker and philanthropist, believe people possess the power within them to:

Are you compelled like Tony, Anthony Robbins, to become a catalyst for constructive change throughout the world?  

If yes, become a life coach like Anthony Robbins who inspires, enlightens, trains, and holds accountable those who want to move from weak wishing to actively achieving their dreams.

Who is Anthony Robbins?

His website states that he is:

In an article from What is Enlightenment Magazine, entitled, Excellence Is Not Enough, An interview with Anthony Robbins, Tony is spoken about by Craig Hamilton:

"Tony Robbins life story is the kind of rags-to-riches tale that makes red-blooded Americans burst into song at the sight of the flag. . . with only a high school education, had earned his first million dollars by the age of twenty-two. . . "
Craig Hamilton, Spring-Summer 1999 edition

From an article in Wikipedia:

Anthony Robbins is the inventor and proponent of what he refers to as neuroassociative conditioning, which is based on Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).[6] He studied NLP under NLP co-founder John Grinder, who encouraged him to look into the firewalking experience, which became the foundation of his popular firewalk seminars. His book Unlimited Power offers a number of examples of how to employ elements of NLP in day to day situations.


What does he Believe and How Does His Company Work?

Regarding his philosophy of coaching, Robbins states on his website, "The only true security in life comes from knowing that every single day you are improving yourself in some way." .  

As stated on the website, key components of the program are:

•  Set Your Goals
•  Find Your Balance
•  Career
•  Emotional
•  Family
•  Financial
•  Physical
•  Spiritual
•  Find Solutions


He holds events worldwide. Anthony Robbins messages of personal power reveal how Anthony Robbins created massive change in his own life and how anyone with enough desire and willingness to take action can do so as well. Experience a life-transforming weekend event yourself April 16, 2007 San Fransisco, CA. See future events at:

His talk inspires millions around the world to indeed tap into the power within themselves. Anthony Robbins website states that: "Over 3 Million People From Over 80 Countries Have Seen Anthony Robbins Live!"  

Titles of Anthony Robbins events are:

  • Unleash the Power Within: Tony's famous four-day event
  • Life Mastery: Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.
  • Date With Destiny: Set your course for the life you've always wanted.
  • Wealth Mastery: Establish strategies for financial freedom.
  • Leadership Mastery: Where impeccable leaders are born.


Anthony Robbins life coaching programs will train you to believe you can live your ideal life breaking through your boundaries and barriers.  

Anthony Robbins website offers custom coaching programs where you can make discoveries and implement change using "the same tools, techniques and methodologies that have enabled world statesmen, high-level business leaders, entrepreneurs and famous athletes to radically transform their businesses and lives."

He also offers the ultimate in personal coaching through his Platinum Partnership Program where only 100 select individuals pay one million dollars annually and a percentage of their increased profits to work directly with Anthony Robbins.  

How you can become a life coach like Anthony Robbins

  • To become a coach, take stock of your strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Work at self knowledge and self mastery.  
  • Gain clarity regarding your ideal client and how you desire to help them.  
  • Coaches partner with individuals whose needs connect with their core values, beliefs, skills, experience and expertise.  

Personal coaching is a self-regulated industry.   Attending a training program is not required; however, Anthony Robbins website states that Anthony Robbins master coaches must already be certified with a proven track record.

How to become certified like Anthony Robbins?

There are hundreds of coaching programs available; how to select the best one for you?   How does one certification program differ from the other?  

David Wood of SolutionBox has extensive knowledge of coaching schools and organizations.   SolutionBox is in partnership with where you'll find an extensive amount of excellent information on coach training schools .

David Wood is a personal and business coach, and a founder of the International Coach Academy - now training coaches globally. He is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

David has now coached clients in 13 countries, and has personally mentored over 60 coaches. .



Become a Life Coach like Antony Robbins



To your success,


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